Club Report: 26th March 2017

It was back to basics for many Harriers this weekend, parkrun on Saturday and those training for spring marathons, continuing to up their game and the miles as the weeks’ until race day reach the digits of one hand.

With the clock hand moving forward, the extra evening daylight, can give one a more eagerness to run. There is nothing more exhilarating after a day’s work, than running on an open road while following the sun.

End your working day with a run….

Saturday 25th March 2017:


Maeve Kennedy began her weekend with a PB in Antrim with a time of 26:14, followed by Deborah Ewing 26:48, Elaine Kennedy 26:52, Tina Steele 28:01.

Leading the charge for Mallusk was Alan Magee 28:09 and Darren Linton 30:26.

Another PB and sub 20 for Harrier Alex Davidson 19:46, Patrick McGuckin 21:59, Gareth McLoughlin with a PB in 24:06, Jack McCready 24:36. The two Skillen brothers battled out with Ciaran claiming a moral victory 25:39, over Paul 25:42. A PB from Joanne Milne 26:02 and Janet Grew 26:12, who demolished her PB by 2 minutes. Neil McGlinchey 26:54, and young Christopher Campbell a junior Harrier who got a PB in 26:54. Sharon Dunn also a PB with a time of 27:45. Emma Fegan 30:38, Alyson Taylor 31:18. Dermot Boyd a PB in 31:19. Debbie Sterritt also a PB 31:36. Ryan McCready 33:50. Rosalind Stitt who’s middle name is becoming PB with another in 35:46. Anne Boyd a PB in 36:07. Fidelma McCoppin 36:07. Carol Leckie 51:21.

A big parkrun thanks to Mallusk volunteers Clare Teer, Carol Leckie, Martin and Neil McCready, Neil Campbell.

Matthew Cromie arrived 1st for Mallusk in 20:53, Patrick Hamil 24:50, James Hewitt 25:12, Roseann McGeown 31:13, David McCavana 34:01, Fiona Wylie 35:56, Deirdre McCann 35:57, Kelly Carlisle 42:04, Joanne Haddock 42:45.

Ashton Court – Bristol:
Across the River Avon from Bristol city centre Danny Donaldson continued his parkrun form in 20:11 with MrsTiffany Donaldson 32:02.

Peckham Rye:
South London, the home of the world’s most famous yellow Reliant Robin was where Owen Fulton managed a PB in 23:47, and definitely no truth in the rumour he slipped Del Boy a pony.

Jim Grew was Mallusk Harrier’s furthest man east this week, with a trip to Poland, coming home in 22:09.

Remember the feeling you get from a great run is far better than the feeling you get from sitting around wishing you were running
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Club Report: 19th March 2017

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: 19th March 2017:

Put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts, and the trail you blaze will leave others in your wake.

Friday 17th March 2017.

St Patrick failed to turn up the dry side of the stone this year, for the annual Craic outing in central Belfast. However many Mallusk Harriers did.

Mark Smith got into the festivities and our 1st Harrier home with an impressive 37:19, with Matthew Allen 2nd in 43:54, and Patricia Curistan 3rd Harrier in 46:13. Sharon McCavana was next 52:16 and Damien McLoughlin 52:52. Karen Jamison 56:38, and Duncan Baxter 59:52 completed the Sub hour runners. Michael McFarlane 1.01:26, with Marie McFarlane just behind 1.01:27. Emma Fagan 1.01:45, Dermot Boyd 1.03:31. Lisa Marie White & Roisin McLaughlin tied in 1.06:50. Jennifer McCoppin 1.07:40, Fidelma McCoppin 1.08:01. David McCavana 1.12:36, Deirdre McCann 1.15:20, Fiona Wylie 1.15:21.

Saturday 18th March 2017.


As many headed off to Larne for the half marathon. Showing strength in depth, several Harriers still managed to turn up for the weekly parkrun.

A struggle ensued on the shores of Lough Neagh, as Fiona Wylie and Fidelma McCoppin 32:33, both dipped for the line ensuring a photograph finish which couldn’t separate the two ladies as they tied for being 1st Mallusk Harrier home. Jennifer McCoppin arrived a few seconds later 32:56. Rosalind Stitt again hit a PB in 33:08, as this reporter runs out of fingers to count the many times this Harrier has smashed records. Deirdre McCann completed the famous five in 39:31.

Patrick Hamil warmed up for the half marathon in 27:04.

Darren Linton was our solitary Harrier in 30:07.

Debbie Sterritt ran around Mallusk’s local parkrun in 32:43.

This week’s man of the east was Neil McCready in 24:30.

