Club Report – Sunday 15th September 2019

I didn’t sleep well last night. Bad dreams about flags and measurements. Those of you at the quiz last night will understand my pain. Craic was good and it was probably the first time I’ve had to put myself in the mindset of a migrating swallow to see where I would go in the winter.
Big thanks to social boy Ian and his lovely helper Fidelma (even though she wouldn’t tell us the answers).

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Alan Erwin 20:45PB, Prof Alan Ladd 22:56, Neil Campbell 22:57, Maeve Kennedy 26:01, Owen Fulton 26:29, Joe Mathers 26:32, Yasmin Lynn 26:57, Eamon Donaghy 28:36, Joanne Milne 29:56, Stephen Weir 31:24

Waterworks parkrun:
Jim Hewitt 24:24, Hollie Brennan 46:14, Suzanne Brennan 47:10, Tiffany Donaldson 35:04, Danny Donaldson 35:07

ECOS parkrun:
Andrew McNevison 19:23

Antrim parkrun:
Alan Kerr 26:32, Tina Steele 29:27

Queens parkrun:
Stephen Smyth 20:39PB

Carrickfergus parkrun:
Noel Bloomfield 23:31, Jennifer Maguire 32:32

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:10PB and third place overall

Our parkrun tourists this week were Elaine Kennedy at Craigavon 27:50 and Sarah Ross at Dunedin NZ 27:07PB.
Dunedin may be in “beautiful” New Zealand but Craigavon has a petting zoo and an artificial ski slope. So there.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:51, Hollie Brennan 16:351
And well done Hollie on getting your half marathon band!

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:17

And ADav was at the Valley, 20:58.

It was the Gig’n the Bann 5kin Portglenone on Thursday night and our own Prof Ladd was there, finishing in 18:16. Also, Suzanne Brennan in 25:24 and Zoe Neill 32:10PB.

On Friday night, Snapper Boyd was back at it again, this time at the GRC Coastal 5k in Carnlough/Glenarm. Our current ROTM finished in 29:33.

So this week’s tune is for Ian (and Fidelma). Tunes with questions? Loads of good ones – Who Are You? Is This Love? What’s Going on? Should I Stay or Should I Go? How Soon Is Now? Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? What’s New Pussycat? Are Friends Electric? Will You Love Me Tomorrow? How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?
The list is endless but this one is mainly how we felt last night. And it’s a proper tune from a proper band.
(We didn’t win)

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 8th September 2019

I thought you would have had no time for running this week, what with all the revision required for the big quiz on Saturday night. I know I’ve spent hours trying to work out how to hide my phone up my sleeve and still be able to access Google.

More late results off the vidiprinter this week as we now have the junior results from last week’s Laganside Junior 1 mile race:
Peter McCann 7:06, Oran McKee 7:17, Amie McDonald 9:13, Hollie Brennan 12:39.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Joe Mathers 19:17PB, Neil McCready 21:21, Sean Doherty 22:06PB (again!), Ben Davidson 24:15, Owen Fulton 26:16, Joanne Milne 29:45, Sharon Dunn 29:45, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 30:25, Yasmin Lynn 58:24

Waterworks parkrun:
Ken McAuley 21:11, Susan Thompson 24:22

Queens parkrun:
Stephen Smyth 28:40

Antrim parkrun:
David Esler 24:54, Angela Stevens 43:13

Carrick parkrun:
Noel Bloomfield 25:17, Maeve Kennedy 26:25PB, Jennifer Maguire 34:20

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:55, Peter Fleming 22:14PB, Ann Boyd 44:51

Our parkrun tourists this week were Elaine Kennedy at Falcarragh 28:42PB and Sarah Ross at Dunedin NZ 27:10PB.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:34, Leo McAuley 9:39, Eloise McAuley 10:14, Hollie Brennan 17:52

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Ben Halliday 12:24, Matthew Hawkins 12:40

And ADav was at the Valley, 20:59.

