Resting on a crest of a wave…

The opening round of events over the previous two weeks took place at Stormont estate with the Run in the Dark 5km & 10km races, with quite a few of the Mallusk Harriers taking on the folks on the hill and certainly laid down the law with a few of our runners returning with personal bests.

A few days later on Saturday 19th November two hardy harriers decided to turn their hand to the cross country malarkey. Martin McCready & Paul Skillen hadn’t tried the type before headed to Cookstown for the Mighty Oaks XC, both lads did very well and returned with times of 31:13 for Martin and 35:46 for Paul – Next up the Malcolm Cup in Ballyclare.

Parkruns 19th November
Waterworks – Patrick McGuckin 21:21, Matthew Cromie 22:45, Ryan Clarke 23:34, Patrick Hamill 25:43, Jennifer Butler 27:05, Laura Rose 27:08, James Hewitt 30:17, Lisa Marie White 31:03, Alan Ladd 41:47
Belfast Victoria – Jennifer McCoppin 31:42, Rosalind Stitt 35:50, Deirdre McCann 36:27
Falls Park – Susan Thompson 24:49
Tollcross Park, Glasgow – Danny Donaldson 21:58 & Tiffany Donaldson 41:36
Antrim – Deborah Ewing 23:58
Valley – Martin McCourt 21:43, Paul Skillen 25:40,Owen Fulton 26:16, Neil Campbell 26:58, Lisa Hamilton 28:05, Tom Wylie 28:07, Neill McGlinchey 29:10, Ben Davidson 30:42, Laura Campbell 30:47, Sophie Davidson 36:14, Chloe Davidson 36:15, Alex Davidson 36:16
Stormont – Dermot Boyd 31:27, Anne Boyd 34:13.

26th November
Waterworks – Brendan McGeown 22:25 New PB, Matthew Cromie 22:50, Patrick Hamill 24:47, Niamh McGeown 35:47 New PB, Joanne Haddock 40:51.
Wallace Park – Martin McCready 20:36 New PB, Elaine Kennedy 27:31.
Victoria – Patrick McGuckin 23:01
Antrim – Danny Donaldson 19:40, Deborah Ewing 25:17, Tina Steele 26:11, Tiffany Donaldson 31:08.
Valley – Neil Campbell 21:53, Ciaran Skillen 22:43 new course PB, Owen Fulton 25:03, Nuala Muldoon 25:19, Alex Davidson 25:19, Laura Rose 27:01, Jennifer Butler 27:22, Neill McGlinchey 28:03, Fidelma McCoppin 30:17, Sarah McAuley 31:49, Sharon McAuley 37:56, Paul Skillen 46:55.

Later that afternoon 14 harriers took to the Ormeau embankment for the sold out event Seeley Cup. The highly prestigious event certainly brings out huge numbers with over 1000 registered. The club had a great mix of novice and auld hands running with Danny Donaldson leading the charge home for the club in 40 minutes, Danny was closely followed by the dynamic duo of father and son Robert & Robbie Gould, with Dad Robert taking home the bragging rights with a time 42:29 with a new PB for the distance, young Robbie returned in 43:04. Next home was Andrew Diver in a time of 47:09 notching up a PB also. Tom Wylie crossed next in 48:28, followed by James Hewitt in 48:33 with a new PB. Also hitting a new personal best for the 10k distance was new C25K graduate Nikki Fleck, taking it right to the line in a time of 51:38, Nikki was followed home by Anna-Marie Nolan 52:05. Next across the line saw yet more C25K graduates, mum & daughter Pamela & Sarah McCafferty both returning with PBs, Sarah in 55:43 & Pamela 55:49, smashing stuff ladies. Next up with a personal best was Kelly Carlisle in 60:46, closely followed by Tiffany Donaldson 62:19. Further PBs continued, this time with father & daughter Catherine & Dermot Boyd crossing the line together and Dermot collecting the PB in 63:25. Right to the line saw the ever improving Jennifer McCoppin also collecting herself a brand new PB in a great time of 64:55.

The final event of the weekend took place in the scenic town of Carrickfergus with the East Antrim Marathon Series. The club had a great turnout of 9 members taking on the half marathon, as the results are still to go to press, I can confirm that all our members had a really cracking day by the seaside with Susan Thompson taking top honours leading the field home for the ladies and Nuala Muldoon returning as third finisher for the ladies, Deborah Ewing came home in 5th place. Also finishing were; Allister Houldsworth, Joanne Milne, Sharon Dunn, Janet Grew, Tina Steele and finally Leeanne Skillen, with a very special shout out to Leeanne who completed her first (of many) half marathons.

Over the weekend it was fantastic to see many of our non-runners out supporting our members at the racing events both at the Seeley Cup and EAMS, can’t express the importance in seeing a friendly face in the latter stages of a race when the body and the mind wants to give up – the lift from the club member supporting is second to none, top marks Harriers……!!!

