Resting on a crest of a wave…

The opening round of events over the previous two weeks took place at Stormont estate with the Run in the Dark 5km & 10km races, with quite a few of the Mallusk Harriers taking on the folks on the hill and certainly laid down the law with a few of our runners returning with personal bests.

A few days later on Saturday 19th November two hardy harriers decided to turn their hand to the cross country malarkey. Martin McCready & Paul Skillen hadn’t tried the type before headed to Cookstown for the Mighty Oaks XC, both lads did very well and returned with times of 31:13 for Martin and 35:46 for Paul – Next up the Malcolm Cup in Ballyclare.

Parkruns 19th November
Waterworks – Patrick McGuckin 21:21, Matthew Cromie 22:45, Ryan Clarke 23:34, Patrick Hamill 25:43, Jennifer Butler 27:05, Laura Rose 27:08, James Hewitt 30:17, Lisa Marie White 31:03, Alan Ladd 41:47
Belfast Victoria – Jennifer McCoppin 31:42, Rosalind Stitt 35:50, Deirdre McCann 36:27
Falls Park – Susan Thompson 24:49
Tollcross Park, Glasgow – Danny Donaldson 21:58 & Tiffany Donaldson 41:36
Antrim – Deborah Ewing 23:58
Valley – Martin McCourt 21:43, Paul Skillen 25:40,Owen Fulton 26:16, Neil Campbell 26:58, Lisa Hamilton 28:05, Tom Wylie 28:07, Neill McGlinchey 29:10, Ben Davidson 30:42, Laura Campbell 30:47, Sophie Davidson 36:14, Chloe Davidson 36:15, Alex Davidson 36:16
Stormont – Dermot Boyd 31:27, Anne Boyd 34:13.

26th November
Waterworks – Brendan McGeown 22:25 New PB, Matthew Cromie 22:50, Patrick Hamill 24:47, Niamh McGeown 35:47 New PB, Joanne Haddock 40:51.
Wallace Park – Martin McCready 20:36 New PB, Elaine Kennedy 27:31.
Victoria – Patrick McGuckin 23:01
Antrim – Danny Donaldson 19:40, Deborah Ewing 25:17, Tina Steele 26:11, Tiffany Donaldson 31:08.
Valley – Neil Campbell 21:53, Ciaran Skillen 22:43 new course PB, Owen Fulton 25:03, Nuala Muldoon 25:19, Alex Davidson 25:19, Laura Rose 27:01, Jennifer Butler 27:22, Neill McGlinchey 28:03, Fidelma McCoppin 30:17, Sarah McAuley 31:49, Sharon McAuley 37:56, Paul Skillen 46:55.

Later that afternoon 14 harriers took to the Ormeau embankment for the sold out event Seeley Cup. The highly prestigious event certainly brings out huge numbers with over 1000 registered. The club had a great mix of novice and auld hands running with Danny Donaldson leading the charge home for the club in 40 minutes, Danny was closely followed by the dynamic duo of father and son Robert & Robbie Gould, with Dad Robert taking home the bragging rights with a time 42:29 with a new PB for the distance, young Robbie returned in 43:04. Next home was Andrew Diver in a time of 47:09 notching up a PB also. Tom Wylie crossed next in 48:28, followed by James Hewitt in 48:33 with a new PB. Also hitting a new personal best for the 10k distance was new C25K graduate Nikki Fleck, taking it right to the line in a time of 51:38, Nikki was followed home by Anna-Marie Nolan 52:05. Next across the line saw yet more C25K graduates, mum & daughter Pamela & Sarah McCafferty both returning with PBs, Sarah in 55:43 & Pamela 55:49, smashing stuff ladies. Next up with a personal best was Kelly Carlisle in 60:46, closely followed by Tiffany Donaldson 62:19. Further PBs continued, this time with father & daughter Catherine & Dermot Boyd crossing the line together and Dermot collecting the PB in 63:25. Right to the line saw the ever improving Jennifer McCoppin also collecting herself a brand new PB in a great time of 64:55.

The final event of the weekend took place in the scenic town of Carrickfergus with the East Antrim Marathon Series. The club had a great turnout of 9 members taking on the half marathon, as the results are still to go to press, I can confirm that all our members had a really cracking day by the seaside with Susan Thompson taking top honours leading the field home for the ladies and Nuala Muldoon returning as third finisher for the ladies, Deborah Ewing came home in 5th place. Also finishing were; Allister Houldsworth, Joanne Milne, Sharon Dunn, Janet Grew, Tina Steele and finally Leeanne Skillen, with a very special shout out to Leeanne who completed her first (of many) half marathons.

Over the weekend it was fantastic to see many of our non-runners out supporting our members at the racing events both at the Seeley Cup and EAMS, can’t express the importance in seeing a friendly face in the latter stages of a race when the body and the mind wants to give up – the lift from the club member supporting is second to none, top marks Harriers……!!!

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked… Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Finally it has been a pleasure reporting on all the races and more importantly seeing the club members growing in stature and running right to the line over the last 18 months / 2 years where I have been writing these reports. Unfortunately I have a few irons in the fire over the next few months to keep me overly active within the club, so therefore the secret quill of the Mallusk Harriers is to be handed down to the next ghost writer…

Best regards,


Weekly(ish) Report

Superman eats kryptonite for breakfast…

Many thanks to all the Harriers out running and volunteering at the events over the last few weeks… Honestly have been totally blown away this past week and lost for words, so no holding back and straight into the results…

Parkruns 5th November
Waterworks – Danny Donaldson 19:53, Robbie Gould 20:39, Ryan Clarke 20:52, Dave Gibson 20:58, Matthew Cromie 25:13, Patrick McGuckin 25:14, Patrick Hamill 26:02, James Hewitt 29:00, Tiffany Donaldson 32:44.
Ormeau – Fidelma McCoppin 30:38, Jennifer McCoppin 32:35, Deirdre McCann 36:37.
Antrim – Deborah Ewing 25:13, Tina Steele 25:49, Elaine Kennedy 28:53, Dermot Boyd 30:41, Anne Boyd 34:52, Dawn Dubois 40:51.
Valley – Martin McCready 21:19, Alex Davidson 23:19, Ciaran Skillen 25:02, Owen Fulton 25:21, Karen Jamison 28:13, Neill McGlinchey 30:07, Laura Campbell 30:15, Jack McCready 31:23, Debbie Sterritt 31:40, Tom Wylie 31:40, Duncan Baxter 31:42, Leeanne Skillen 31:56, Paul Skillen 31:57, Sharon McAuley 39:04, Lorraine Forsythe 47:14.

6th November – Tough love… a great representation from many from the club at the Decathlon 10k with many coming home with PB’s for the distance, unfortunately as it wasn’t a timed event we can’t classify the results obtained by our competitors, however you now know what’s in the locker for the next one.

12th November
Waterworks – Mallusk Harriers on tour 2016… Back where it all began, well for many of us… The Harriers tour bus rolled into the Waterworks where we were met with an exceptional greeting from Race director Ruth and her merry band of volunteers. 31 Mallusk runners took on the 5k parkrun course and also in attendance – Ian and his helping supporting crew and cheerleaders for all the runners. Mr Simpson, setting up from early doors providing a great cuppa only to be out classed by Joanne’s MH cupcakes and cookies… As the club has grown rapidly over the past 18 months, with 4 nights training along with long runs at the weekends, this is a smashing opportunity to catch up with everyone within the club, providing an opportunity to dress in the club top and pitch it to those thinking of joining up with a club.