Larne Half Marathon:
There must be something about the salt air, which attracts such a large number to Larne Athletic Club’s golden coastal race. This event has just about everything. From sheer rugged cliffs, to a panoramic vista of the sea including through the haze, the hills of Dunfries and Galloway; and for unprepared runners, a tricky, demanding incline which can zap energy from limbs. This race is also a favourite among Team Mallusk, as we sent an Olympic size squad to compete.

Carrying on their dual from last week’s Jimmy’s 10 were Danny Donaldson 1.27:38, who pipped Matthew Cromie 1.29:16, by gun and chip time to 1st Mallusk Harrier position this week. The Don-Cromie Formula One rivalry looks set to continue throughout the summer. Patrick McGuckin just failed to split the atomic pair arriving as 3rd Harrier in 1.30:18. Super Susan Thompson was again the 1st lady of Mallusk in 1.37:51, Robert Gould had Susan in his sights along the promenade as he arrived in 1.38:17. A big welcome back from injury and to the race circuit for Michael McAuley 1.42:38. Brendan McGeown embraced the sea air with a PB 1.43:56. A smiling Nuala Muldoon arrived next 1.47:56. Laura Rose also hit a PB in 1.50:56. Sam Hastings 1.52:57 had a little extra in the tank as he nosed ahead of Deborah Ewing 1.52:59. Catherine Mullan 1.53:28, Alan Kerr 1.53:37 and Noel Bloomfield 1.53:59, continued the Mallusk trickle. David Mullan 1.55:09, Owen Fulton 1.56:22, who paced Janet Grew home in 1.56:24 and to another PB. Clare Teer 1.58:25 was another Harrier who got a half marathon PB. Nikki Fleck 2.01:44, was just inched out on a sub 2 hr. Joanne Milne 2.02:25 competing in her second half marathon within a couple of weeks. Anna Marie Nolan 2.03:30 and Catherine Boyd 2.03:32. Sharon Dunn 2.04:14, like her sister Joanne competing in her second half marathon within a matter of weeks. On Sharon’s tail was Lisa Hamilton in 2.04:15. Husband and wife team Ian and Sarah Dinsmore arrived together in 2.04:48, no doubt after receiving plenty of advice from their cross country competing son Harry. Tina Steele 2.04:55, arrived next still looking fresh. Sarah McCafferty 2.06:13, with mum Pamela McCafferty 2.06:25, who both nipped ahead of a waving Gemma Fowler 2.07:00 and Elaine Kennedy 2.07:03. Gillian Bainbridge 2.09:45 wore a wry smile as she crossed the line. Jennifer Butler 2.15:15, Tiffany Donaldson 2.15:47 and Lisa Marie White 2.15:48 as Mallusk continued to roar home. Kelly Carlisle 2.17:24 cantered home ahead of Laura Campbell & Leeanne Skillen 2.22:01 who showed the onlookers how to take the 13.1 miles in their stride. Ian Simpson 2.45:08 had thoughts of the black stuff as he arrived home. Mairead O’Hare eased over the line in 2.49:28. As did Lisa Thompson 2.56:43 and Elizabeth Peeples 3.06:09.

Running teaches us, that we are capable of so much more than we ever imagined.

Enjoy your week…

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Club Report: 12th March 2017

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: 12th March 2017.

As the week turns, the digits of one hand tell we are close and that Larne is almost upon us. This is a good week for preparation. One of the times that the Benjamin Franklin quote springs to mind, ‘By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.’

Those who are familiar to running half marathons generally know their pre-race routine, but any who are treading the 13.1 miles for the first time, being prepared is the first hurdle to overcome.

Race kit, get it ready at the latest the night before, not on race morning and finding it in the dirty linen basket. Breakfast, eat early. Tape up, grease up. If sunshine is forecast, sun block is advised, it may not feel warm, but March UV levels can be high especially if you are going to be exposed for up to two hours or more.

Most importantly, enjoy the day. You’ve trained for it, conquered the Sunday hills, and now it’s time to make Larne rock!

As for this week, another abundance of parkrun PBs were to the fore for our happy Harriers.

Saturday 11th March 2017.



Tina Steele led Mallusk on the shores of Lough Neagh in 28:40, Deborah Ewing 29:01, and Elaine Kennedy 52:54 once more helping out as a volunteer to ensure that the parkrun takes place.

Derry City:

Our only maiden city flyer in the north west was Ken Mcauley arriving in for Mallusk in 22:04.

Falls Park:

An awesome run by Susan Thompson 22:40 at Falls, saw her breeze in as 2nd lady and 10th position overall.


Robbie Gould 20:40, led the way as effortlessly as the Lagan flows past the park. Fiona Wylie again with another PB in 30:43, Jennifer McCoppin 33:06, with Rosalind Stitt 33:32, her third PB since the New Year. Fidelma McCoppin completed this famous five of Mallusk Harriers in 35:04.