It was EAMS 100th marathon event yesterday and taking on the full distance were Neil Campbell 2:58:43 (second place overall), Laura Rose 3:54:49 (2nd female finisher) and Suzanne Brennan 4:12:30PB (3rd female finisher).

Also on Saturday was the Larne 10k. Representing the Harriers were:
Ramunas Stanevicius 39:52, Galina Stanevicius 1:00:03, Dermot ROTM Boyd 1:02:37 (and age category winner).

Taking on Sir Mo and his dodgy arm warmers over at the Great North Run today were 4 hardy Harriers: Paddy Brooks 1:51:32, Roisin Brooks 2:06:41, Anita Piatek 2:09:32, Ian Simpson 3:08:51.

Meanwhile, a number of Harriers took on the 10k na Ceathrún Gaeltachta to raise awareness of organ donation. No club names included with results.

My spies also tell me that Lee O’Boyle has won the Killyleagh Half Marathon in 1:17:39 but I will confirm this next week if possible.

So this week’s tune, in honour of the GNR, is from an underrated Newcastle band and is an absolute classic. Consider yourselves educated. You’re welcome.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 1st September 2019

September. Autumn, “The year’s last, loveliest smile” as William Cullen Bryant described it. The time of falling leaves, falling temperatures and pictures of uniformed kids in front of doors. The time when the hopes of Utd fans have already turned to next season…

One late result on the vidiprinter from last week as Jonathan Carter came 6th in the Armagh Half Marathon last Sunday in 1:41:44.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Sean Doherty 23:28PB, Ciaran Hawkins 24:01, Damian Cole 25:28, Laura Rose 26:51 (and 3rd female finisher), Paul “Ironman” Skillen 26:52, Owen Fulton 27:40, Maeve Kennedy 27:57, David Esler 28:09, Sharon Dunn 29:03, Anita Piatek 29:43, Laura Campbell 30:21, Yasmin Lynn 30:50, Frances Kane 31:34, Marie McFarlane 33:32, Joanne Milne 33:45, Fidelma McCoppin 33:59

Waterworks parkrun:
Jim Hewitt 26:21, Neil McCready 29:14, Hollie Brennan 45:23, Suzanne Brennan 46:58

Queens parkrun:
Stephen Smyth 28:27

Wallace parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 29:07

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 20:56, Peter Fleming 22:56, Tina Steele 30:09, Angela Stevens 44:00

Tourists this week include Stephen Weir back at Newcastle Upon Tyne, finishing in 30:15, Team Donaldson at Newark parkrun in Nottinghamshire, Danny 21:15 and Tiffany 38:58.. But the winner is Sarah Ross again who completed the Dunedin parkrun in New Zealand in 29:09.
Sarah also completed the Dunedin Half Marathon this week. Time unknown.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:54, Hollie “doing the double” Brennan 16:06

Portrush junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 8:50 and first place overall

And ADav was at the Valley, 27:07

The running began on Tuesday night with the Larne Interclub Race:
Male Race 5 miles:
Lee O‘Boyle 29:19, Alan Ladd 30:48, Neil Campbell 30:54, Joe Mathers 31:55, Stephen Gallagher 34:09, Jonathan Carter 34:12, Alan Erwin 35:02, Patrick Brooks 38:28, Brendan McElroy 39:04, Sean McQuade 39:47, Jonny Smith 39:55, Owen Fulton 42:50, Bernard McKeaveney 44:14, Neill McGlinchey 44:53
Female Race 4 miles:
Laura Rose 29:37, Karen McKee 32:10, Pamela McCafferty 32:58, Suzanne Brennan 33:57, Bernie McAllister 34:24, Anita Piatek 34:29 Leeanne Skillen 36:35, Angela Stevens 36:58, Roisin Brooks 37:32
I probably need Prof Ladd to confirm this but we believe the men’s team came 4th and the ladies team came 6th.