Over to the results for the parkrun; Danny Donaldson 19:28, Robbie Gould 20:59, Robert Gould 21:09, Ciaran Skillen 21:46, Susan Thompson 22:41, Paul Skillen 22:54 New PB, thanks to ‘Elbows D’ clearing a pathway… Alex Davidson 22:54, Matthew Cromie 23:15, Noel Bloomfield 23:55, Owen Fulton 24:48, Patrick Hamill 24:53, Nikki Fleck 26:28, Laura Rose 27:24, Christopher Campbell 27:46 New PB, Neil Campbell 27:48 (you’re not getting a PB, you ditched Laura) Elaine Kennedy 27:54, Lisa Marie White 28:38, Gillian Bainbridge 29:19, Tiffany Donaldson 29:21, Laura Campbell 29:28, Dermot Boyd 29:48 New PB, Duncan Baxter 30:02, Neill McGlinchey 30:03, Kelly Carlisle 30:58, Anne Marie Craig 32:32 New PB, Ellen Butler 32:40 New PB, Jennifer Butler 32:43, Louise Keenan 34:18, Martin Keenan 34:58, Margaret Craig 39:53, Joanne Haddock 40:12.

Must say a huge thank you to Ian Simpson who has put a vast amount of work into arranging these touring events for all at the club to enjoy, many thanks Ian, already looking forward to the next one…

Victoria – Patrick McGuckin 23:01
Ecos Ballymena – Fidelma McCoppin 29:47, Jennifer McCoppin 33:06, Rosalind Stitt 38:34, Deirdre McCann 38:40
Omagh – Martin McCready 21:20
Antrim – Deborah Ewing 25:38, Tina Steele 26:09
Valley – Nuala Muldoon 23:51, Tom Wylie 27:40, Martin McCourt 27:41, Debbie Sterritt 32:09

Fresh from his Mourne Skyline run and back working in the Daily Planet, Superman… oops I mean Michael McAuley was lured back down to Co. Down for a wee run around Tollymore forest. The race had several options from the 10K, half marathon, full marathon and the Ultra marathon. Yep Micky decided to get full value out of his entrance fee and go all out with the 39mile Ultra. The lad has certainly put in some serious miles and hasn’t been daunted by any of the challenges he has faced in recent weeks, from the NIMRA Mountain fell running series to the Mourne Skyline and now has moved on another level to complete the Ultra marathon in a highly creditable 26th place in a smashing time of 6 hours 58 minutes & 10 seconds… though I took my hat off to you and Nuala for completing the Skyline, I’m lost for words matey for this, fantastic achievement lad…!!!

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked… Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Weekly report

Don’t half make it tough…

With over 1,000 ladies taking part in the Runher event, 16 of our very own athletes took on both the 5k and 10k distances with many of our runners recording new Personal Bests for the distances. First up for the 10k saw Deborah Ewing cross the line in 50:27, Tina Steele 51:56 new PB, Laura Smyth 52:59 new PB, Nikki Fleck 53:15 new PB, Karen Jamison 58:10, Lisa White 58:49 new PB, Lee-Anne Skillen 61:25, Jennifer Butler 62:45, Tracey Whittley 63:46 new PB, Michelle Ker 63:55 new PB, Kelly Forsythe 63:55 new PB, Nicola McCullough 71:17 new PB, Mairead O’Hare 86:52 first 10k run. Competing in the 5k event; Anne Boyd 35:25, Lisa Thompson 37:43 & Dorothy Ramsey 43:27 with all three ladies recording PBs for the distance.

The previous day many of our club members and family took to the road for the first of our parkrun visits set up by Ian Simpson. This allowed a few of the members to party at Victoria park, with 27 runners challenging the 5k distance:
Belfast Victoria parkrun
Robbie Gould 20:05, Ryan Clarke 20:26, Robert Gould 20:48, Susan Thompson 21:31, Laura Rose 25:40 a new course PB, Jennifer Butler 26:34, Alex Davidson 26:34, Jack McCready 26:41, Louise Keenan 26:45, Karen Jamison 27:19, Clare Teer 27:33, Kelly Carlisle 28:23 new PB, Christopher Campbell 28:41, Neill McGlinchey 28:52, Neil Campbell 28:53, Ian Simpson 29:03, Leeanne Skillen 29:10 a new course PB, Martin Keenan 29:24, Elaine Kennedy 29:28, Duncan Baxter 29:41, Dermot Boyd 30:04 new PB, Joelene Byrne 30:25, James Hewitt 30:26, Ryan McCready 31:33 new PB, Anne Marie Craig 31:35, Alan Ladd 32:50, Joanne Haddock 40:21
Antrim parkrun – Dawn Dubois 39:57
Valley parkrun – Martin McCready 27:10, Fidelma McCoppin 30:03, Debbie Sterritt 34:39, Deirdre McCann 38:09, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 46:36.

Crazy is, as crazy does… Not for the faint hearted, the club had two members take on the Garmin Mourne Skyline MTR 2016. Nuala Muldoon & Michael McAuley lined up against some serious mountain goats in the shape of Team GARMIN, Salomon International, Inov8 and not to mention the more established Fell running clubs both local and across the ponds… Michael came home in an extremely creditable 95th place after completing the 7 peaks of 22 miles in a fantastic time of 6 hours 12 minutes 51 seconds. Nuala returned home in 8 hours 29 minutes 5 seconds. Honestly guys totally amazed, brutally brilliant the pair of you, can only take my hat off to you both… If that wasn’t enough, Mr McAuley topped off the Skyline result with a fantastic 26th place finish in NIMRA Championships 2016 Results by completing all nine races in the series.

Well that was all last week, moving on to this week the club had runners at the local parkruns and a few down sampling the Guinness in Dublin…

Waterworks parkrun – Matthew Cromie 20:11, James Hewitt 24:52, Patrick Hamill 26:31, Lisa Marie White 29:09, Kelly Carlisle 30:02 new PB, Fiona Wylie 36:20 & Deirdre McCann 36:21 new PB.
Antrim parkrun – Robert Gould 20:51 new course PB, Robbie Gould 21:37, Ryan Clarke 21:45, Rosalind Stitt 38:41, Jennifer McCoppin 38:42, Joanne Haddock 40:32, Anna-Marie Nolan 40:34
Valley parkrun – First home was our very own Neil Campbell 20:19, Nuala Muldoon 24:13, Owen Fulton 28:01, Jackie McCreesh 28:29, Sean Lavery 29:11 new PB, Neill McGlinchey 30:12, Ian Simpson 33:14, Debbie Sterritt 33:24, Christopher Campbell 36:47, Sharon McAuley 37:44, Tom Wylie 37:45, Alan Ladd 48:38, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 48:42.

And then there was Dave… didn’t the lad do well, under the watchful eye of Mr D, Dave Gibson has been putting in some sterling work in training and Saturday proved how far he has come in a short space of time. From 22 minutes park run time Dave has pushed this down to 18 minutes 13 seconds with his latest run at Victoria, although in the words of Dave, ‘he done a Ciaran’ and overdone it and had the luxury of a 24 hour visit to the hospital. Apologies, also running under her daughter’s barcode was Gillian Bainbridge in a time of 27:48.

