Club Report: Sunday 25th March 2018

You people are trying to kill me! mid-week racing, parkruns, half marathons, charity runs, international trail races….
The sun is finally shining again but I’m sitting here in my large but lonely Romanesque villa stuck to my keyboard all day.

The racing started early this week with the flat and fast Queens 5k and 3k on Wednesday evening:

Ryan McCready 15:34, Louise Ladd 16:54

Mark Smith 16:56, Joe Mathers 18:55PB, Lee O’Boyle 18:57PB, Danny Donaldson 19:21, Alan Ladd 19:55, Jim Grew 20:43PB, Neil McCready 21:03, Paul Skillen 21:36, Laura Rose 22:00PB, Ciaran Skillen 22:21, Nuala Muldoon 24:18, Patrick Hamill 25:05, Angela Stevens 26:05, Tiffany Donaldson 29:09, Dermot Boyd 33:19

Valley parkrun:
The Valley was the venue for our international cover girl to run her 100th parkrun. Harriers were there so there was food involved. Congratulations Fidelma!
Neil McCready 24:47, Owen Fulton 24:50, Nuala Muldoon 25:39, Paul Skillen 25:40, Fidelma “the big 100” McCoppin 30:58, Jackie McCreesh 30:59, Marie McFarlane 31:01, Jennifer McCoppin 31:32PB, Fiona Wylie 32:37, Debbie Sterritt 33:17, Freda Stubbs 33:38, Yvonne Thompson 33:51, Carol Leckie 35:19, Josi McKeating 35:41PB, Tony McKeating 35:42, Sharon Thompson 37:10, Patricia Kane 38:51, Deirdre McCann 40:51, Miriam Clarke 41:07

Waterworks parkrun:
Matthew Cromie 21:05, Sharon McCavana 29:23

Antrim parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:46PB (and 4th overall)

This week’s parkrun tourist was Stephen Weir who tackled Newcastle in 32:24

And A Dav went to Larne 27:36
Rumours he turned up for the Half marathon on the wrong day and then did a parkrun to cover it up are still being investigated.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 10:08, Leo McAuley 14:23, Eloise McAuley 15:47

On Saturday, in true Cliff Richard style, the Harriers boarded the club Double Decker, and headed off on their Summer holidays. Well, Larne at least, for the Half Marathon.
There were an amazing 51 Harriers running this year. Many were doing their first half, some were using it as part of their marathon prep, some just ran the thing. All were amazing.
More amazing is the fact that Mr Donaldson now has his own teenage fan club, The Dan Fans. A worrying development for any parent. And Tiffany.

Mark Smith 1:15:33PB (and 11th overall), Joe Mathers 1:31:46PB, Neil Campbell 1:34:08, Jim Grew 1:38:22PB, Ken McAuley 1:41:35PB, Terry McIvor 1:41:54 1st, A Dav 1:42:25, Benny McGeown 1:43:10, Laura Rose 1:45:18PB, Ciaran Skillen 1:48:35, Sarah Knowles 1:51:01, Alan Kerr 1:51:02PB, Suzanne Brennan 1:52:08PB, Gabrielle McMillan 1:53:16 1st, New Sarah 1:53:30, Deborah Ewing 1:54:20, Alastair “top pacer, where’s my notes?” Houldsworth 1:54:21, Tina Steele 1:54:57PB, Stephen Semple 1:58:13, Pamela McCafferty 1:58:38PB, Sarah McCafferty 1:58:39PB, Brian McDonald 2:00:35, Andrew McFarlane 2:01:17, Sophie Magee 2:01:40, Lord Ian Brennan 2:01:09PB, Nikki Fleck 2:01:14, David Esler 2:03:37PB, Gemma Fowler 2:03:42PB, Clare Teer 2:03:55, Roisin Brooks 2:04:29, Maeve Kennedy 2:04:36, Janet Grew 2:05:01, Catherine Mullan 2:08:12, Angela Stevens 2:08:36PB, Elaine Kennedy 2:10:55, Lee-Anne Skillen 2:11:07, Danny Donaldson 2:13:15, Tiffany Donaldson 2:13:15PB, Gillian Bainbridge 2:13:22, Yasmin Lynn 2:16:11, Hannah Hope 2:18:09, Louise Ladd 2:20:12PB, Laura Campbell 2:23:19, Lisa Kerr 2:24:18, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 2:26:56, Roseann McGeown 2:34:48, David Mullan 2:39:10, Anna-Marie Nolan 2:39:11, Neill McGlinchey 2:39:23, Ian Simpson 2:56:01.