Friday night was the Ards 5-mile race. Bernard McKeaveney doubled for the week, finishing in 43:16. Victoria McCready finished in 56:34.

This morning David Esler took on the Waterside Half marathon, finishing in 2:08:30.

But the big event of the weekend was the North Belfast Harriers Laganside 10k:
Ramunas Stanevicius 38:39PB, Neil McCready 40:40, Paddy Brooks 46:03, Frances Murray 47:45, Suzanne Brennan 51:58, Galina Stanevicius 58:42, Dermot ROTM Boyd 1:01:41PB, Marga Regan 1:02:22, Angela Stevens 1:06:22

We were also more than ably represented by the juniors in the Laganside 1 mile race but results are not yet available. Probably too fast for the timers!

So, here’s one for the parents who have to get their kids out of bed tomorrow. Could be worse. You could be a teacher. Or a Utd fan.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 25th August 2019

Obviously, my remark last week about the weather had the intended result and the gods have finally remembered it actually August for a while yet. So, like wasps to my pint glass, you all headed to the roads for some racing. Before it rains again.

First of all, a couple of late results from last week as Micky McFarlane completed the latest EAMS Fatlad Series Half Marathon in 2:16:18 and Bernard McKeaveney completed the Hillsborough Half in 2:15:51

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Neil Campbell 19:53 (and 2nd place overall), Ciaran Hawkins 25:02, Bernie McAllister 26:18, Sharon Dunn 27:40, Maeve Kennedy 28:35, Joanne Milne 28:37, Nikki Fleck 30:01, Roisin Brooks 30:23, Philip Fleck 32:35, Amy O’Boyle 44:27, Karen “good mummy” O’Boyle 44:28

Waterworks parkrun, sponsored by the McAuleys:

Danny Donaldson 19:31, Jim Hewitt 24:36, Suzanne Brennan 31:42, Tiffany Donaldson 31:43

Victoria parkrun:

Stephen Smyth 20:25, Susan Thompson 25:36, Ken McAuley 25:39, Anita Piatek 26:25PB

Antrim parkrun:

Tina Steele 28:11

Castlewellan parkrun:

Ramunas Stanevicius 19:29PB, Zoe O’Prey 41:09

Carrickfergus parkrun:

Laura Rose 22:26 (and first female finisher), Noel Bloomfield 23:32PB, Owen Fulton 25:49, Jennifer Maguire 35:19

Stranmillis parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 29:42

Stormont parkrun:

Stephen Weir 34:27

Orangefield parkrun:

Ben Davidson 23:18

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Marie McFarlane 33:33

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Leo McAuley 9:40, Eloise McAuley 9:59, Joseph Eager 10:25

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Matthew Hawkins 11:24

And ADav was at Orangefield, finishing in 3rd place in 20:55.

The Rathlin Run took place on Saturday. The Harriers were represented in the 10 mile distance:

Michael Reid 1:27:49, Frances Kane 1:59:07

Sunday saw the latest Run Armagh event, with Jonathan Carter competing over the half marathon distance, finishing in 1:41:44 (and 6th overall)

But the event of the week for the club was the 5th Storming the Castle 10k in Carrick with a large Harrier turnout (large as in lots, not large as in big, obviously…):

Peter McGarry 35:06 (and 4th overall), Ramunas Stanevicius 39:37, Paddy Brooks 48:25, Pamela McCafferty 50:35PB, Scott Dowling 53:45, Owen Fulton 54:27, Alan Kerr 54:32, Maeve Dunseath 55:02, Claire McCann 56:01, Michael McFarlane 56:44, Bernard McKeaveney 58:22, Maeve Kennedy 58:40, Alan Erwin 58:42, Neill McGlinchey 1:01:37, Nikki Fleck 1:02:10, Stephen Weir 1:02:04, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 1:03:33, Galina Stanevicius 1:04:20, Suzanne Brennan 1:07:17, Karen O’Boyle 1:07:17PB, Dermot Boyd 1:07:42, Emily Dowling 1:08:30, Angela Stevens 1:16:34, Hannah Hope 1:16:49, Zoe O’Prey 1:27:51, Mairead O’Hare 1:32:27

And a big bow of respect to Head Coach Mr Skillen on completing his first Ironman 70.3 in Dun Laoighaire yesterday. Paul finished in 7:12:13. Well done Sir!