Friendly, Atmospheric, loud, totally supportive, and extremely amazing at all points throughout the course, these are just some of the words that I can muster for now about Dublin Marathon, whether this was your first or your 101st marathon, Sunday the 30th October was a fantastic day for 16 of our club members, many new to the distance and many still novices with a lot to take in and learn from, truth be told we will always learn something new.

First home for Mallusk:
Susan Thompson< took part in her second marathon, with the first in Belfast May 2016. Belfast saw Susan record a good for age category for London 2017 with a time of 3hrs 42mins 51sec. For Dublin Susan just defied logic and powered her way home with yet another personal best 3hrs 30mins 51sec, in a highly creditable 25th place in her age category. Dubbed the Marathon man in the club, Martin McCready< has competed in many, many marathons and Sunday Martin recorded a new Personal Best in 3hrs 38mins 19 sec. The trio of Patricia Curistan, Deborah Ewing and Benny Mc Geown ran step for step throughout the 26.2miles and crossed hand in hand with Benny recording a new Personal Best, however a special shout to Deborah for having to put up with those other two for the distance, especially as this was your first marathon, but to cross the line in under 4 hours, epic… all three runners came home in 3hrs 57mins 52sec. Another newbie to the distance, and yet another cracking run, Tina Steele recorded a time of 4hrs 17mins and 17 sec. Tina set off on her journey with Alan Kerr and Paul Skillen and after 9 miles she had enough of the lads chit chat and allowed them to run on, only to take them in the final stages of the race. Alan came home in 4hrs 20min 37sec and Paul came across the line with a new personal best for the distance in 4hrs 21min 21sec. Jennifer Butler running in her second marathon after completing London, picking up the dreaded ITB injury during the race, couldn’t be told not to run, Jennifer accompanied by club coach Noel Bloomfield picked up a new personal best as both crossed the line in 4hrs 34min 29sec. Competing in her first official marathon, Hilary Faith returned in a smashing time of 4hrs 39min 12sec. I say official, as Hilary has had the luxury (madness) of completing a full Ironman event, not too sure what it entails, please look it up, I found it sore reading about it. Next home, Janet Grew completed the race in 4hrs 42min 53sec. Janet, running her 5th marathon in about as many months may have just over run many niggling injuries. However credit where it's due, many may not have turned up with the issues Janet has had to carry, but the start and finish lines were crossed and the job was done. Like many who have trained for and run marathons this year Janet, a well-deserved break should be taken. David Mullan has covered the distance on a few occasions previously and with his training going well, many things just didn’t click during the race on the day for David. However there was no throwing in the towel and David returned home in 5hrs 5mins 36sec. The final runners, newlyweds Danny and Tiffany Donaldson, accompanied by Christian Spies all ran the 26.2miles together. Tiffany took a huge chunk off her Belfast time and crossed the line in 5hrs 28min 43sec with Danny 1 sec later, Christian finished 5hrs 28min 26sec. Now for the other 15 runners that finished Dublin they can now live to tell the tale of how they beat Danny Donaldson in a marathon, although I don’t think that will last too long. Danny unfortunately, a few weeks before Dublin, suffered a broken elbow. With his training he was looking to record a time better than Belfast’s time of 3hrs 13mins, wishing you a full and speedy recovery Danny… Final big thank you to the wonderful support crew from the Harriers throughout the Dublin course, Elaine, Maeve, Laura, Roseann and kids and Leeanne and kids… #Can’tBeataFriendlyFace Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked… Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Slacking – weekly(ish) – report

Slacking, me not you…
Apologies I haven’t kept on top of the report over the last few weeks, no excuse, irons in to many fires, if truth be told.

Anyway rewinding a few weeks previous the club had the luxury to progress from the previous year to enter an additional 2 teams in this year’s entries of 5 teams at the NI road relay championships at Victoria park hosted by Orangegrove, top marks to club captains Martin and Nuala for arranging the teams.

First up saw the 2 Masters ladies teams comprising of Team 1 – Nuala Muldoon, Susan Thompson & Patricia Curistan & Team 2 – Mairead O’Hare, Laura Campbell & Catherine Boyd. Smashing running ladies something probably totally new to you all; however both teams did extremely well, coming in 16th and 34th place. The Senior Ladies comprised of: Leeanne Skillen, Lisa Marie White & Lisa Brown, again great running coming home in 20th place, especially when you looked around at the stern competition you faced.

Next up was the mens Masters team comprising of Robert Gould, Jim Hewitt, Michael McAuley & Patrick McGukin – the lads also facing a highly competitive line up, with North Belfast looking to retain their title only to be eclipsed by a very strong team from Acorns. Our own Masters lads did extremely well and returned in 34th place. On to the finale with the line-up of the senior mens; the Mallusk team was made up of Matthew Cromie, Darren Taggart, Alan Ladd and Danny Donaldson. The lads did us proud and battled in with the big boys and returned in 27th place.

Smashing stuff lads and ladies, the club is extremely proud to have you out there wearing the club colours at a highly prestigious event, who knows what next year shall bring, maybe even more teams from Mallusk taking part. A very special mention goes out to Ian Simpson for his hospitality in setting up the club gazebo, tea & coffee, snacks and water. Also the kind gesture of the highly sought after personalised club bags.

A week later on the 8th October two of our members travelled to Dundrum to take part in the annual GR8 Dundrum race. First over the line in the club colours in 74th place from a field of 855 runners, was Patrick McGuckin in a great time of 56.40. Patrick was very closely followed home by Susan Thompson in a fantastic time of 59.54, Susan was 11th lady over the line and also recorded first home in her age group.

Also running on the Saturday afternoon at the Commedagh Chase Mountain Race, Michael McAuley continued to run in the mountains, returning in a time of 1.36… top man Michael.

Parkruns 10th October 2016
Waterworks – Matthew Cromie 20:01, Robbie Gould 21:16, Robert Gould 21:25, Patrick Hamill 25:28, Lisa Marie White 30:02 new PB, Jennifer Mc Coppin 31:56 new PB, Fiona Wylie 32:53, Mairead O’Hare 37:04, Deirdre McCann 37:44, Rosalind Stitt 39:44.
Belfast Victoria – Alex Davidson 20:20 & Dave Gibson 20:58 new PB
Antrim – Tom Wylie 23:59, Deborah Ewing 26:46, Tina Steele 26:46, Dawn Dubois 40:18.
Valley – Neil Campbell 20:49, Jackie McCreesh 27:35, Sarah McCafferty 28:28, Karen Jamison 28:33, Pamela McCafferty 28:40, Ryan McCready 29:47, Neil McCready 29:47, Duncan Baxter 30:02, Maeve McGinley 31:23, Anne Marie Craig 34:10, Katie McManus 35:00, Elaine Kennedy 45:30.

