Harriers I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore…

A week on and as the storm has now settled from our club race, we can begin to draw breath and know that there is no place like home… well for most of us anyway…

Our first traveller, Lauren Whitehouse was blown in the direction of the Mighty Oaks 5km road race. In what was an undulating course (yep a wee bit hilly) Lauren came in with a PB for herself in a time of 30:11, very well done young lady, although I am sure it shall be a little different for that wee event on the 13th September in and around Tyneside…

Moving on to Saturday and the ‘local’ Parkrun events:

Waterworks: Patrick J Hamill 24:55
Antrim: Deborah Ewing 24:03 new PB, Tina Steele 25:50 new PB,
Laura Maguire 26:18 5km PB, Jennifer Butler 27:08.
Valley: Gavin Knipe 19:00, Tom Wylie 23:17 new PB, Martin Keenan 24:05, Catherine Boyd 24:40 new PB, Martin McCourt 24:40, Noel Bloomfield 25:00, Paul Skillen 26:13, Martin McCready 28:32, Alex Davidson 30:20, Clare Teer 32:39 new PB, Ian Simpson 32:40, Rosalind Stitt 37:45 and Fidelma McCoppin 38:33.

As the dust settled some of our Harriers did find themselves blown off course, Louise & Alan Ladd found themselves in the heart of Kilkenny. So armed with trainers and running buggy they took on the challenge with Alan coming third overall in a time of 21:04, with Louise on buggy pushing duties returning in 33:13.
As the howling wind ceased, suddenly Louise Smylie realised she was no longer in Newtownabbey, but found herself at Greenpoint parkrun in South Africa, wow… Louise managed to record, I suppose a PB for the course in 27:32… from all of us stuck on the plains and hills of Mallusk enjoy your holidays…

It’s just not cricket, but a 100 not out, marathons in 100 days that is, totally amazing from Stevey McGeown and Larry Maguire. The lads took on the challenge to raise money for ‘The Laura Maguire Foundation’. Some of our harriers took on the challenge, a very special mention to all that took part in helping the lads cross the line, although a particular mention to 3 of our own ladies how had never completed a half marathon before, that is until Saturday, very well done Lorraine Forsythe, Joanne Haddock and Kelly Nelson.

Sunday, baked in sunshine saw the inaugural ‘Storming the Castle’ 10k race hosted by Seapark AC. From a personal view the event was excellent, a superbly organised and well marshalled event, from bag collection, parking, the run, right through to the burgers and hog roast at the finish,. Credit where it’s due, well done Seapark… A fantastic achievement by all our runners, some of whom managed 5k PB’s the day before also recording PB’s at the event, Deborah, Tina and more notable was Anna Marie’s run. Only running one 10k before, the Sea To Sky, Anna-Marie recorded 1:17:00, today she managed to punch out 1:03:00, absolutely fantastic running young lady. Whilst for many of our new members it was a chance to push on that bit further. Graduates from our couch to 5k programme back in June, Jennifer Butler, Laura Maguire, Gillian Bainbridge and Leeanne Skillen took on the course and completed it in fantastic times to boot.
Summary of the times as follows:
Deborah Ewing 49:46,
Catherine Boyd 51:34,
Gary Stitt 53:04,
James Hewitt 54:28,
Tina Steele 55:09,
Jessica Wilson 56:40,
Laura Maguire 56:43,
Jennifer Butler 58:06,
Duncan Baxter 59:06,
Leeanne Skillen 59:53,
Paul Skillen 59:54,
Gillian Bainbridge 01:02:12,
Anna-Marie Barrington 1:03:00,
Fidelma McCoppin 01:05:49,

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’


In the midst of a perfect storm…

Friday 21st August saw 208 competitors from 32 athletic clubs come together for the 2nd annual Mallusk Harriers 5 mile road race, in what could be said perfect weather conditions for the run. Last year’s winner, Brian Campbell (Willowfield Harriers), who it must be said has been in sparkling form notching up numerous wins throughout the season, went head to head with Joe McAllister (St Malachys AC). Both gents went toe to toe throughout the first 4.75 mile until Joe began to edge out a small lead over Brian in the final quarter mile and claim the honours by six seconds in a time of 26:37, credit to both lads for beating last years winning time of 27:00. Brian’s team mate from Willowfield, Neill Weir took third place in a time of 27:38, fourth placed finish this year was Andrew Considine (North Belfast) in a time of 28:19, and Andrew was followed home by his team mate and first junior Conal McCambridge 28:31. The ladies race was taken by Geraldine Branagh (Dromore) 33:57, followed in second place by Yvonne MacAuley (Crusaders AC) 34:16. In third place was SarahJane Guiney (Albertville Harriers) 34:44, great to see SarahJane back on the podium, the last year of hard work beginning to pay off, well done to all.