So enjoy what’s left of your Bank Holiday weekend folks. And get another run in.

Until next week, behave.


Harrier of the month – July 2019

As 24 in 24 came to a close, it left July to prep for the best road race in the land. While some Harriers were in full force with the organisation, others were sitting back and relaxing with a beer or ten in sunny holiday destinations.

Paul Skillen was nominated for his efforts and encouragement at training each and every week. This Sunday our Head Coach is taking on a half Ironman, good luck Paul and all the best!

Mairead O’Hare was mentioned as she is one of the club’s treasures. She is understated in her achievements and her ability. She has progressed so well this year and stopping her race to help a friend in Sea to Sky this month shows her true kind nature and Harrier spirit.

Lee O’Boyle was nominated for his amazing performance in the Denis Rankin Round.

We had one clear winner in July and this lady just bursts with Harrier spirit as no job is ever to big and nothing is ever a bother to her. The winner of Harrier of the month is Karen McKee.

Some of what people had to say about Karen include,

“Karen has organised an incredible goodie bag for the club race as well as putting a lot of work into funding applications to help our juniors and coaches”.

“I’m voting for Karen because of her selfless, endless work for the Club Race and the goodie bags in particular and also her work towards the recent receipt of sponsorship from Lidl.”

“Karen really does so much behind the scenes. Working hard on funding, negotiating with Decathlon for 24 in 24, the goody bag for the road race speaks for itself. Karen you are a star”.

“Her support for the couch to 5k. For her work behind the scenes to make sure we have the best race swag bag ever!”

Karen is a very worthy winner of the Harrier of the Month.

“In recent months Karen’s contribution to Mallusk Harriers has gone way above and beyond what we expect from members. However Karen’s contribution to the club has been even more exceptional given what she has done despite suffering a horrendous couple of months on a personal level. Karen was one of our super 24 in 24 team. She did brilliantly, but was personally very disappointed that she was not able to finish all 24. A few days later while on holiday she received the devastating news that her daddy has passed away. Karen did not allow this to stop her helping with club matters. She got on with helping with a minimum amount of fuss and sought nothing in return”.

“The club has being looking to purchase a podium for a number of years. To date the costs associated in such a purchase have proved prohibitive. Karen volunteered and organised to have the podium made. Karen and her brother Gary purchased all the materials and together they designed and made the podium. Both donated their time and efforts and have refused to take any payment for the podium donating it to us in memory of their dad Frankie. For the club to finally have our own podium and no longer need to borrow from others is fantastic. The podium is a fitting tribute to Karen and Gary’s dad – Frankie Matthews and it received its first outing at our Five Mile Race in early August”.

“Karen has devoted a lot of time and effort into researching and applying for grants on behalf of the members of the club. This has allowed the club to purchase a lot of new equipment including new flags and signage that otherwise we would not be able to afford. Karen continues to work on other grant applications that will benefit us all as members. The club hopes to reveal more details in the months ahead”.

“Karen was solely responsible for organising the fantastic goody bags that were given to all our participants at our recent 5 mile race. We have created a monster in a way with how good the bags have been over the years. But this year bags were without doubt the best yet. We got amazing feedback from all our competitors in relation to them. At many races you are lucky if you get a buff. Our bags had a buff, the bag itself, a box (not a sample) of cereal, protein milk, Capri Sun, Chocolate Bars, Pens, Pencils, Stress Balls, Key rings, first aid kits and lots more. The value of the bag and it’s items more the race entry. The time and effort put in by Karen was simply amazing and greatly appreciated”.