On to the Parkruns for the 15th October, the main event for the Harriers saw 37 members join Patrick Hamill on his milestone of 100 parkruns. Cracking performance Patrick, we all at the club are extremely pleased for you in achieving the infamous black jersey…
Matthew Cromie 19:42, Robbie Gould 20:09, Robert Gould 21:06, David Mullan 23:06 new PB, James Hewitt 24:53, Brendan McGeown 24:54, Patrick Hamill 25:31, Paul Skillen 26:02, Laura Rose 26:21, Neil McCready 26:46, Martin McCready 26:50, Karen Jamison 27:30 with new PB, Lisa Marie White 28:35 new PB, Jack McCready 28:58, Fidelma McCoppin 29:28, Catherine Mullan 29:32, Christopher Campbell 29:40 new PB, Ryan McCready 29:42 new PB, Neil CAMPBELL 29:47, Tiffany Donaldson 30:28, Fiona Wylie 32:04, Gordon Ward 32:11, Joelene Byrne 32:25, Dermot Boyd 32:26, Anne Marie Craig 32:33 new PB, Tom Wylie 32:33, Jennifer McCoppin 32:34, Debbie Sterritt 33:44, Sophie Davidson 34:25, Alex Davidson 34:26, Rosalind Stitt 36:47 new PB, Deirdre McCann 37:16, Anne Boyd 37:23, Mairead O’Hare 37:36, Joanne Haddock 42:43, Anna-Marie Barrington 42:44, Alan Ladd 44:21, Danny Donaldson 51:29.
Antrim – Deborah Ewing 24:35, Tina Steele 25:56 & Dawn Dubois 39:56.
Valley – Susan Thompson 22:42, Nuala Muldoon 24:08, Jackie McCreesh 27:46, Neill McGlinchy 28:56, Elaine Kennedy 39:35, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 45:20

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked… Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Just calm down, for now

Just calm down, for now…

This week’s running report begins in Oslo Norway, where Sarah Dinsmore was taking on the Oslo marathon for the charity Extern in memory of her father, who sadly passed away earlier this year. Sarah put in a stirling performance and just missed out in achieving a new PB, however she completed a great pacing run and finished in 4 hours 22 mins… smashing achievement Sarah, we all at the club are extremely proud of you…

With almost perfect running conditions 23 Mallusk Harriers took to the streets of Belfast for the 4th Belfast Half Marathon, with some exceptional performances captured by most. First over the line for the Harriers and fresh from his holidays in Spain (and probably still on the intake of Sangria) was Danny Donaldson in a great time of 1:27:47, Danny closely followed by Patrick McGuckin 1:33:31 and Matthew Cromie 1:33:51, Matthew competing in his first half Marathon. First lady over the line for Mallusk was Susan Thompson and with a new Personal Best in a great time of 1:35:58, finishing a highly respectable 6th in her age category.

Further PB’s began to fall and again it was the ladies leading the way home with Patricia Curistan finishing in 1:42:04. Next up and also notching up a PB was Brendan McGeown 1:44:10, must have been all that talk on Thursday night’s run Benny… Deborah Ewing continued to show off her impressive progression and ran right to the line in 1:44:39, Darren Taggart also got in on the act of a PB in a time of 1:47:49. Nuala Muldoon was next over the line in 1:51:29, probably still rubbing off the effects of her triathlon from 2 weeks previous. Anna-Marie Barrington came home with a Personal best also to get in on the act in a smashing time of 1:52:04. Yet again the PB’s began to tumble, kind of makes me think why didn’t I run… any way, Tina Steele managed to record a new PB in a time of 1:56:44. Tina was followed home in by Laura Rose, Laura also achieving a new PB 1:56:53. Catherine Boyd was next home in 1:57:30, James Hewitt 1:58:06, Carol Leckie 2:01:11, Karen Jamison 2:07:32 with a new PB, Michael McFarlane 2:15:37, Kelly Carlisle 2:19:12, Kelly finishing with a new PB also. Laura Campbell was competing in her first half marathon, smashing achievement as Laura ran right to the line in a brilliant time of 2:20:14, travelling alongside Laura were Jennifer Butler & Noel Bloomfield in 2:20:16. Tiffany Donaldson, probably feeling the effects of running all the half marathons, spelt ‘Sangria’ finished in 2:23:21. Duncan Baxter made up the final runner for the harriers in 2:40:05… Absolutely smashing running by all, very well done especially all you ladies that took part…

The week previous saw the introduction of the East Coast AC inaugural 10K road race, the club had 3 for our folk down at the event, Paul Skillen, Sarah McCafferty and Ian Simpson. The only downside to this race was that it was capped at 200 runners… From start to finish the organisation was fantastic, the encouragement from all spectators and marshalls was totally impeccable, a spread after the event and cracking medal, all for £10 extremely hard to beat, not only that East Coast even had the weather switched on. Top marks to the lads and lassies from ECAC, to all the Mallusk Harriers when this race comes up next year get all over it… Oh yes the running… Paul Skillen finished in 50:16, Sarah McCafferty 59:59 and Ian Simpson perfectly pacing for the 1hour finishers…

Thursday 8th September saw the Mallusk Harriers inaugural 5k handicap race at Waterworks, many thanks to Alan Ladd who arranged the competition and times for everyone… Young Ryan McCready was first over the line followed by Maria Daly in second place with Dermot Boyd taking third place of the 32 runners who took to race. An excellent night enjoyed by all with 23 of the runners coming across the line with PB’s, with many alluding to finding it easier chasing down the runner in front rather than everyone taking off at the same time… again many thanks to Alan for the organisation…

And then there were parkruns…

10th September 2016

Waterworks parkrun, Danny Donaldson 18:54, Patrick Hamill 25:23, Jack ‘PB’ McCready 25:26, Tiffany Donaldson 29:52 & Lisa Marie White 30:54

Belfast Victoria parkrun; Dermot Boyd 30:27, Laura Hutcheson-Magee 33:44, Anne Boyd 34:33

Antrim parkrun; Liam McGowan 21:48, Deborah Ewing 23:59, Tom Wylie 24:20, Anna-Marie Barrington 25:40, Tina Steele 25:56 & Cathy McGowan 38:10 new PB.

Carrickfergus parkrun; Noel Bloomfield 25:36, Jennifer Butler 25:37, Laura Rose 25:54, Michael McFarlane 26:47 & Laura Campbell 29:12.

Valley parkrun; Patrick McGuckin 20:30, Alan Ladd 22:23, Robert Gould 23:17, Karen Jamison 26:21, Nuala Muldoon 27:32, Jackie McCreesh 28:15, Clare Teer 28:30 new course PB, Alex Davidson 28:30, Duncan Baxter 31:44, Debbie Sterritt 33:44, Lorraine Forsythe 44:59 and tail runner Fidelma McCoppin 48:39.

17th September 2016

Waterworks parkrun, Danny Donaldson 19:34, Alan Ladd 20:37, Patrick Hamill 24:40, Anne Marie Craig 33:03 new PB, Tiffany Donaldson 35:00, Deirdre McCann 38:28.

Derry City parkrun; Fidelma McCoppin 28:03.

Ormeau parkrun; Alex Davidson 21:39, Sophie Davidson & Chloe Davidson 32:00

Antrim parkrun; Robert Gould 21:27, Mark Hay 27:50, Deborah Ewing 28:32, Tina Steele 28:33, Robbie Gould 28:34, Alison McGibbon 40:41 new PB, Anna-Marie Barrington 43:55.

Valley parkrun; Patricia Curistan 23:22, Ciaran Skillen 25:19, Paul Skillen 25:20, Brendan McGeown 25:21, Laura Rose 27:12, Jackie McCreesh 28:22, Debbie Sterritt 32:25, Katie McManus 34:29, Sharon McAuley 35:58, Nuala Muldoon 42:45.