Running out of superlatives for Mallusk Harrier Danny Dynamo Donaldson as he once more ran a sub 20 with a PB in 19:50 at the Valley. Celebrating his 100th parkrun was Owen Fulton who enjoyed a double whammy with a PB in 23:38. Brendan McGeown sailed in next with a time of 24:02. A PB for Jack McCready in 24:16. Noel Bloomfield 24:34. Still pushing on was Laura Rose in 24:45, and regularly obliterating PB’s is Clare Teer with another one in 25:53. Neil McCready was just behind with his own PB in 25:54. Ciaran Skillen 25:55. Another PB for Joanne Milne in 26:48. Neil McGlinchy 28:12. Neil Campbell 28:28, Alan Ladd 28:30, Sharon Dunn 28:43, Paul Skillen and Martin McCready inseparable in 29:36. Tiffany Donaldson 32:17.


This week our man in the east was Alex Davidson who not only came home sub 20, but with another PB in 18:40.


Matthew Cromie was first Harrier to roll in with a time of 23:42. Sharon McCavana next 25:27 and our 1st lady. Patrick Hamil 25:31, Catherine Boyd 28:53. A PB for Maeve McGinley 29:28, and a PB for Alyson Taylor 29:34. David McCavana 34:06, Catronia McGarvey 38:28, Anna Marie Nolan 42:45, Joanne Haddock and Kelly Carlisle side by side in 44:53.

Sunday 12th March 2017:

Jimmys 10

East Down Athletic Club, hosted this annual 10K race in picturesque Downpatrick, with Danny Donaldson again inspiring all with a time of 39:30. Matthew Cromie was close behind in 39:38. John Rooney 47:06, Tiffany Donaldson 58:50, Lisa White 59:01. Mairead O’Hare limbering up for Larne in 1.18:29.

Another colossal outing at the weekend for this great club, where boundaries are surpassed with utter strength and determination.

(Hopefully everyone has been included)

Have a good week.

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Club Report: March 5th 2017

Mallusk Harriers Club Report: March 5th 2017.

Wednesday just past was the 1st March, the end of the metrological winter and as they say in these parts; the day the crows build their nests.

Spring is upon us and the Carlingford Half Marathon traditionally kicks off the official start of the half marathon season. However as with last week, it was a case of running or dancing in the rain.

There were a proportional representation of Mallusk Harriers at various constituencies across the country this weekend and a few eagle eyed watchers may have spotted a few politicians limbering up for the task ahead.

Saturday 4th March 2017.



Patirck McGuckin destroyed his PB as first Harrier over the line in 19:43. Alex Davidson arrived next in 20:00, followed by Owen Fulton 24:44. Another PB for Clare Teer and 1st Mallusk lady in 26:43, with Ultra man Martin McCready 27:33, Sharon Dunn 28:35. With young Harriers Ben Davidson 30:08 and Sophie Davidson 32:00 not far behind.


Neil McGlinchey hit a PB in 27:12 as he returned home 1st for Mallusk, with Fidelma McCoppin 29:28 next, and Jennifer McCoppin a PB in 31:36. Rosalind Stitt showed she wasn’t slowing up either with a PB 33:17, Fiona Wylie came next 34:13 and Darren Linton 34:25.


1st Mallusk Harrier home and Sub 20 Matthew Cromie 19:41, pipped stalwart Danny Donaldson 20:39. Ken Mcauley 22:03 came next, with Neil McCready 24:31 and another PB. Patrick Hamil 25:06, Sarah McCafferty 26:58, with sister Pamela McCaffery 27:00 a couple seconds behind. Tiffany Donaldson 31:42, David McCavana 34:02. Joanne Haddock 39:59.

Carlingford Half Marathon / 10K:

In the picturesque County Louth village and under a rain laden sky, the Carlingford Half Marathon / 10K with 26 Extreme officially started the half marathon season.

Unfortunately the debacle with runners finishing times, with at least one Mallusk Harrier being completely omitted, made the previous day’s election count at Belfast’s Titanic seem a virtually uncomplicated straightforward process.

With the help of Pythagoras’s Theorem, Fibonacci and cricket’s Duckworth Lewis system, the below times are as close to chip as possible.

Mallusk’s Tina Steele, nursing a slight injury completed the 10K in 55:13.

Half Marathon: Before the cocktails rained, Susan Thompson was our 1st Harrier home in 1.36:40, followed by Matt Allen 1.40:05, Patricia Curistan 1.42:27. Brendan McGeown 1.44:19, Deborah Ewing 1.53:55, David Mullan 1.54:37, Janet Grew 1.57:13, Elaine Kennedy 2.02:09, Mairead O’Hare 2.51:30.

Apologises to any member who has been missed from this week’s report, however keep an eye on Team App and Mallusk Harriers Facebook page for a slight change on how future weekly race reports will be produced.

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