“Karen is an amazing asset for the club. She volunteers at all our events. She is normally one of the first hands up to help. She assists with enthusiasm and vigour and seeks nothing in return. She is a complete credit to her family and this club”.

Congratulations Karen you the true meaning of Harrier Spirit

Runner of the month – July 2019

After some heroic performances in June many harriers covered a lot of miles in July as well. Admittedly for most, this came in the form of air miles with the destination being a sunny clime with a beach and a cocktail at the end of it. However, there were a few hardy harriers who kept plugging away at training and races that shone through our abject summer weather.

Two harriers that carried on where they left off in June were Lee O’Boyle and Micky McAuley. They were jointly nominated for completing the Denis Rankin round:

“Both these guys are an inspiration and true gents. Despite their gruelling training schedules they always have time to talk and encourage other members over every distance.”

Angela Stevens was nominated for her unwavering pursuit of racing the entire pure running series as well as our own club championship. She’s been simply described this month as “Knocking out half marathons in style”!

The runner up this month is Anita Piatek whose dedication to training paid off with a fantastic 5k personal best

“Anita has gone from strength to strength. Her hard work and determination has seen her get pb after pb.”

“Constantly improving, Anita has been consistent at training and ran a fantastic 5k PB at Derrytresk”

This month’s winner has been in great form too. He notched up a brilliant age category win at the Sea 2 Sky 5k and we finally managed to get him on the other side of the camera for once.

“Dermot has had a great month with a number of PBs and age category prizes at races.”

“Dermot has shown great determination coming back from injury. He ran a personal best 5 mile and had an age category win at Sea 2 Sky and in adverse weather conditions too.”

“His performance at recent events, seems he gets a PB every time and it’s because of his hard work and dedication!”

Congratulations and well deserved; July’s runner of the month is Dermot Boyd!

Club Report – Sunday 18th August 2019

Yes, it’s freezing, windy and the nights are getting darker. It must be August in Mallusk. And as thoughts turn to Christmas, you’ve all been getting in some racing before the first snow hits.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:41, Neil Campbell 21:27, Alan Erwin 27:08, Neill McGlinchey 28:38, Nikki Fleck 29:26, Joanne Milne 29:51, Matthew Hawkins 31:35, Ciaran Hawkins 31:39, Fidelma McCoppin 35:01, Alastair Houldsworth 42:11, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 54:24

Waterworks parkrun, sponsored by the McAuleys:
Ken McAuley 22:47, Leo McAuley 26:41PB, Micky McAuley 27:00, Susan Thompson 28:08, Jim Hewitt 28:12

Victoria parkrun:
Neil McCready 20:34

Antrim parkrun:
Lee O’Boyle 17:26PB and first place overall. Not bad for a mountain running specialist!

Carrickfergus parkrun:
Laura Rose 22:31 (and first female finisher), Noel Bloomfield 24:01, Jennifer Maguire 35:35

Stranmillis parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 29:47

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 19:38PB, Tina Steele 29:03PB

As for the tourists, Big O headed to the home of music and footy, completing the Stretford parkrun in Manchester in 26:30. But this week’s winners are our King & Queen of Different. Danny and Tiffany Donaldson headed to Shepherd’s Bush, West London to take on the Wormwood Scrubs parkrun, finishing in 37:45 and 37:46 respectively. I first thought the parkrun was actually in the prison but, sadly, it isn’t, it’s just nearby. Previous inmates of Wormwood Scrubs have included Pete Doherty, Keith Richards, Leslie Grantham and Charles Bronson. #freethemallusktwo

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 9:42, Eloise McAuley 10:27

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:24

And ADav was at the Valley, finishing in 21:55.