Final shout out goes out to Lorraine Forsythe who travelled to the dark side and competed in her first Duathlon 2-10-2 in a great time of 1 hour 46 min… I keep threatening to enter one of these and have to get the finger out… very well done Lorraine great to see you back competing again…

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked… Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Indian Summer and beetroot bakes

Indian summer and Beetroot bakes…

Growing steadily over the last two years, the Mallusk Harriers representation at the Laganside 10K in 2014 had a grand total of 6 runners in the field, this grew to 34 the following year only to be eclipsed this year with a total of 47 members taking on the new and improved route (imo). The club also had 9 juniors taking part in the kids 1 mile race. This has allowed us to yet again do our annual bus run for the huge 7 mile journey.

The Juniors race was won by the host club’s young Luke Kelly in a blistering time of 5min 46 sec, absolutely fantastic future prospect. First junior to run right to the line was 12 year old Odhran Rafferty in a great time of 7min 6 sec in 22nd place, Jack McCready in 24th place in 7min 8sec. Have to take note, Jack ran a great PB at the Valley 24 hours previously and has already taken his dad’s 5k PB title, next up uncle Martin’s 5k PB, hmmmm… Next over the line in 31st place was 9 year old Aodh Rafferty in a blistering time of 7min 27sec, in 37th place saw Jack’s younger brother Ryan, 9 year old. Ryan notched up a time of 7min 52 smashing running lads, very well done… The first female junior home in the race was 11 year old Niamh McGeown in 8min 3sec, next up saw Christopher Campbell in a time of 8min 31sec, Christopher was followed home closely by our second female junior, Ellen Butler in a great time of 8min 48sec and next home was Joshua Nelson in a time 8min 59sec. The McCready trio was made up of little 6 year old, yep 6 year old Olivia McCready. You may have been forgiven if you thought the occasion would get to her, not a chance… the little Sealstown screamer drove her way through the 100+ juniors and ran right to the line in an absolutely smashing time of 10min 17sec…
Let’s see if the senior members could surpass that performance…

As the temperature raised a little to offer an Indian summer, 47 nervous harriers from Mallusk took to the start line of the new Laganside 10k course.
Quite a few of the 47 runners had just completed our successful couch to 5K programme at the beginning of June, now about to raise the bar a little higher and take on the challenge. Of the 47 members partaking in the race, 17 were about to complete their furthest race distance to date, so forgive me if the results seem to be a little over the place, shall try and make sense of it all…

First of the new recruits to cross the finish line was Laura Smyth in a great time of 58:15, next up was Mum and daughter act of Sarah and Pamela McCafferty, also completing their first 10k in under an hour with a time of 59:13, brilliant running ladies. David Esler was next home in 59:17, followed home by Keith Thompson 65:06, Kelly Forsythe 68:32, Tracey Whittley 69:14, Dermot Boyd 69:15, Michelle Ker 69:17, Deirdre Rafferty 70:21, Anne McCaffrey 71:35, Maeve McGinley 71:36, Alyson Taylor 73:08, Nicola Hunter Boyd 74:20, Elaine Boyd 74:24, Gordon Ward 77:01, Joelene Byrne 77:03 & Nicola McCullough 78:00… absolutely fantastic running folks…!!!

For the remaining 30 runners from Mallusk Harriers to rush to the finish line, the day belonged to the ladies with only the ladies recording personal bests for the distance, obviously the lads wanted to stay out in the sunshine and get their money’s worth and to top up the tan lines…

First Harrier over the line was Danny Donaldson 39:05, not a PB for Danny, but can be forgiven as he completed all the half marathons in the Pure Running series and finished a very credible 4th place. Martin McCourt was next over the line, Martin returning from a long layoff notched up a time of 43:49. Then it began, the first lady over the line and with no surprise, was Susan Thompson, with a new PB of 44:36. Michael McAuley was next home for the lads in 45:06 only to be followed by the next lady with a new PB, Patricia Curistan sailed to the line in 47:36. Brendan McGeown came across the line in 47:44 followed by Gowain McKenna 48:11, Tom Wylie 50:28, Catherine Boyd 51:43, Anna-Marie Barrington 51:43, James Hewitt 52:30, Jennifer Butler 53:00, Paul Skillen 53:14. Next up with a second PB in a week was Nicola Fleck in 53:40, Nikki was also one of our C25K graduates. Ken McAuley was next in 53:46 and followed home by Alex Davidson & Laura Rose in a time of 54:30, the next PB to run right to the line was Gemma Fowler in a time of 57:34. Hilary Faith was next over the line in 61:46, Gillian Bainbridge 62:45, Fidelma McCoppin recorded a new PB in 63:20 under the guidance of Dave Gibson 63:54. Next home saw Leeanne Skillen 64:27, Ian Simpson 64:32, Clare Teer 65:08, Kelly Carlisle 65:56, not to be out done Jennifer McCoppin also managed a PB in 67:21, followed home by Tiffany Donaldson 67:57 & Joanne Haddock 86:41.

We would like to thank everyone in attendance who helped make the day a smashing achievement by all. North Belfast for their hospitality and their many marshalls around the course, and those giving up their time in providing us all with refreshments at the end of the run and raising vital funds for pancreatic cancer. Also to all our own Harriers, many thanks to all who helped to make the day great for all our new members. To paraphrase and put in the great words of one of the new runners, “Brilliant day out. Thanks to everyone who was there and to Jim for organising the club taxi and Ian for the mobile restaurant”.

Earlier that day the club had two members unable to attend the Laganside 10K, only due to the pair taking part in the Stenaline triathlon. Great credit to the two ladies from all at the club, Nuala Muldoon and Lorraine Forsythe. Lorraine produced a great race and completed the course and finished the race where others failed. Nuala ended a great race and finished the race 4th lady overall and second in her age category, smashing stuff ladies, very well done.

24 hours previously we did have a few runners out at the parkruns, results as follows:

Waterworks parkrun – Danny Donaldson 18:30, Patrick J Hamill 24:59, David Mullan 28:10, Catherine Mullan 28:16, Tiffany Donaldson 33:14, Deirdre McCann 37:14 new PB & Fiona Wylie 37:15.

Antrim parkrun – Liam McGowan 21:11, Deborah Ewing 24:07, Cathy McGowan 39:55.

Valley parkrun – Jack McCready 25:56 new PB, Jennifer Butler 26:02, Laura Rose 27:28, Jackie McCreesh 27:47, Debbie Sterritt 33:01, Anne Boyd 36:53, Sharon McAuley 37:51, Mairead O’Hare 39:20, Lorraine Forsythe 55:15

Colin Glen – Alan Ladd 21:04.

Please remember as the days are beginning to become shorter in daylight, please, please, please wear high reflective clothing and lights when possible. Better safe than sorry…..

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked… Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Stop, look and listen

It’s been a while and I am very sure I will leave someone or some race out, sincere apologies before I get in to the report, shall try my best to keep it short, however I am sure there will be a story along the way somewhere…
Excuses : – dog ate my pencil and I had to wait for Mrs S to buy the kids the school goodies before I could nick a pencil…
Truth : – Plain lazy, sorz…


First up, well done to David Mullan on running the race, ‘Thank God that’s over and never again’, otherwise known as the Lurig Challenge Mountain Race.

Waterworks parkrun – Patrick Hamill 24:55, Deirdre Lavery 33:42, Cathy McGowan 40:43.

Belfast Victoria parkrun – Robbie Gould 19:49, Fidelma McCoppin 29:24, Jennifer McCoppin 32:16, Fiona Wylie 33:32, Rosalind Stitt 34:55.