Currently I am finding it hard not be biased in writing this report, on how the race was accepted by the competitors on the evening, although from the comments left on our Facebook pages and twitter account, loans itself to one very overwhelmed and delighted club to hold such an event and to conduct it in the true spirit and enjoyment of competition. Mallusk Harriers, a club in its infancy, held the inaugural 5mile race with a little over 25 members in 2014, over the past year the club has grown immensely to over 86 current senior members. With this we had the luxury of having many run in the event, results as follows to which we are all extremely proud of each runner’s achievement:

Gavin Knipe 32:06
Patrick Hamill 32:11
Alan Ladd 34:44
Michael McAuley 35:20
Martin McCready 36:06
Brian McDonald 37:11
Dean Finlay 38:44
Brendan McGeown 39:21
Lisa Brown 39:22
Dave Gibson 39:59
Catherine Boyd 41:21
Conor Magee 41:47
Deborah Ewing 41:51
Louise Kerr 42:07
Sarah Dinsmore 43:58
James Hewitt 44:44
Tina Steele 45:39
Louise Bond 46:06
Darren Linton 49:56
Marian Binns 57:38

Moving on to Saturday, and for those who did manage to get to the Parkrun events, even with the sore head:
Waterworks: Patrick J Hamill 24:34
Ecos Ballymena: Martin Mc Cready 29:16.
Carrickfergus: Martin Keenan 24:11
Valley: Gavin Knipe 20:00, Noel Bloomfield 26:14, Deborah Ewing 26:20 PB,
Tina Steele 27:01 PB, Duncan Baxter 28:18, Jennifer Butler 28:26 PB,
Robert Jackson 31:12 PB, Gillian Bain‘s’bridge 31:29, Clare Teer 35:47 PB,
Tom Wylie 36:16, Rosalind Stitt 38:11, Marion Harrison 38:46 PB,
Fidelma McCoppin 40:32.

While some of us were nursing the effects of the night before or taking in the parkruns, we did have a gentleman on international duty. Patrick McGuckin travelled to Iceland with his better half and some of the NBH crowd to take on the Reykjavik marathon. Gentleman as he is, Patrick ensured Lynn completed the course in a time of 4:17:16, great running folks enjoy the rest of the break…

For some, the Blue Lagoon and the scenic views of volcanos may please , there were a handful of Harriers who were more content on our very own idyllic landscape and decided to take to the Silent Valley for the Dambusters Born 2 Run 10k and half marathon. Lauren Whitehouse was the first lady to complete the 10k course in a time of 67:38; next home was Joanne Haddock in a time of 72:41. The third lady home was Kelly Nelson 75:35 and fourth to return for the Harriers was Lorraine Forsythe 84:31. Absolutely smashing ladies the extra night’s running is starting to pay off, keep it going…

The half marathon was the final run in the Pure Running & Championchip Ireland half Marathon Series. Fresh to the line from an impressive run in our 5 mile road race the evening before was Brian McDonald. Brian had completed all other 9 events and had been looking forward on the completion of all 10 and did so with a smile returning home in a time of 1:49:19. Next home for the Harriers and had also competed in the Mallusk 5miler was Michael McAuley in a time of 1:54:58. Our final runner in the half marathon was Darren Taggart returning in 1:57:13, smashing running lads…

The final event of the week allowed for the Mallusk Harriers vest to get a showing at the Donegal Half & Full Marathon, with Patsy Hamill taking on the course in what could only be described as a monsoon (or is that just a summers day in Ireland…?). After a tough race on Friday evening at our own 5 mile race to which Patsy managed to take 3 minutes of his last years’ time, Patsy stated his legs didn’t feel 100% and the pints of porter the night before may not have helped, although Patsy did manage to finish in a highly impressive 33rd place in a field of 534 for the half marathon in a time of 1:29:21… Absolutely smashing running Patsy…!!!