The running started on Wednesday night with Anita Piatek running a PB time of 42:16 at the Coleraine 5 mile race.
Friday night saw the latest Connswater 5 mile event:
Ramunas Stanevicius 30:27, Stephen Smyth 34:36, Aidy Hughes 40:35, Galina Stanevicius 47:34

But the big event on Friday was the Atlas Running 5k Prosecco Run, an event that combines two favourite things for quite a few Harriers:
Alastair Houldsworth 20:14 (and first place), Laura Rose 22:06, Karen McKee 23:26 (a female one two finish), Pamela McCafferty 25:35, Maeve Dunseath 25:59, Yasmin Lynn 26:38, Hannah Hope 29:42, Joanne Milne 30:24, Suzanne Brennan 30:25, Sharon Dunn 30:25, Anita Piatek 31:41, Roisin Brooks 32:05, Claire McCann 32:07, Laura HOTM Campbell 32:48, Janine Nevison 32:48, Leeanne HOTM Skillen 32:51, Natasha McGarry 33:04, Lisa Kerr 33:07, Karen O’Boyle 34:08, Leah Burns 34:09, Fidelma McCoppin 43:38, Lorraine Forsythe 50:29, Sarah McCafferty 51:08, Victoria Thompson 51:09, Louise Ladd 51:09

The Dambusters series of races took place yesterday with Harriers competing in the Half Marathon distance:
Prof Alan Ladd 1:30:34, Jonny Smith 1:58:51, Suzanne Brennan 2:06:50, Angela Stevens 2:17:12

Then this morning saw the new Hillsborough Castle Running Festival with races over various distances:
Aidy Hughes 25:48, Dermot Boyd 31:52
Victoria McCready 1:16:44
Half Marathon:
Ken McAuley 1:47:42, Susan Thompson 1:56:30, Anton Piatek 2:05:36PB, Galina Stanevicius 2:13:04, Bernard McKeaveney 2:15:51

Also today, the EAMS Knockathon took pace, with Mairead O’Hare completing 21 miles in total on a very tough course.

Couldn’t get any decent tunes about Prosecco specifically, but this classic is close enough. So let’s raise a glass (or two) to Alastair and the ladies. And remember, it’s not a hangover; it’s wine flu.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 11th August 2019

The obvious highlight of the week (or any week) was a certain race over a PB course somewhere in darkest Mallusk. But more of that later.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley “Blues Brothers” parkrun:
Alastair “Elwood” Houldsworth 22:35 (and 2nd place overall), Ken “orange whip” McAuley 20:46, Paddy “Jake” Brooks 23:53, Noel “Duck” Bloomfield 25:11, Susan “Sister Mary Stigmata” Thompson 25:43, Bernie “Bones” McAllister 26:06PB, Maeve “Guitar” Dunseath 26:27, Owen “country AND western” Fulton 27:11, Neill “I’ve seen the light” McGlinchey 29:02, Nikki “Curtis” Fleck 30:21, Jasper Brooks 30:54, Anita Piatek 31:29, Joanne Milne 31:33, Rory Brooks 32:19, Roisin Brooks 32:21, Karen O’Boyle 33:45, Yasmin Lynn 38:47, Terry McIvor 38:49, Eamonn Donaghy 39:03, Sophie Davidson 40:21, Lorraine Forsythe 55:49, Jennifer Maguire 58:21
And big congratulations to Valley parkrun on their 5th anniversary event.

Waterworks parkrun:
Danny Donaldson 20:28, Stephen Semple 23:17, Lord Ian Brennan 24:13, Maeve Kennedy 27:41, Claire McCann 30:02, Stephen Smyth 30:11, Tiffany Donaldson 34:25

Victoria parkrun:
Stephen Weir 28:13PB

Antrim parkrun:
David Esler 26:13PB, Gemma Fowler 27:02, Tina Steele 27:53, Clare Teer 29:07

Stranmillis parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 45:11

As for the tourists, family McCready headed to Kilrush in County Clare for the poshly named Vandeleur parkrun. Neil came in second overall in 19:42 with Ryan finishing 28:10. The parkrun is actually named after a prominent land-owning family in the region and is Dutch in origin. Obviously.
But this week’s winner can only be Sarah Ross. She completed her first parkrun at Dunedin in 27:53. Dunedin is on the South Island of New Zealand and its name comes from Dun Eideann, the Scottish Gaelic name for Edinburgh. Jim Robinson from Neighbours is from Dunedin. How good is that!