Falls parkrun – Susan Thompson no recorded time

Antrim parkrun – Laura Rose 25:24, Deborah Ewing 26:38, Elaine Kennedy 26:57, Tina Steele 27:01, Ellen Butler 33:50, Jennifer Butler 33:54.

Valley parkrun – Martin McCourt 21:30, Nuala Muldoon 23:41, Jack McCready 26:43, Martin McCready 26:46, Paul Skillen 26:46, Jackie McCreesh 30:05, Alyson Taylor 31:02, Tom Wylie 31:03, Debbie Sterritt 33:16, Joelene Byrne 33:23, Anne McCaffrey 33:47, Sharon McAuley 38:00, Mairead O’ Hare 39:21.

Tandragee 10k – As part of the Novosco 10k running series 5 almost ever present runners travelled to Armagh to take on the Tandragee run. First for the Harriers to cross the line was Jennifer Butler 50:31, followed by Jim Hewitt 51:40, Laura Rose 53:22, Anna-Marie Barrington 54:09, Joanne Haddock 82:24.


Waterworks parkrun – Robbie Gould 20:37, Anna-Marie Barrington 27:47, Darren Linton 29:26, Anne Marie Craig 33:45, Fiona Wylie 35:02

Belfast Victoria parkrun – Ellen Butler 35:12, Laura Rose 35:13

Falls parkrun – Susan Thompson 22:20

Ormeau parkrun – Dermot Boyd 33:04 and Anne Boyd 35:55

Antrim parkrun – Tina Steele 26:21, Fidelma McCoppin 30:10, Jennifer McCoppin 33:37, Rosalind Stitt 35:25

Carrickfergus parkrun – Ben Davidson 27:57, Alyson Taylor 30:14

Valley parkrun – Liam McGowan 22:13, Nuala Muldoon 24:00, Martin McCready 25:42, Karen Jamison 27:11, Gemma Fowler 27:44, Neil McCready 29:08, Jackie McCreesh 29:35, Clare Teer 30:12, Michelle Ker 31:02, Kelly Forsythe 31:02, Tom Wylie 31:03, Joelene Byrne 33:39, Mairead OHare 39:57, Cathy McGowan 41:25


Portrush 5mile road race – Susan Thompson 34:55 & Deborah Ewing 39:02

Given a choice some of the folk travelled to the Silent Valley for the annual Dambusters 10k and Half Marathon, a race becoming an ever popular event in the calendar with 5 of our runners taking on the 10k race and 6 runners taking on the half marathon.

First over the line in the 10k race was Noel Bloomfield in a time of 52:34, followed by Jennifer Butler 52:40,Patrick J Hamill 52:50, Leeanne Skillen 64:16, Laura Campbell 66:01. The 6 half marathon runners were led home by Danny Donaldson 1:30:59, Danny finished in a highly respectable 7th place overall and completed all the half marathons in the running series, extremely well done…!! Next home was Neil Campbell 1:47:08, Darren Taggart 1:57:07, Catherine Boyd 1:57:36, Elaine Kennedy 2:06:37, Tiffany Donaldson (nee McAllister) 2:33:19, smashing running by all, well done folks…


Waterworks parkrun – Danny Donaldson 18:45, Robert Gould 21:35, Jack McCready 25:51, Laura Rose 25:54, Patrick J Hamill 25:56, Noel Bloomfield 29:00, Laura Campbell 29:00, Jennifer Butler 29:01, Lisa Marie White 30:35, Dermot Boyd 32:10, Roseann McGeown 32:52, Brendan McGeown 32:54, Christopher Campbell 34:28, Ellen Butler 34:49, Paul Skillen 35:30, Anne Boyd 36:12, Deirdre Lavery 36:13, Mairead O’Hare 37:42, Tiffany Donaldson 46:18.

Belfast Victoria parkrun – Gordon Ward 31:46.

Portrush parkrun – Susan Thompson 23:09, Deborah Ewing 25:04, Elaine Kennedy 26:34, Kelly Forsythe 29:28, Michelle Ker 29:32

Cross Flatts parkrun – Alan Ladd 20:22

Valley parkrun – Nuala Muldoon 24:13, Debbie Sterritt 32:46, Sharon McAuley 37:43, Kelly Forsythe 40:18

Stormont parkrun – Fidelma McCoppin 31:13 , Jennifer McCoppin 32:51, Fiona Wylie 35:30

Colin Glen parkrun – Patricia Curistan 24:33


On to the Sunday crew, where from a spectators point of view and I am sure the sentiment is also echoed by all at our club, how great a road race Seapark AC put on for all the competitors and spectators alike… 17 runners from Mallusk headed over the old Carrick road to take on the 10K race in the sunshine. Some a little more used to the distance than others, however we did have a few of the recent C25K graduates taking on the distance for the very first time, and didn’t they put in a smashing shift. Extremely well done to Martine Murphy 65:47, Katrina Murphy 66:14, Anne Marie Craig 68:18, now no time to rest on your laurels time to move on to the next one… The remainder of the field was made up of the following runners from the club; Susan Thompson 44:16, Deborah Ewing 47:59, Darren Taggart 48:27, James Hewitt 49:46, Anna-Marie Barrington 50:24, Tina Steele 53:30, Louise Keenan 50:35, Patrick J Hamill 53:47, Laura Rose 54:11, Nicola Fleck 54:20, Jennifer Butler 55:34, Ian Simpson 62:15, Clare Teer 62:30, Leeanne Skillen 62:41.

Remember folks even if your dressed in very bright orange clothing and a car signals to turn right and moves into the right hand lane and almost turns into the road, take heed of the green cross code as there are some drivers set on taking us runners out…..

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

So much for the Summer, we are off…

So much for the summer…

We may not have the sunniest weather like that of the Mediterranean up here in Mallusk, however it certainly hasn’t prevented the lads and lassies heading out for the races.

This week’s racing for the Mallusk Harriers began on a fine Monday evening, a short distance up the road to Broughshane for the 10k and 5k road race, where the Harriers had 2 runners in the 10k and 1 in the 5k. David Mullan and Darren Taggart returned home in 50:02 and 50:03 respectively. Alan Ladd took on the 5k and returned home in 14th place in a great time of 20:13. Smashing running lads, very well done…

Next event for the week took place on Wednesday evening at the Crawfordsburn 5k trail race, with 5 Harriers taking on the course. First over the line in 26th place was Patrick McGuckin in a time of 21:02. Next to cross were Clare Teer and Ian Simpson in 32:37, the pair were followed home by Father and daughter Dermot and Catherine Boyd in a great time 35:22.

Parkruns for Saturday 6th August 2016:
Waterworks parkrun – Danny Donaldson 19:25, Matthew Cromie 19 :34 with another new 5K PB, Robbie Gould 21:22, Robert Gould 22:04, Patrick J Hamill 25:30, Lisa Marie White 30:15 new PB, Tiffany McAllister 33:32 and Fiona Wylie 35:06.