Some of the upcoming events next week, commencing 24/08/2015:
28th August – Mighty Oaks 5K – Meadownbank Sports Arena, Magherafelt – 7:30pm
29th August – Strangford Festival 10K – St Joseph’s Primary School, Strangford – 11am
29th August – Gosford Park – 100 marathons in 100 days – 10am
30th August – Storming the Castle 10K – The Amphitheatre, Carrickfergus – 2pm

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Taking it easy….

The calm before the storm…

The week of events began at the North Down AC open Track & Field event with May Hay continuing his impressive display in the 400m, collecting a silver medal in 59.29 secs and a gold in the high jump. Also competing at the event was Gavin Snipe in the 3000m returning home in an impressive time of 10:24.76, smashing stuff lads very well done.
On to the weekend and the penultimate run in the Pure Running half marathon series, the Groomsport half and 10k road race.
First home in the 10K race was newbie Darren Taggart in a time of 48:59, great running Darren and hopefully many more races to come in the Mallusk Harriers colours. Darren was followed home by Jim Hewitt in a time of 56mins, again very well done gents on to the next one now…
With 9 half marathons in the series competed and 9 out of 9 completed for Brian McDonald. The most important rules in any running event is to have your number on the front of your top, and of course your timing chip, obviously you would like to have a result for your efforts.
As the claxon sounded for the start of the half marathon, a little excited Brian McDonald decided to run in the opposite direction from the field with gasps of disbelief from his wife and kids who wanted to see him cross the line for number 9 of the year. A little bewildered by it all Brian scurried to the car to grab his timing chip and began the race in plum last spot. Speaking after the race, Brian said he actually enjoyed the thrill of it all, he never got discouraged as there was nobody behind him to overtake him. However he did manage to commence his chase and completed the course in 1:46:45 in 92nd place, great running buddy, just the one to go before you get to claim the jacket, although I do believe you have a testing wee 5 miler before Dambusters next week…?
Saturday morning allowed for many of the Harriers to explore a series of parkruns with some of the runners and family members providing a leaflet drop for our annual 5mile race on Friday 21st August.

At the Waterworks the Harriers had 5 runners, as follows:
 Robbie Gould 21:06, Robert Gould 22:16, Brendan McGeown 23:24 and Patrick J Hamill 27:36, Joanne Haddock 33:27.

Belfast Victoria:
Noel Bloomfield 24:58.

Deborah Ewing 25:14, Tina Steele 27:03, Jennifer Butler 27:08 new 5k PB, Leeanne Skillen 28:40 new 5k PB.

First lady to cross the line was our very own Catherine Boyd 25:24 with a new 5k PB and Duncan Baxter 28:55.

Alan Ladd 20:23 new PB for Bangor and Louise Ladd 32:24.

And the Valley:
Gavin Knipe finished in second place with a time of 18:42, a new PB and Louise Kerr finished first lady home in 24:21, Jessica Wilson 28:13, Anna Marie Barrington 33:33, Rosalind Stitt 38:42, Deborah Finlay 41:34, Kelly Megarry 41:48, Lorraine Forsythe 42:26 and Gillian Bainsbridge completing the parkrun as tail runner..
Final event of the weekend was in county Monaghan with the crazy mountain runners from Mallusk Harriers, Patsy Hamill and Michael McAuley taking on the Monaghan Road runners 10mile challenge.
From all accounts the event was well worth the travel with a great route, a party atmosphere and fantastic hospitality. Patsy crossed the line first for the harriers in 29th place out of a field of 504 in an extremely great time of 65mins, Michael followed home in 84th place in 74 mins. Absolutely fantastic running lads.
Some of the upcoming events next week, commencing 17/08/2015:

Friday 21st – MALLUSK HARRIERS 5 Mile road race 7:30pm

Friday 21st – Columbanus 5K Run and Walk 7pm

Saturday 22nd – The Bright Run 10K & 5k Fun Run 11:30am

Sunday 16th – 10k and Dambusters Half Marathon and 10K 11am

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’