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 11:03, Eloise McAuley 12:50

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:23

Portrush junior parkrun:
Ben Halliday 14:57

And ADav (The Reverend Cleophus James) was at the Valley, finishing in 23:50.

There was other racing happening this week. On Wednesday, Angela Stevens, Dermot Boyd and Zoe O’Prey represented the club in the Crawfordsburn 5k Trail Race, Angela finishing in 31:34, Dermot in 33:26 and Zoe in 46:55.

But the main event was Friday night with the latest instalment of our own club race. Almost 350 hardy souls braved the wet and the elevation to qualify for the amazing post-race hospitality.
Mark McKinstry won the men’s race and Shalene McMurray won the ladies race. Wearing the blue and yellow on the night were Peter McGarry 28:23 (and 5th place), Ramunas Stanevicius 32:32, Alastair Houldsworth 34:42, Aidan Hamill 39:18, Galina Stanevicius 50:15, Marie McFarlane 52:39, Marga Regan 52:57.

Its been said before but is still worth repeating. A big thank you to all those volunteers who helped, both on the night and in the run up. The reputation and popularity of the race is all down to your efforts. Put those drinks down for once and pat yourselves on the back. Then carry on.

I’m having to ration decent songs about hills and there are none about pizza. I’ve looked.
So, this week’s tune is for the Valley parkrun team, our hill loving (blues) brothers from another mother.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 4th August 2019

Well, the annual two weeks of overindulging, a diet consisting mainly of beer, pizza, wine, ice cream and beer again, has not really helped my elite training regime. Then again, I did do a couple of short slow runs when I was away. (Well, obviously just for the first week). I think that more than balances out any additional calorie intake. (Possibly not the official view of the club coaches).
My thanks to work experience boy and the lovely Debbie Magee for their adequate work in my absence.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Alastair Houldsworth 20:40, Neil Campbell 21:47, Stephen ROTM Gallagher 21:49PB, Paul Skillen 24:38, Noel Bloomfield 24:58, Laura Rose 26:26, Aidy Hughes 26:29, Owen Fulton 26:31, Joe Mathers 26:33, Neill McGlinchey 28:24, Ciaran Hawkins 29:53, Laura HOTM Campbell 30:41, Karen O’Boyle 31:18, Galina Stanevicius 31:19, Joanne Milne 32:01, Oran McKee 33:02, Karen McKee 33:03, Leanne HOTM Skillen 36:47, Fidelma McCoppin 38:42, Jennifer Maguire 57:47

Waterworks parkrun:
Ken McAuley 20:53, Nikki Fleck 30:07, Marie McFarlane 32:30, Tiffany Donaldson 34:00, Danny Donaldson 34:00

Stranmillis parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 30:16

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Tom Fleming 20:22, Peter Fleming 22:37PB, Tina Steele 29:08PB

Still some parkrun tourism going on. Stephen Weir was back at Newcastle Upon Tyne again, finishing in 29:40. I have run out of Newcastle jokes so Stephen will never win the tourism award. Sorry Stephen. This week’s joint winners are Stephen Semple and Maeve Kennedy who headed to the home of parkrun, Bushy Park, for it’s 800th event. Both finished in 27:08 (awwhhh!). Just the 1,459 runners in this one. Wonder how many barcodes they got back!!

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Eloise McAuley 10:30, Leo McAuley 15:40

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:23

Portrush junior parkrun:
Ben Halliday 14:57

And ADav was at the Valley, finishing in 23:23.