Belfast Victoria – James Hewitt 24:32, Jack McCready 25:32, Anna-Marie Barrington 26:29, Ryan McCready 33:03, Neil McCready 33:05

Queens – Darren Linton 28:39

Valley – 100th parkrun and a second birthday and a host of Mallusk Harriers running, not to mention a few of our very own athletes collecting accolades for the their running in the last year…
Neil Campbell crossed the line first for the Harriers in 3rd place overall in a time of 20:02, and with a new course PB. Neil was followed by second lady home overall Susan Thompson 22:10. Next over the line in 18th place and also needing to finish in 18th place to ensure his overall point’s position, was Mr ‘pointy elbows’ Alex Davidson in a time of 22:23, extremely well done Alex. Brendan McGeown crossed the line in 24:00. Next up was overall 3rd place female for the year, Nuala Muldoon in a time of 24:08. Laura Rose was next in 26:50, Nikki Fleck 27:18, Karen Jamison 28:02 and Ciaran Skillen 28:38. Next home was the overall female junior winner Chloe Davidson 29:29. Massive well done to Nuala and Chloe and also Jackie McCreesh who secured 2nd place overall in the ladies standings, smashing work ladies. Clare Teer & Ian Simpson 31:05, Leeanne Skillen 32:21, Debbie Sterritt 32:38, Tom Wylie 32:39, Marianna McBride 32:44, Jennifer McCoppin 33:59, Ellen Butler 37:31, Rosalind Stitt 38:37, Anne Boyd 38:46, Mairead OHare 39:45, Maili Skillen 40:36 with little Maili completing her 10th parkrun and can now lay claim to her milestone t-shirt, Paul Skillen 40:39, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 43:59 and finally tail running Fidelma McCoppin 50:34.

The usual suspects missing from the parkruns at the Valley or indeed elsewhere, could be found up at the Kells & Connor Half Marathon or further afield at the Dublin Rock ‘n’ Roll 5k…

Continuing his great running was Alan Ladd up at the Kells half, Alan finished 11th overall in a time of 1:37:16, great to see you back in good form sir… second home for the Harriers, also getting back to good form was Michael McAuley in 30th place in a time of 1:45:02. Michael was followed home by the ladies from the club, first Deborah Ewing home in 1:57:56 and next with perfect pacing was Elaine Kennedy in a time of 1:59:59 and our final Harrier to cross the line was Tina Steele in 2:06:32. Smashing running folks, great to see you all putting the club vest about.

The rocky road to Dublin…
A few from the club were not content to run just the Rock ‘n’ Roll half Marathon, just like sailors lured by the call of the Siren, they had to take on the 5k event in a very warm, sunny Phoenix Park on Saturday. Alan Kerr finished in a time of 27:23, followed by Jennifer Butler 28:21, Noel Bloomfield 28:21, and Catherine & David Mullan 31:50 & 31:56, all collecting the extra bling.

The next day the folks were accompanied by Patrick McGuckin and Patricia Curistan for all to race the Half Marathon.
First home for the Harriers was little Patricia Curistan, Patricia notched herself a new PB for the distance in a time of 1:48:33, very well done, those hills sessions paying off… next home was Patrick McGuckin in a time of 1:51:48 as he accompanied his better half to the finish line. Alan Kerr returned in 1:55:38, followed by Jennifer Butler & Noel Bloomfield crossing the line in 1:59:10. The final pairing of husband and wife duo from the club, The Mullans (who last year dressed up in KISS outfits which earned them a few tweets from the band) were joined by many fellow rockers, as they ‘rolled’ their way through the course stopping to strum and drum at every bandstand and partake in every watering hole. Although time was irrelevant to them, David and Catherine Mullan managed to nip home under the 3 hour mark.

Sunday saw the return of the annual Subway 5K where a hearty crowd of harriers, made their way around Ormeau Park in the fabulous family event. Well done to all who participated.

The final shout out for this week’s running goes to Uncle travelling matt (Martin)… totally blown off course, Martin McCready found himself lining up at Erris parkrun on the Saturday morning. Yes Erris parkrun, County Mayo, the most westerly parkrun in Europe. Martin had a great run finishing second in a time 21:57. Martin claimed he would have won the race only he wasn’t too sure of the race route and not known for his swimming, there was no way he was ending up in the Atlantic Ocean.

The morning after the night before and recovering from a few pints of the black stuff, Martin decided to stop off for a bottle of Lucozade only to find himself in Ballinameen, Co. Roscommon in the midst of a 10k race… the lad did well finishing 4th in a time of 44:20… very well done matey…!!!

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Best laid plans and all that…

Sometimes a little can be a lot…

The return to Friday night running is always a good thing and certainly suits many folk. With two options, one at the Giants Trail race hosted by Dub runners, the other at the 5 mile Milk run in Ballymoney hosted by Springwell AC. Elaine Kennedy and Darren Linton managed to miss the worst of the traffic jams and make it to Dame Mary Peters track to take on the 10k and both recording very respectable times, Elaine in 55:24 and Darren in 63:42, very well done both of you.

Best laid plans, and all that…

Martin McCready had afforded himself an early finish from work to prepare for Friday evening’s race in Ballymoney, to travel to the race with club mates Paul Skillen and Neil Campbell and to meet Tom Wylie up at the race. As the clock ticked on, from the original meeting time of 5:45pm the lads managed to make it through the traffic around 6:40pm and were the last folk to register for the race at 7:26pm, phew just making it and no more, unfortunately for Tom, no such luck, he didn’t make it up the road in time.
Oh yes the race… both the lads with no time for a warm up just took to the line and pushed through the 5mile course in great time. Martin recorded a time of 34:57, 40 seconds better than last years’ time, however just missing out on PB time for the 5 mile run. Paul crossed the line in 38:48 and scraped a new 5 mile PB for his efforts. A smashing race with a great community spirit, well organised and marshalled by Springwell, very well done guys and gals… However the highlight of the evening belonged to a Ballymena Runners gentleman who rescued the lads from a long trek home… As Paul and Martin scoffed the last of the fifteens (may I add they were the size of bricks and it did take some time) Neil went out to his car to settle his two kids and charge his phone, only to drain the battery in his motor… fear not, as a helping hand from Harry, a kind gentleman from Ballymena luckily had a set of leads to spark the battery back to life… extremely grateful and many thanks to Harry…!!!

Parkruns for Saturday 30th July 2016:

Waterworks parkrun – Danny Donaldson 18:40, Matthew Cromie 19 :48 with a new 5K PB, Patrick J Hamill 24:52, Anna Marie Barrington 27:12, Tom Wylie 29:55, Maeve Mc Ginley 30:12, Tiffany McAllister 32:37, Fiona Wylie 35:09, Darcia Turner 35:42, Elizabeth Peeples 38:53, Dorothy Ramsey 44:56.

Antrim – Robbie Gould 20:15 new Antrim 5K PB, Robert Gould Snr 22:02, Deborah Ewing 25:23, Tina Steele 26:53, Jennifer McCoppin 33:33, Rosalind Stitt 35:35.

Valley – Alan Ladd 20:32, Neil Campbell 20:52, Alex Davidson 22:37, Nuala Muldoon 23:39, Karen Jamison 27:53, Grandpa Simpson 30:28, Dermot Boyd 33:03, Christopher Campbell 37:26, Anne Boyd 39:19, Lorraine Forsythe Tail running 45:37.

Belfast Victoria – Matthew Lavery 23:00, Paul Skillen 24:28 new Victoria 5K PB, Laura Rose 25:41, Jennifer Butler 26:33 new Victoria 5K PB, Duncan Baxter26:33, Sarah McAuley 27:25, Sean Lavery 28:53, Noel Bloomfield 28:58, Laura Campbell 29:01, Maili Skillen 38:49, Leeanne Skillen 38:42.