Special word to those who organised the bus and to the very nice bus driver Jackie Lawlow (even if she does run for NBH!).

We thought Larne was exotic enough for most of us, but not for Lee O’Boyle. Lee continued his recent good form with yet another podium finish, this time at the Merral Mountain Trail Run in Johannesburg. Lee completed a not flat 12km course in 1:7:54 and 3rd place overall.

Results for the Rabbit Run and Jimmy’s 10k are not yet available and will be included in next week’s report.

So, here’s one for Janet and all those who enjoyed their racing and running this weekend, wherever it might be.

Until next week, behave.


PS – please message with any edits or omissions.

Club Report: Sunday 18th March 2018

A visit into the lion’s den, a feat of physical endurance but ultimately, victory and eternal glory. Yes, I managed to go to the pub in the afternoon, drink 3 pints and live to tell the tale. Think the rugby was on in the background too.

Valley parkrun:
Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:55, Clare Teer 38:31

Waterworks parkrun:
Matthew Cromie 20:04, Danny Donaldson 22:20, Patrick Hamill 25:47, Duncan Baxter 31:10, Tiffany Donaldson 33:23, Kelly Carlisle 47:29, Jo Smyth 47:30

Antrim parkrun:
Alastair Houldsworth 19:24 PB (and 3rd place overall), Alan Kerr 24:50 followed by Team Fleck – Nikki 39:30, Lucy 39:30 PB, Aimee 44:15

Ormeau parkrun:
Laura Rose 23:21 PB, Noel Bloomfield 25:29 (150th parkrun), Susan Thompson 27:29, Ken McAuley 27:30

Queen’s parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 27:24

This week’s parkrun tourist was Owen Fulton who put a pony in his pocket, mounted Trigger’s brush and ran round Peckham Rye parkrun in 25:00. Cushty.

And A Dav went to Bangor 26:13

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
With Waterworks cancelled due to ice, the junior mob headed off to the seaside.
Joseph Eager 10:05, Ethan Barrington 10:41, Leo McAuley 13:21, Cole Barrington 14:01, Eloise McAuley 14:10 PB

Saturday also promised a day full of sport and alcohol poisoning so some Harriers decided to get ahead of the curve with the increasingly popular Craic 10k. Plenty of PBs and great runs which were then well overused as excuses for overindulgence for the rest of the day.
Mark Smith 35:47 (and 6th overall), Neil Campbell 39:15, Joe Mathers 39:29 PB, Patricia Curistan 44:57, Stephen Semple 48:22, Suzanne Brennan 48:46 PB, Sharon Dunn 49:14, Maeve Kennedy 54:11, Roisin Brooks 54:37, Lee-Anne Skillen 56:26, Darren Taggart 56:48, Laura Campbell 59:13, Fiona Wylie 59:14, Jennifer McCoppin 59:15 PB, Neil McGlinchey 59:24, Catherine Boyd 1:03:47, Dermot Boyd 1:03:47, Freda Stubbs 1:05:47,  Debbie Steritt 1:07:05, Sharon Thompson 1:11:12. I know some of you posted faster chip times in Team App but these are the times published on both NI Running and Athletics NI websites. Apologies if you actually did even better.

Sunday brought mostly hangovers but a few hardy souls made it to the 5k Run for Mental Health UK in Ormeau Park, with our own Lisa Kerr involved in the organisation. Terry McIvor 21:39, Yasmin Lynn 27:20, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:01

So, to finish, here’s one for all of you who managed to get out the door today and run. You’re not treadmill warriors, you’re Harriers. We salute you.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report: Sunday 11th March 2018

I needed a bit of inspiration this week and so I watched Chariots of Fire. Must have had an effect as it made me run in slow motion all weekend.