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked… Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

Finally it has been a pleasure reporting on all the races and more importantly seeing the club members growing in stature and running right to the line over the last 18 months / 2 years where I have been writing these reports. Unfortunately I have a few irons in the fire over the next few months to keep me overly active within the club, so therefore the secret quill of the Mallusk Harriers is to be handed down to the next ghost writer…

Best regards,


Weekly(ish) Report

Superman eats kryptonite for breakfast…

Many thanks to all the Harriers out running and volunteering at the events over the last few weeks… Honestly have been totally blown away this past week and lost for words, so no holding back and straight into the results…

Parkruns 5th November
Waterworks – Danny Donaldson 19:53, Robbie Gould 20:39, Ryan Clarke 20:52, Dave Gibson 20:58, Matthew Cromie 25:13, Patrick McGuckin 25:14, Patrick Hamill 26:02, James Hewitt 29:00, Tiffany Donaldson 32:44.
Ormeau – Fidelma McCoppin 30:38, Jennifer McCoppin 32:35, Deirdre McCann 36:37.
Antrim – Deborah Ewing 25:13, Tina Steele 25:49, Elaine Kennedy 28:53, Dermot Boyd 30:41, Anne Boyd 34:52, Dawn Dubois 40:51.
Valley – Martin McCready 21:19, Alex Davidson 23:19, Ciaran Skillen 25:02, Owen Fulton 25:21, Karen Jamison 28:13, Neill McGlinchey 30:07, Laura Campbell 30:15, Jack McCready 31:23, Debbie Sterritt 31:40, Tom Wylie 31:40, Duncan Baxter 31:42, Leeanne Skillen 31:56, Paul Skillen 31:57, Sharon McAuley 39:04, Lorraine Forsythe 47:14.

6th November – Tough love… a great representation from many from the club at the Decathlon 10k with many coming home with PB’s for the distance, unfortunately as it wasn’t a timed event we can’t classify the results obtained by our competitors, however you now know what’s in the locker for the next one.

12th November
Waterworks – Mallusk Harriers on tour 2016… Back where it all began, well for many of us… The Harriers tour bus rolled into the Waterworks where we were met with an exceptional greeting from Race director Ruth and her merry band of volunteers. 31 Mallusk runners took on the 5k parkrun course and also in attendance – Ian and his helping supporting crew and cheerleaders for all the runners. Mr Simpson, setting up from early doors providing a great cuppa only to be out classed by Joanne’s MH cupcakes and cookies… As the club has grown rapidly over the past 18 months, with 4 nights training along with long runs at the weekends, this is a smashing opportunity to catch up with everyone within the club, providing an opportunity to dress in the club top and pitch it to those thinking of joining up with a club.

Over to the results for the parkrun; Danny Donaldson 19:28, Robbie Gould 20:59, Robert Gould 21:09, Ciaran Skillen 21:46, Susan Thompson 22:41, Paul Skillen 22:54 New PB, thanks to ‘Elbows D’ clearing a pathway… Alex Davidson 22:54, Matthew Cromie 23:15, Noel Bloomfield 23:55, Owen Fulton 24:48, Patrick Hamill 24:53, Nikki Fleck 26:28, Laura Rose 27:24, Christopher Campbell 27:46 New PB, Neil Campbell 27:48 (you’re not getting a PB, you ditched Laura) Elaine Kennedy 27:54, Lisa Marie White 28:38, Gillian Bainbridge 29:19, Tiffany Donaldson 29:21, Laura Campbell 29:28, Dermot Boyd 29:48 New PB, Duncan Baxter 30:02, Neill McGlinchey 30:03, Kelly Carlisle 30:58, Anne Marie Craig 32:32 New PB, Ellen Butler 32:40 New PB, Jennifer Butler 32:43, Louise Keenan 34:18, Martin Keenan 34:58, Margaret Craig 39:53, Joanne Haddock 40:12.

Must say a huge thank you to Ian Simpson who has put a vast amount of work into arranging these touring events for all at the club to enjoy, many thanks Ian, already looking forward to the next one…

Victoria – Patrick McGuckin 23:01
Ecos Ballymena – Fidelma McCoppin 29:47, Jennifer McCoppin 33:06, Rosalind Stitt 38:34, Deirdre McCann 38:40
Omagh – Martin McCready 21:20
Antrim – Deborah Ewing 25:38, Tina Steele 26:09
Valley – Nuala Muldoon 23:51, Tom Wylie 27:40, Martin McCourt 27:41, Debbie Sterritt 32:09

Fresh from his Mourne Skyline run and back working in the Daily Planet, Superman… oops I mean Michael McAuley was lured back down to Co. Down for a wee run around Tollymore forest. The race had several options from the 10K, half marathon, full marathon and the Ultra marathon. Yep Micky decided to get full value out of his entrance fee and go all out with the 39mile Ultra. The lad has certainly put in some serious miles and hasn’t been daunted by any of the challenges he has faced in recent weeks, from the NIMRA Mountain fell running series to the Mourne Skyline and now has moved on another level to complete the Ultra marathon in a highly creditable 26th place in a smashing time of 6 hours 58 minutes & 10 seconds… though I took my hat off to you and Nuala for completing the Skyline, I’m lost for words matey for this, fantastic achievement lad…!!!

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked… Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’