Club Report: February 27th 2017

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: February 27th 2017

To Dare Is To Do.

A rather arduous weekend for our dedicated Harriers, as they had to endure a deluge of rain and gales, as winter tightened its grip. In between the double act of storms’ Doris and Ewan, club members participated in local parkrun’s and other events across the country, with maybe a little trepidation. Although with several PBs around, others seemed to embrace the weather as a mind clearing therapy.

As most run to get out of the rain, Mallusk Harriers run to get out IN the rain, and the weekend just gone played out below.

Saturday February 25th 2017:



Robert Gould 21:30, showed his son Robbie 22:00, how it was done when the two of them battled it out at the Antrim parkrun.

Belfast Victoria:

A phenomenal Sub 20 Alex Davidson 18:47, was in no mood for hanging around at Victoria as he smashed another PB.


Elaine Kennedy 27:11, continues progressively, as she steadily tests herself coming back from injury.


Patrick McGuckin 20:47, was our first Harrier home at the Valley in 20:47. A magnificent Patricia Curistan was 2nd for Mallusk and 2nd lady overall with a PB in 23:11. Ciaran Skillen arrived in the same time 23:11. Owen Fulton 23:56, Alan Ladd 24:43, Neil Campbell 25:17, Martin McCready 25:18, Neil McGlinchey 27:39, Ian Dinsmore 27:53.


Sub 20 Danny Donaldson 19:32 was once more our first Harrier home at W/Works. Sharon McCavana next as 1st Mallusk lady 25:46. Neil McCready with a PB in 25:55. Patrick Hamil 26:47. Come rain or shine Tiffany Donaldson hits the parkrun’s and demolished her PB in 28:49. James Hewitt 30:39, Ryan McCready 31:32, Fiona Wylie 33:56, Jennifer McCoppin 33:58, David McCavana 34:10, Rosalind Stitt 34:19.

Stormont Cross Country:

A big Mallusk Harrier well done to the brave Duncan Baxter who tackled the weather and this cross country event in 45:05.

Completing the Primary boys was the valiant Jamie Irwin in 4:55.

In the Primary girl’s event, undaunted by the conditions were the keen spirited Erin Teer 6:09 and Maili Skillen 6:10.

Sunday February 26th 2017:

Castlewellan Born 2 Run:

With the persistent rain and the foreboding Mournes cloaking themselves in a silvery mist, the Born 2 run band wagon rolled into the Country Down country park of Castlewellan.

In the 5K Kelly Carlisle arrived 1st for Mallusk in 43:13 with Joanne Haddock next in 43:15.

For the 10K, Mallusk Harrier Mark Smith finished 10th in a time of 39:55 and David Mullan 56:51.

A wet and windy Carrickfergus was the setting for the East Antrim Marathon Series.

In the half marathon, Matt Allen was first home for Mallusk in a very impressive 1.44:15, with Joanne Milne next Harrier in 2.01:20 and sister Sharon Dunn shortly behind in 2.10:05, a great effort from the three of them in horrendous weather conditions.

However, without the rain, there wouldn’t be a rainbow….

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Footnote: Resolution results only NOW being posted, Mallusk’s Jack McCready 27:03 and Patricia Kane 37:23 for the 5K. Jennifer McCoppin 1.13:24 for 10K.

Club Report: 19th February 2017

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: 19th February 2017

While you were sleeping….

Every morning my alarm goes off. My body still aches from yesterday’s run. I’ve a long day ahead, but still I get up and run. Through the pain, self-doubt, the rain, or sleet and sometimes snow. Freezing temperatures, head winds, and up the hills; but the feeling of accomplishment after the run, can only be experienced to be understood, and knowing I’ve burnt more calories before sunrise, than most people do throughout the entire day.

Invigorate the soul….

One massive benefit of running can be stress relief. A long run, with others or on your own, can be a beneficial way to take your mind off the pressures of work and family life. It helps you relax. Getting your cardio out of the way first thing in the morning, gives you the feeling of being one step closer to your goals, and can help you stay in a positive mood for the rest of the day.

Saturday 18th February 2017:


The 3 regular Mallusk Harriers, continued good form, with Deborah Ewing 1st 26:23, and close behind Tina Steele 26:42 with Elaine Kennedy a second behind in 26:43.

Michael McFarlane smashed a PB at Carrick and first for Mallusk in 25:32, followed by Marie McFarlane 31:43 and Lorraine Ann Forsythe 45:33.

Harrier Susan Thompson went solo as she continued pressing her fine pace with a time of 23:30 at Falls.

Mallusk’s Carol Leckie cantered around Ormeau with a pal in 27:15.