Valley “extension of the swimming pool” parkrun:

Paul Skillen 23:40, Neil McCready 23:48, Stephen Semple 24:10, Brendan McGeown 24:15, Gabrielle McMillan 25:35, Owen Fulton 25:44, Maeve Kennedy 26:56 PB, Clare Teer 27:39, Frances Kane 29:41, Erin Teer 41:43, Patricia Kane 46:03, Yasmin Lynn 51:01, Terry McIvor 51:02 (Yasmin & Terry volunteering)

Waterworks parkrun:

Matthew Cromie 20:26, Patrick Hamill 25:53, Sharon McCavana 29:47, Marie McFarlane 29:59 PB, Jennifer McCoppin 30:15 PB, Duncan Baxter 31:38, Debbie Sterritt 32:37, Rosalind Stitt 34:52, Deirdre McCann 37:25, Kelly Carlisle 50:17, Jo Smyth 50:17

Antrim parkrun:

Tom Fleming 20:59, Alan Kerr 25:10, Deborah Ewing 28:03, Tina Steele 28:04

Victoria parkrun:

Laura Rose 22:47, Noel Bloomfield 24:54 PB

Waterworks Junior parkrun:

Joseph “where’s me jumper?” Edgar 9:49, Ryan McCready 10:18, Leo McAuley 13:13, Olivia McCready 13:49

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Tom Fleming 7:50 PB

Well done Tom on the PB after already being first Harrier home at Antrim the previous day.

Several Harriers headed off to Carlingford a week later than they planned as the snow delayed Half Marathon took place with torrential rain replacing the snow. Rumours an ark was spotted near the 9 mile mark are unproven but highly likely.

Patricia Curistan 1:42:35, Susan Thompson 1:44:37, Ken “the pacer” McAuley 1:50:18, Nuala Muldoon 1:52:09, Darren Taggart 1:52:58, Sharon Dunn 1:54:31, Joe Mathers 1:54:16, Joanne Milne 1:58:46, Fidelma McCoppin 2:27:16 PB, Nicola Hunter-Boyd 2:27:38 PB

Helpfully, the published results do not include runners’ clubs and so apologies if I missed anyone, there were nearly 500 names to go through. Also, I have no idea if you got a PB unless you put it on team app. So well done and gold star to Fidelma. No wonder you’re a pin up!

Atlas Running Shane’s Castle Half Marathon

Anna Marie Nolan 2:09:12

Addiction NI 10k

Yasmin Lynn 54:00, Terry McIvor 54:02, Fiona Wylie 1:04:08

So, whilst some lucky Harriers are off enjoying the ice hockey, I’m at home burning my annual attempt at dinner on behalf of my kids for Mothers’ Day.

It always reminds me of the advice my dear old Mum gave me many moons ago – “Son, children are like farts” she used to say, “you can just about stand your own”.

But here’s to you Mum and all you mothers out there!

Until next week, behave.


Club Report: Sunday 4th March 2018

Well I think we were all taken aback by it. The severity and scale of it. We all asked ourselves why?
And that was only Joanne Milne’s childhood haircut. The weather was shockin’ too!

Valley “snowglobe” parkrun:
Neil Campbell 21:50, Tony McKeating 26:09, Owen Fulton 28:17, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:26, Neill McGlinchey 34:40, Fidelma McCoppin 36:35, Jennifer McCoppin 36:36, Debbie Sterritt 36:44, Patricia Kane 38:17

Waterworks parkrun:
Ken McAuley 23:19, Susan Thompson 23:27, Sophie Magee 25:11, Patrick Hamill 26:28, Maeve Kennedy 26:57, Roisin Brooks 28:26, Tiffany Donaldson 36:00, Danny “Pin Up” Donaldson 36:00, Katherine McCloskey 36:07

Antrim parkrun:
Lee O’Boyle 19:22 PB, Tom Fleming 20:09, Yasmin Lynn 25:45, Terry McIvor 25:46, Nikki Fleck 25:52, Ethan Barrington 30:12, Elaine Kennedy 30:19, Heather Barker 31:40 PB, Wes Barker 31:41 PB, Cole Barrington 40:52, Anna Marie Nolan 40:53

And ADav went to Stormont 23:06.

Waterworks Junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 12:05
Eloise McAuley 15:36

Kirkistown HM:
Third place for Lee O’Boyle with 1:33:58 PB

Well done to those Harriers who got out to a parkrun somewhere but an even bigger shout for all the volunteers at each event who stand about in the cold so we can run.