Carrickfergus – Nikki Fleck 26:42, Martin McCready 26:43, Marianna McBride 32:31.

Wallace Park – Elaine Kennedy new Wallace Park 5K PB 26:06.

An early rise for some but not for Michael McAuley, Michael made his way to the Sunrise 5k and produced a great 4th place finish in a time 21:47. If only you hadn’t stopped to stare at the local wildlife in the early morning sunrise (that being the wildlife returning home from the night before…) extremely well done Michael…

The final three runners of the weekend travelled to Cookstown to take on a tough half marathon. The effervescent pair who have competed in most, if not all of the half marathon series, Danny Donaldson and Tiffany McAllister where accompanied by new club member Christian Spies. Danny was first of the trio to make it right to the line in a fantastic time of 1:27 followed by Chris in a smashing time 1:38, great running gents… although run of the day had to belong to Tiffany with yet another half marathon PB in a smashing time of 2:18, absolutely brilliant stuff Tiff, long may it continue…

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

A close encounter of the running kind…

A close encounter of the running kind…

How quickly the weeks pass whilst you are in full holiday mode, but here it goes…

The opening race over the holiday period, began with the NI Duathlon race at Victoria Park with the inaugural 5k race on the 12th July, the club had 1 member with Nuala Muldoon completing the race in 23:46, well done Nuala…

Next up on the 15th July was the annual Sea to Sky 10k in Newcastle Co. Down where the club loaned 6 runners to Slieve Donard Mountain. First home for the harriers was Noel Bloomfield returning in 57:49, followed by Dave Gibson 58:46, Catherine Boyd 58:48, Elaine Kennedy 59:33, Jennifer Butler 64:06 and Laura Campbell 70:28.

Parkruns for Saturday 16th July 2016:
Waterworks parkrun – Danny Donaldson 19:05, Matthew Cromie 20:52, James Hewitt 23:44 new PB, Patrick J Hamill 26:07, Tiffany McAllister 28:58 new PB, Dorothy Ramsey 39:33
Antrim – Tom Wylie 28:00, Martin McCready 28:04, Kelly Forsythe 30:31
Valley – Collecting first place home was our very own Neil Campbell in a time of 20:27 next home in 5th place after collecting 3rd in his age category in a 10k race in New York was Alan Ladd returning in 21:24. Matthew Lavery 23:03, 2nd lady home, Nuala Muldoon 24:01, Louise Keenan 25:31, Paul Skillen 25:41 completing his 50th parkrun, Ben Davidson 26:37, Noel Bloomfield 26:41, Laura Rose 27:39, Sarah McAuley 27:53 new PB, Jackie McCreesh 27:59, Keith Thompson 28:12 new PB, Lisa Hamilton 28:25 new PB, Jennifer Butler 29:08, Fidelma McCoppin 30:40, Chloe Davidson 32:04, Jennifer Mc Coppin new PB 34:24, Deirdre Lavery 34:37 new PB, Tail runner – Lorraine Ann Forsythe 52:21.
Larne – Sarah Dinsmore 27:51.

Across the pond, of course whilst on holidays in Florida, there’s only one thing that is a must and that is to do the Clermont Waterfront parkrun. The club’s Brendan and Roseann Mc Geown took on the 5k run, Benny retuning in 24: 45 and Roseann in 36:22, very well done folks hope you enjoyed the rest of the holidays.

Tuesday 19th saw the Portaferry 10mile road race and relay, where the club had Matthew Cromie and Michael McAuley taking on the relay. Earlier that day the run for the lads was put in jeopardy when Matthew was taken off his bike by a motorist, luckily no harm done to Matthew but the bike came off worse. Race they must, with a flip of the coin Michael ran the first leg with Matthew bringing the vest home. The lads put in a stirling performance and finished in 2nd place of the relay places in a time of 71mins, very well done lads…

Parkruns for 23rd July 2016:
Waterworks parkrun – Matthew Cromie 20:49, Susan Thompson 21:13, Big ‘gentleman Jim’ Hewitt running his 50th parkrun in 23:39 and notching up a new PB, Patrick J Hamill 25:04, Laura Rose 27:27, Jennifer Butler 28:48, Noel Bloomfield 28:49, Alan Magee 29:20, Alyson Taylor 30:13, Maeve McGinley 30:39, Laura Hutcheson-Magee 32:42, Emma Thompson 36:41, Julie Fittis 38:29, Joanne Haddock 39:02, Maili Skillen 40:03, Leeanne Skillen 40:04
Belfast Victoria parkrun – Robert Gould 21:58, Robbie Gould 26:41, Jennifer McCoppin 44:23, Rosalind Stitt 44:24.
Falls parkrun – David Mullan 26:00.
Larne – Sarah Dinsmore 25:54.
Carrickfergus parkrun – Ben Davidson 30:14, Chloe Davidson 30:14 and Dermot Boyd 33:06.
Valley parkrun – Alex Davidson 22:13, Patricia Curistan 23:20, Nuala Muldoon 23:39, Sarah McCafferty 29:13, Pamela McCafferty 29:16, Tom Wylie 37:46, Fidelma McCoppin 48:25.

Friday 22nd saw the Dalriada 5k and 10k race in Glenarm and the club had 3 runners taking on both runs. Club junior, Jack McCready ran right to the line in a great time of 27:11, very well done wee man…!!! On to the 10k, with Jack’s ‘great’ uncle Martin McCready returning in 46:08 in 24th place, Martin was outdone by his close friend Patrick McGuckin, Patrick finished in 12th place in 42:30… did I say ex-best friend, running off and leaving your mate to fend for himself, tut tut…

The Dervock 10k and half marathon ran on the 23rd July with the club having 6 runners taking on 10k and half Marathon and the lads and lassies returning with some smashing times, for what is a tough testing course. Darren Taggart and Catherine completed the 10k, with Darren in 50:59 and Cat going home in 54:15, great running folks…
On to the half … Danny has been competing in every half marathon in the series and has been putting in some absolutely smashing times, Dervock run was no different… Danny returned in overall 15th place in a time of 1hr 27mins, cracking run Danny very well done sir…!!! Deborah Ewing arrived home in 1hr 58, followed by Elaine Kennedy in 2 hrs and 21 seconds and Tina Steele came home in 2hrs 11mins.

On Sunday the club were extremely proud to be asked to help volunteer and marshal, by race organiser and club member Nuala Muldoon in a cracking 10k run with a bit of difference all in aid of the charity Action on Hearing Loss. First up the 2k race and fun run, the club had two club juniors running alongside Louise Ladd and little 2 year old Aaron Ladd joining in, indeed young Aaron showing his dad Alan he is soon to have some competition. Ellen Butler came home in 6th place. Ellen was followed by Maili Skillen in 11th place, smashing stuff ladies and young Aaron…

In the 10k, 6 members braved the climb for the scenic views with Alan Ladd coming across the line for the Harriers in 47:26, closely followed Mathew Cromie 48:00, Michael McAuley 48:33, Susan Thompson 51:14, Sarah McAuley 65:17, Duncan Baxter 71:03 and Laura Campbell 73:04, absolutely great running folks.

The final shout out for the week goes to Darren Taggart and Cat Boyd… With the Dervock 10k not hard enough, both club members took on the Blood, Sweat and Tears 10k in the mud, well each to their own I say…

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’