Whatever these four young ladies are doing, they should continue with it, as Mallusk Harriers, Fidelma McCoppin 30:59, Jennifer McCoppin 31:37, Fiona Wylie 31:42 and Rosalind Stitt 35:53, ALL cracked PBs’. A great performance all round.

Sub 20 Patrick McGuckin 19:48 secured 1st place for Mallusk and a Valley PB. Ken McAuley 20:47 was next again with a Valley PB. Neil Campbell after trying out the ice at the SSE Arena the previous evening came home in 22:19. Owen Fulton arrived in 24:17. Laura Rose 24:30 and 1st Lady overall with another Valley PB for the impressive hard working Harrier. Noel Bloomfield followed in 24:45, Martin Keenan 26:31. Mallusk’s 2nd lady Joanne Milne 27:05, Paul Skillen 27:15 now feeling a little more relaxed after his successful organisation of Mallusk’s XC event the previous week. Louise Isabella Keenan 28:03 and Mallusk’s 3rd lady home. Sharon Dunn also with a Valley PB 28:24. Chloe Davidson 29:32 pipped father Alex Davidson 29:34. Laura Campbell 30:13, Maeve McGinley 31:09 with another Valley PB. Debbie Sterritt 32:03 and Ben Davidson 32:13. Erin Teer with a Valley PB crossed the line with mum Clare Teer in 41:30.

Mallusk’s man of the east, Duncan Baxter continued his tour at Victoria in 29:33.

Mallusk’s Danny Donaldson well rested from his exploits at Dune the previous week was again sub 20 in 19:44. Jack McCready arrived next with a W/Works PB in 23:50. Sharon McCavana 26:02, Darren Linton 27:21. Neil McCready 28:25, with brother Ryan McCready not far behind who followed up a W/Works PB in 28:53. Dermot Boyd 31:09, Tiffany Donaldson 34:02, David McCavana 35:21, Joanne Haddock 41:27.

Another good week for Mallusk Harriers, with many PB’s among the achievements. Remember, hills make you stronger, sprints make you faster, and rest keeps away injuries…

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Club Report: February 13th 2017

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: February 13th 2017.

Mallusk Cross Country
So cold blows the chill of winter wind. The trees that branches bare
The slightest blink of the season sun, its rays once more so rare.
And so again they gathered, with the threat of snow they dared.
In the footsteps of Olympians they hope to be compared.

Each athlete knows the history, of this celebrated course,
and stand they might together as if a signal to endorse.
For Mallusk is once more famous as it was in years gone by.
When those famous old Olympians brought a tear to each one’s eye.

And so, at day’s end when every race is ran.
We toast our fellow athletes, including,
Radcliffe, Ovett and Cram..

(Dedicated to Race Director Mr. Paul Skillen and his troops).

A very busy weekend for Mallusk Harriers including the running of the club’s inaugural cross country race at the City of Belfast playing fields at Mallusk. A superb day for the club with race director Paul Skillen and his army of volunteers including the catering & registration guys who made this race a huge success. A big thankyou to Belfast City Council for the use of the pitches, Ian Simpson and Imagis for the race numbers and St Johns Ambulance.

Many Harriers took part in parkruns and other races across the weekend and the results now follow.

Saturday 11 February 2017.



Susan Thompson was in blistering form coming home first for Mallusk in 21:56, with Ken MCauley in hot pursuit 21:57. Brendan McGowan in his 50th parkrun arrived in 23:54. Deborah Ewing 24:36, Tina Steele 25:28, Elaine Kennedy 25:45, Janet Grew 27:13, Sharon Dunn 32:41, Lorraine Ann Forysthe 44:50.


Fidelma McCoppin 30:10, Fiona Wylie 30:37 and Jennifer McCoppin 30:40, fought it out for 1st place for Mallusk at Malone, with Deirdre McCann 35:16.


It must have been the cold thin air rushing down from the hills, as many Mallusk Harriers hit PBs’ at the Valley on Saturday. Alex Davidson was on fire in 2nd place overall smashing a PB in 19:48. Nuala Muldoon continued her fine form as 1st overall lady in 23:42. Owen Fulton 24:23, Sarah McCafferty 26:52 (Val PB), Clare Teer (Val PB) 27:04, Pamela McCafferty (Val PB) 27:04. Jack McCready 27:38, Christopher Campbell fabulously edged ahead of his old man with a Valley PB in 28:03, with father Neil 28:04. Gillian Bainbridge 30:00, Ryan McCready 30:11, Neil McCready 30:12, Emma Fegan 30:30 (Val PB). Alyson Taylor 32:18, Paul Skillen 38:34.