Special mention to Mags on her 250th time volunteering. Proper Harrier.

The weather put paid to most other events including the Carlingford Half Marathon that I know many Harriers were planning to run in. This didn’t stop the Sunday club though as many Harriers wrapped up warm and headed to the coast to avoid the ice. Marathoners, half marathoners, 10kers and none of the above were out. Fair play to all of them. No doubt we will all share in your glory via Facebook throughout the day!

I was going to end with Dandelion Hair by Joe Brooks (can’t think why?) but this may be more appropriate. Roll on Spring!

Until next week, behave.


Club Report: Sunday 25th February 2018

Well, a few of us headed out this week to get our training done before the world ends next week due to 1cm of snow.

Valley parkrun:

Neil McCready 23:34, Paul Skillen 24:35, Owen Fulton 27:57, Frances Kane 30:31, Erin Teer 44:22, Patricia Kane 46:35

Waterworks parkrun:

Sharon McCavana 30:42, Katherine McCloskey 33:34 PB

Antrim parkrun:

Sarah Knowles 23:31 PB, Alan Kerr 23:32, Deborah Ewing 27:28, Elaine Kennedy 27:29, Fiona Wylie 29:03 PB, Fidelma McCoppin 29:27, Jennifer McCoppin 30:43 PB, Rosalind Stitt 34:26, Sharon Thompson 35:02, Nikki Fleck 37:45, Aimee Fleck 37:48 PB, Deirdre McCann 38:35, Claire Skillen 42:29, Lucy Fleck 45:23

Victoria parkrun:

Susan Thompson 23:07, Ken McAuley 23:07, Sophie Davidson 32:42, Ben Davidson 32:46, ADav 32:50

Queen’s parkrun:

Carol Leckie 26:47

Carrickfergus parkrun:

Owen Millar 29:21

Colin Glen parkrun:

Stephen Semple 24:12, Maeve Kennedy 26:53

Our parkrun tourists this week were Anna-Marie Nolan at Monaghan Town in 27:22 and Leo and Micky McAuley at Rostrevor. Micky may have still been feeling the after effects of his 100 mile effort the previous weekend as Leo had him in his pocket 35:10 to 35:33.

Waterworks Junior parkrun:

Joseph Eager 9:59

Well done Joseph on completing 50 junior parkruns and getting your Ultra band!

There were a few other events on this weekend that were both honoured and lifted by the presence of our Harriers.

Born 2 Run Castlewellan

Dermot Boyd completed the 10k in 1:11:48.

It should also be noted that Dermot did the B2R Gosford 10k last weekend in 1:09:25 but the results came in too late for last week’s report.

Over on the dark side, it was the end of the XC season, finishing with the NI & Ulster Senior XC Championship in Lurgan Park. This was also the final fixture in the Athletics NI XC League 17/18.

Benny McGeown made his slightly delayed XC debut and had to complete a long 12k distance to make up for his pathetic no show in the snow at Mallusk two weeks ago. His wife is still laughing.

Nuala Muldoon, as usual, was there. Nuala, as usual, forgot her spikes. Nuala, as usual, ran really well completing the 6k ladies race in 32:48.

The men were represented in the 12k race by Mark Smith 49:05, Lee O’Boyle 55:01 and Benny McGeown 1:04:51.

Well done to any Harrier who represented the club at any of the XC events over the season. Hopefully we can get a few more next year. Every runner means team points so its not only for the speed merchants. Embrace the muck.

Our furthest travelled tourist this week was Neil “anything to get out of the housework” Campbell who snuck off to Malta for a half marathon with a cracking PB of 1:28.

There was a Resolution Run at Queen’s today and several distances at Kirkistown racetrack but results are not made available and all you naughty people have stopped posting results on Team App.

I thought about making this week’s tune a bit quieter as there are definitely some sore heads after that quiz last night. (Never mention Tyrone or Billy Ray Cyrus to me again). But I’ve got over it so this week’s tune is a “unique” cover of a song that needs to be on everyone’s running playlist.

Like running for some of us, it’s so bad it’s brilliant.

Until next week, behave.