Harrier of the Month – June 2019

June was a super busy month for the club with many harriers taking part and helping in lots of crazy running adventures. June had us see Energia 24 and 24in24.

Special mention to our harrier hero Peter McGarry. Whilst out on his run at the pitches he came across a man who had collapsed and needed assistance – peter instantly ran to find the nearest defib. 

Peter McGarry 
‘ For helping a man while he was on a run who had collapsed and needed to be taken to hospital immediately. Another Harrier Hero’

Patricia Curistan 
‘Patricia is always a great support. I would like to nominate P for her support and encouragement during Energia and 24in24. Always puts others first and always great to see her happy smiley face x’

Neil Campbell 
‘Neil does so much for the club behind the scenes, it was his vision as chairman this year that saw 24in24 return and what a huge success it was. He always leads by example and is first in line to support or offer advice’

‘For being the main supportive and encouraging coach at Energia and for imparting his running knowledge and experience on all occasions.’

‘For the time he puts in for the club whether its taking sessions or just giving someone advice about running.’

Marie McFarlane
‘ For keeping us entertained and sane for 24hrs!!’

It goes without saying the harrier … on this instance HARRIERS of the month goes to two ladies who gave up their time to organise 24in24. This is one of many events they have organised within the club. Without all of their hard work going on in the background they wouldn’t be possible. We all appreciate your efforts. The winners are Laura C & Lee-anne!! 👏

Laura Campbell & Lee-anne Skillen 

‘These 2 ladies really deserve this for there tireless efforts supporting the club and managing busy lives. The carry out amazing work all year round for the club and still find time to run and represent the club in belfast marathon and energia 24. They do need commended for the organisation that went into 24 in 24. They should be so proud. What am amazing day for a wee club in Mallusk. Well done ladies. Careers in event management calling you both’

‘Has to be a joint award this month for all the work that went on to the 24 in 24 event. Many many hours of work went into making sure everything was perfect. And it was.’

‘I could probably nominate Leeanne every month. She is always working on something for the club or supporting someone – and always with a smile and the greatest of patience. All this on top of her own training and incredible performance at Energia 24 shows this girls strength of character and determination.’

‘They did an amazing job organising 24 in 24. Lots of hard work went on behind the scenes in preparation for the fab day we had. They were hands on checking everyone was ok … providing massages ( thank you Laura ) our own personal alarm clocks before arriving at each parkrun and generally good moral boosters throughout the whole experience – when times felt hard. ‘

‘Double nomination here for Laura and Leanne as they couldn’t be split – for the amazing effort organising and delivering a pretty special 24 in 24 ParkRun challenge – definitely way more demanding than running it! ‘

’24in24 unreal effort’

‘For everything involved in the 24’

Go celebrate with some well deserved prosecco ladies!! 🍾🥂

Another brilliant month for the club. Thank you so much for everyone who voted and well done to everyone nominated.


Club Report – Sunday 7th July 2019

They say the best things in life are worth waiting for. This report is the exception.

Taking on the parkruns without being headers this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Neil McCready 20:54, Alan Erwin 24:38, Ken McAuley 24:38, Paul Skillen 25:59, Pamela McCafferty 26:47, Leo McAuley 29:40, Lord Ian Brennan 29:52, Danny Donaldson 29:53, Joe Mathers 29:54, Frances Kane 30:20, Neil Campbell 30:38, Philip Fleck 30:57, Rory Brooks 31:44, Paddy Brooks 31:45, Laura HOTM Campbell 32:24, Matthew Hawkins 33:36, Ciaran Hawkins 33:36, Suzanne Brennan 33:44, Jim Hewitt 34:20, Sharon Dunn 34:44, Joanne Milne 34:45, Laura Rose 34:53, David Esler 34:59, Kerry McDowell 35:18, Owen Fulton 35:18, Brenna McGeown 35:49, Roseann McGeown 35:51, Susan Thompson 38:12, Noel Bloomfield 39:11, Tiffany Donaldson 39:14, Anita Piatek 39:16, Niamh McGeown 41:24, Angela Stevens 42:11, Lucy Fleck 55:22, Eloise McAuley 57:41, Jennifer Maguire 57:44, Sarah McCafferty 57:51
And a huge congratulations to all the Run Newtownabbey graduates. Here’s hoping it’s the first of many.

Waterworks parkrun:
Stephen Smyth 20:40PB

Victoria parkrun:
Mark Smith 17:40, Nina Baird 30:28

Antrim parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:37PB, Stephen Semple 24:38, Alan Kerr 25:10, Maeve Kennedy 26:18, Tina Steele 29:40, Elaine Kennedy 50:57

A few of you went for the tourist of the week title this week. Stephen Weir tried at Newcastle upon Tyne finishing in 29:18, Rafa’s new wage per minute. Fidelma McCoppin was at it again, this time at Avondale Forest. Fidelma finished the trail course in County Wicklow in 35:14. But this week’s winners are Ramunas and Galina Stanevicius. They finished Tralee parkrun in Kerry in 19:27 and 29:19 respectively, Ramunas finishing third in the process. Saint Brendan the navigator is from Tralee. On one of his journeys he found the island of the monks of Ailbe, who have magic loaves, do not age, and maintain complete silence. If only we had a few of them in the club…..

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:27, Eloise McAuley 10:43, Leo “ice cream with a flake” McAuley 10:44

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:48, Ben Halliday 12:03

Well done to all the juniors who managed a parkrun double this weekend.

And ADav was at the Valley, finishing in 35:05.

On Friday night, Elaine Kennedy represented the club at the Glenarm Glen 5 mile road race, finishing in 47:47.

On Saturday, Dermot Boyd came out from behind the lens to complete the Clontarf 5 mile in 48:10, a PB.
Yesterday was the Great Rossa Run with Harriers taking on various distances. Aidy Hughes thankfully was there to run the 5k and to translate for the Harriers with the Ardboe locals. Aidy finished in 26:00. Angela Stevens completed the 10k in 58:58 and Kevin Donnelly recovered from the disappointment of not winning parkrun tourist of the week recently to complete the half in an impressive 1:27:13.

So, this week’s tune is to mark the big news in our house recently and I’m sure in others too.
Two words that strike fear into the hearts of parents across the club (except the teachers).
Roll on September…..


Until next week, behave.