Darren Linton was our solitary Harrier at Victoria Park in 28:55.


Duncan Baxter, with memories of Disney fresh in his mind, decided to visit another world of fantasia, finishing at Stormont in 28:49.


Young Robbie Gould switched the boxing ring for a ring of the Waterworks crossing the line for Mallusk in 23:10. Patrick Hamil arrived next in 26:13, with Joanne Haddock 42:03 and Anna Marie Nolan 42:29.

Sunday 12th February 2017.

Mallusk Cross Country:

Under snow laden skies and a cold brisk easterly wind, the City of Belfast Playing Fields at Mallusk, was the setting for Mallusk Harriers inaugural cross country event. This fabulous event has once more returned to the race circuit calendar having remained dormant for the last couple of decades.

Starting at 11am with the under 11s, it continued through to the senior men’s at 3.15pm.

Under 11 Boys 0.5 miles.

The Under 11 boys & girls were the first group of athletes to officially open the 2017 Mallusk Cross Country. Christopher Campbell continued on from his parkrun PB on Saturday to finish impressively for the young Mallusk Harriers in 2:42, with Ryan Millar hot on his tail in 2:46, and Ryan McCready breathing down his neck in 2:47. Leo McAuley arrived in fine form in 3:43, William O’Hare coped well in the conditions in 3:58 and Harry Dinsmore arrived home hardly out of breath in 4:16.

Under 11 Girls 0.5 miles.

Ellen Butler showed she was capable in the worsening conditions arriving as 1st Mallusk Harrier in 3:01. Sophie Davidson was not far behind in 3:10. Mali Skillen made her parents proud in 3:30, and Erin Teer skipped home in 3:40, with Eloise McAuley finding top gear in the final straight arriving home in 5:00.

Under 13 Boys 1 mile.

1st Mallusk Harrier Adam McCann tackled a battering wind arriving in 6:54. Jack McCready was closing the gap in 7:09 and Ben Davidson completed the 1 , 2, 3, for Mallusk impressively in 7:50.

Under 15 Girls 2 miles.

Two Olivia’s shone for Mallusk in the U15 girls race with a amazing time from Olivia Thompson 15:18, ahead of Olivia Morrow who found a little extra towards the finish in 16:31.

Under 17 Girls 2 miles.

Mallusk’s Chloe Davidson arrived 2nd and showed what she was made of as the ground conditions deteriorated with a great time of 18:57.

Once again the Young Mallusk Harriers show the rest of us how tough they are when weather conditions turn against them….
Well done to them all.

Ladies 3 mile

In the ladies 3 mile race, Susan Thompson for Mallusk showed once again how she can cope in the worst of weather finishing 3rd in 23:04. Nuala Muldoon impressive as always arrived next in 23:27. Mairead O’Hare was not afraid to tackle the steep incline and the challenging course coming home in 42:02. A special congratulations to Beechmount Harriers Catherine Diver who won the ladies race in 19:46, with City of Derry Spartans Catherine Hriber 2nd in 22:42.

Senior Men 4 miles.

The wind had dropped slightly for the men in the 4 mile race, but conditions under foot remained heavy. The 1,2,3, belonged to North Belfast Harriers, with Martin McKinstry blitzing home in 22:42. Olympian Michael McKillop 2nd in 23:09 and Edward Cooke completing the podium in 24:28. First for Mallusk Harriers was Patrick McGuickan 28:02, with Alan Kerr arriving in 35:04. Neil McGlinchey 39:05 and Duncan Baxter 41:24.

Today though, wasn’t really about the times. It was all about competing in the event and the conditions that made the race challenging, with an interesting two lap switch back course and more importantly putting Mallusk Cross Country back on the map.

Dune Half Marathon:

Not for the faint hearted this half marathon which straddles the border, has a pleasant start on the side of the quay in Newry before climbing into the hills with a spectacular views of Carlingford Lough and South Armagh, before the descent into Dundalk. Danny Donaldson of Mallusk, suffering a little jetlag from his week in the United States, still finished in an impressive 1.36:21. Matthew Cromie came a couple of minutes behind in 1.38:42. Matthew Allen 1.42:02. David Mullan 2.00:49, and seconds later Cat Boyd & Anna Marie Nolan as a sound double act in 2.00:55. Another jetlagged US Globe trotter Tiffany Donaldson 2.29:32 and Kelly Carlisle 2.30:05.

That completes (I hope) another excellent weekend for this fantastic running club. Mallusk Harriers right to the line and blasting through it….

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Club report: February 5th 2017

Mallusk Harriers club report: February 5th 2017.

Time taken to improve oneself is time well spent….