In other racing, several Harriers were at Dervock for the Kennedy Kane McArthur Dark Hedges Half Marathon:
Prof Alan Ladd 1:32:00, Alan Erwin 1:46:55, Stephen Smyth 1:49:29, Roisin Brooks 2:10:12, David Esler 2:11:30, Angela Stevens 2:22:49

Jonathan Carter was at the Mount Stewart Trail Half Marathon, finishing in 1:46:56.
Dermot Boyd managed a 5k PB at Carlingford, finishing in 29:27.
Kevin Donnelly completed the Sperrin Harriers Stanley Reid Memorial 5 miles in 32:07.

So, this week’s tune is for ADav who this week posted one of the greatest Facebook posts of all time. A classic from Pearl Jam and, yes, they do sing that song from Frozen in the middle of it. What more could you ask for or deserve…..

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 28th July 2019

Do you hear that sound? It’s the bottom of the barrel being scraped as both Cav and Work Experience Boy are both off enjoying their holidays, and so it’s left to yours truly to report on last week’s running. So down to business, beginning with a round-up of all your parkrunning.

Waterworks parkrun
Ken McAuley 21:36, Susan Thompson 24:44, Jim Hewitt 25:52, Maeve Kennedy 26:50, Michael McFarlane 27:53, Marie McFarlane 31:15

Victoria parkrun
Stephen Weir 29:21

Queen’s parkrun
Stephen Smyth 21:28

Portrush parkrun
Laura Rose 22:48, Noel Bloomfield 24:22, Rhys Kerr 28:12, Nikki Fleck 29:26, Claire McCann 31:04, Ben Halliday 37:12, Lucy Fleck 51:24, Aimee Fleck 51:36, Philip Fleck 51:40, Jennifer Maguire 1:04:56

Antrim parkrun
Patrick Hughes 25:58, David Esler 26:40, Galina Stanevicius 28:15, Aaron Ladd 33:42, Alan Ladd 33:43, Angela Stevens 42:33

Valley parkrun
Neil Campbell 19:28 (third finisher), Owen Fulton 27:08, Clare Teer 30:09, Gemma Fowler 30:19, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 30:35, Lorraine Forsythe 1:03:06

Stormont parkrun
Ben Davidson 23:29, Sharon Dunn 24:40, Alex Davidson 24:41, Joanne Milne 29:08

Stranmillis College parkrun
Elaine Kennedy 30:44

Sixmilewater parkrun
Alastair Houldsworth 20:33, Kerry McDowell 29:53, Dermot Boyd 30:58, Tina Steele 38:46, Anne Boyd 42:40

Jordanstown junior parkrun
Matthew Hawkins 11:42, and third finisher.

Waterworks junior parkrun
Joseph Eager 10:20, Leo McAuley 10:39, Eloise McAuley 10:39

On Friday evening, Angela Stevens took on the Giant’s Trail race, a 6 mile scenic race hosted by Dub Runners, finishing in 1:07:22

Then on Saturday, there were a couple of races featuring Harriers, including the Crossgar 10k, where Paddy Brooks finished in 47:59, the Derrytresk 5k, where Aidy Hughes finished in 24:09 and Anita Piatek in 25:57. Also on Saturday, in Donegal was the Seven Sisters Sky Challenge event, which included more than 2,100m of climbing over a distance of 26km. The club was ably represented in that race by Mark Smith who completed the race in 5:29:15.

It was definitely a weekend of mountain running, as Lee O’Boyle and Micky McAuley both completed the Denis Rankin round in the Mourne mountains in 21 hours and 44 minutes. This is an incredibly challenging circuit of all the peaks over 400 metres, and one which both Harriers have overcome with an outstanding demonstration of strength and courage. Lee will join Micky on the very select list of those to have completed the challenge, Micky now having completed it twice. Amazing stuff from both guys.

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