Last Friday, it was 50 days to the Larne Half Marathon, 7 weeks until race day. Some may not need reminded, others may not want reminded, but as anything that is worth doing, having the correct mental ethic will ultimately bear fruit. There are many wise (some old) running heads in Mallusk Harriers, who can be approached if in need of advice or a little reassurance, but most importantly it is good practice to have an idea of how you are going to run, whether on race day or during training. In other words, plan your run, run your plan.

Several Harriers, stand out this week. Young Ben Davidson hit 50 parkruns on Saturday along with Rosalind Stitt who also celebrated with a Valley parkrun PB. Fantastic effort from both of them. Nuala Muldoon finished as 1st lady at the Valley parkrun, then later in the day she crossed the city to finish 2nd in the Derriaghy Cross Country, a truly regal performance from Nuala. In Antrim’s Born 2 Run Series Janet Grew and Clare Teer both smashed PB’s for a 10K.

The weekend results follow…

Saturday 4th February 2017.

Antrim parkrun:

Patricia Curistan’s first run out at Antrim saw her taking 3rd place lady and also the first Harrier home in 23:06. Followed by Odhran Conal Rafferty 26:40 and Nikki Fleck 26:49. Hot on Nikki’s heels was Tina Steele 26:54. Deborah Ewing arrived in 29:27, with Martin McCourt 29:33, Aodh Rafferty 32:12, Anne McCaffrey 33:39, Deirdre Rafferty 33:40 and Mallusk Harrier Antrim Volunteer Elaine Kennedy 46:21.

College Park Maryland (USA):

Mallusk Harriers Danny and Tiffany Donaldson, travelled the furthest this weekend and showed their vest to the American public with Danny finishing 2nd with another sub 20 minutes in 19:40 with Tiffany 29:13, which shows there must be something to those breakfast maple syrup pancakes.


Alex Davidson finished 4th equalling his Valley PB in 20:10. Brendan McGowan was next for Mallusk 24:33. Nuala Muldoon 1st lady 24:42, Ciaran Skillen 25:15, Neil Campbell was breathing hard into Ciaran’s ear coming home in 25:17, Martin McCready 26:44, Paul Skillen 27:22. Joanne Milne was 3rd lady over all in 27:26, Sharon Dunn (Vall PB) 28:30, Laura Campbell 30:28, Chloe Davidson 32:53, Darren Linton 33:41, Alyson Taylor 34:11, Jennifer McCoppin 35:08, Rosalind Stitt (Vall PB) 36:12, Fidelma McCoppin 36:13, Deirdre McCann and Fiona Wylie both hit a Valley PB in 36:39. Lorraine Ann Forsythe 46:21.


Patrick Hamil arrived first for Mallusk in 24:59, Martin Keenan next 26:27, James Hewitt 26:48, Louise Isabella Kennan 28:12, Lisa Marie White 33:34.

A low winter sun between Cookstown and Omagh welcomed the competitors to the Sperrin Harriers Winter Cross Country Series at Drum Manor Forest 10K. Martin McCourt was first for Mallusk in 45:56 with Tom Wylie arriving home in 57:08.

North Down Athletics Club Festival of Cross Country at Castle Park Bangor, saw Ryan McCready home in 5:16 for the Primary School race and Jack McCready 6:55 for the U13s. Superb to see the young Mallusk Harriers putting best foot forward for themselves and the club.

Antrim: B2R.

Born 2 Run reached Antrim on Saturday, and this series seems popular with Mallusk as many of the Harriers arrived for the 5K and 10K races.


Mallusk’s Dermot Boyd was 1st Harrier in 29:47, followed by wife Anne & daughter Catherine Boyd 32:59, Deirdre Rafferty 33:26, Joanne Haddock 38:21.


David Mullan crossed the line first for Mallusk in 47:27, with Patricia Curistan next home in 48:42, followed by Deborah Ewing 51:11. Owen Fulton 51:37, Janet Grew (PB) 52:06, Clare Teer (PB) 52:28, Tina Steele 52:42, Sarah McCafferty 53:30, NikkI Fleck 53:33, Pamela McCafferty 53:39, Elaine Kennedy 54:25, Neil McGlinchey 57:11. Ian Simpson who showed that Guinness can be good for you (or maybe too much of it is bad for you), arrived in 1.01:30, Kelly Carlisle 1.04:44, Lisa Thomson 1.15:23, Mairead O’Hare 1.18:37, Elizabeth Peoples 1.22:11.

Once again Mallusk Harriers have shown what an uplifting bunch of people you are, by supporting each other and the club.

Apologises to any member who may have been missed from this week’s report.

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