Club Report – Sunday 6th October 2019

Bit tired today. I was up late watching Scullion in the marathon last night and was busy being very impressed by Calum Hawkins. And hadn’t really recovered from Mageean’s PB earlier. All great stuff. It would almost inspire you to stick the trainers on and get out there. Almost.

Late result off the vidiprinter, the Divis 10k from last Sunday:
Jonathan Carter 47:58, Maeve Kennedy 1:02:08

Taking on the 15th anniversary parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:23 (PB and 2nd place overall), Tom Fleming 20:02, Alastair Houldsworth 21:16, Ben Davidson 23:25, Patrick Hughes 24:56, Owen Fulton 25:25, Sharon Dunn 28:27, Neill McGlinchey 30:00, Marie McFarlane 32:47, Fidelma McCoppin 32:52, Karen O’Boyle 34:09, Sophie Davidson 36:38, Joanne Milne 36:45, Jay Scott 56:43

Waterworks parkrun:
Neil McCready 20:16, Ken McAuley 21:51, Matt Allen 23:38, Anton Piatek 24:23PB, Jim Hewitt 25:49, Lord Ian Brennan 26:06, Susan Thompson 28:56, Tiffany Donaldson 33:34, Danny Donaldson 33:35, Angela Stevens 44:16

And big congrats to Neil on his 100th parkrun!



Victoria parkrun:
Joseph Eager 25:28, Maeve Kennedy 25:49

Antrim parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 29:56, Tina Steele 30:01

Carrickfergus parkrun:
Noel Bloomfield 24:31, Riley Kerr 31:36, Andrew Kerr 31:36, Jennifer Maguire 33:30

This week’s tourists were Stephen Weir back at Newcastle upon Tyne, finishing in a new PB of 28:16 and Sarah Ross back at Dunedin finishing in yet another PB time of 26:13.

And ADav was at the Valley, 21:32.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley “doing the double” Kerr 11:57, Matthew Hawkins 13:06, Rhys Kerr 15:47




Our international correspondent has sent in a report stating that Dermot Boyd is at it again.

Dermot completed the 10k event in Bodrum, Turkey in 1:06:31. Anne ran the much more sensible 5k distance in 46:51.













Main event of the week was the Orangegrove NI & Ulster Relays at Victoria Park.
The Harriers had both male and female teams in both the senior and masters races, although our elite talent was reserved for the junior races. Our primary school squad were so fast they could not be timed.

The Men’s Senior team finished in 24th place in 48:48.
Ladies Senior team finished in 28th place in 49:36
Men’s Masters team finished in 35th place in 52:55
Ladies Masters team 1 finished in 38th place in 50:41
Ladies Masters team 2 finished in 41st place in 51:00

















































































































































































There were at least 4 Harriers taking part in the Dune Half Marathon today but results are not available at the time of writing. It’s a cross border event so it’s probably Boris’ fault.

There may have been Harriers at the Craigavon ¾ Marathon event too but there are no results available there yet either. Probably not Boris’ fault; it’s just Craigavon. The results are probably still circling a roundabout somewhere.

So, this week’s song is for those who represented the club at the relays. I could have used the Van Morrison song, Orangefield. But this is better. And is still orange.

Until next week, behave.

Club Report – Sunday 29th September 2019

A busy week for the Harriers this week, on the road, over the hills, internationally. Plenty of running. And Utd haven’t even got beaten this weekend. Yet.
Not mentioning rugby any more.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Patrick Hughes 24:51, Own Fulton 25:59, Alan Erwin 27:35, Sharon Dunn 29:06, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 30:48, Frances Kane 31:58

Waterworks parkrun:
Matt Allen 24:29, Susan Thompson 24:56, Maeve Kennedy 26:11, Joseph Eager 26:50, Claire McCann 27:45, Angela HOTM Stevens 29:21, Danny Donaldson 38:26, Tiffany Donaldson 38:28
And a big congratulations to our King & Queen of Different as they both hit 200 parkruns at the same time. Young love, eh!?!

Queens parkrun:
Stephen Smyth 23:06

Antrim parkrun:
David Esler 25:48, Marie McFarlane 31:42, Fidelma McCoppin 32:02, Elaine Kennedy 50:13

Sixmilewater parkrun:
Peter Fleming 21:52PB

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Eloise McAuley 10:18,

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 11:38, Matthew Hawkins 11:43, Rhys Kerr 13:53

Saturday saw the 10th anniversary of the Causeway Coast Marathon event with races over several distances on this flat and fast course. Not.
Taking on the ultra distance was Neil Campbell. Neil ran (and no doubt talked) his way over the 40 mile course in 6:13:50, finishing in an impressive 8th place.
Taking on the half marathon distance:
Jonny Smith 2:12:08, Karen McKee 2:29:56, Suzanne Brennan 2:38:55, Alan Kerr 2:46:38, Laura Campbell 3:11:09, Leeanne Skillen 3:11:09, Neill McGlinchey 3:11:25














Other Harriers were at the Annaghmore Running Festival.
Working on their marathon prep in the 18 miler distance were Joe Mathers 2:04:30, Stephen Gallagher 2:16:20, Patricia Curistan 2:34:42 and Ken McAuley 2:34:42.
Taking on the half marathon were ADav 1:37:48 and Joanne Milne 2:12:46.














Harriers were at the aptly named Bangor 10k yesterday, in Bangor!
Ramunas Stanevicius 39:22, Paddy Brooks 48:36, Dermot Boyd 1:03:24













Aidy Hughes tried to outfox me by finding another 5k to run in deepest Tyrone. He completed the Brocagh 5k School Run in 26:18. Duckingstool Point is nearby and they used to dunk suspected witches there. I think they’ve stopped the practice now. But I’m honestly not sure.

Then today it was the Albertville 5k. Yasmin Lynn continued recent good form with another 5k PB in 24:25. Lord Ian Brennan continued his tune up for the upcoming XC season finishing in 24:27.












Angela HOTM Stevens completed the Monaghan Half Marathon in 2:10:51.











Andy McNevison completed this year’s FEARmanagh (trail running, cycling and kayaking) in 4:32:33.
















Divis 10k results are not available at the time of writing so will have to come through on the vidiprinter next week.

On the international front, our very own Lee O’Boyle was in Berlin, taking on his first major of the year. Lee finished in an amazing 2:42:16. Swift!














Folks, just another reminder to note any non-parkrun results in Team App if you want a mention in the report. Trying to match posted photos to results lists can be hit and miss and you may be excluded. Also, please always include your club name (correctly spelled!) wherever possible when entering events. Cheers.

So, this week’s song is for our Berlin hero. Yes, I could have used that Bowie song. I could have used Iggy Pop. I know Lee would personally have loved “Take My Breath Away” from Top Gun, sung by Berlin. But I’ve chosen the best song that U2 ever wrote about Berlin Zoologischer Garten train station.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 22nd September 2019

On Sunday, it was raining outside, Utd took another tanking on live tv, people kept talking about something called rugby. Not my favourite day to be honest. But I put my family sized trifle down long enough to read the Half Marathon results achieved by the Harriers and that cheered me up. A bit. More of that later.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Yasmin Lynn 26:37PB, Neil Campbell 26:53, Brendan McGeown 26:54, Angela Stevens 28:07PB, Suzanne Brennan 29:22, Joanne Milne 29:37, Stephen Weir 31:23, Karen O’Boyle 34:23

Waterworks parkrun:
Neil “ice cream with a flake in it” McCready 23:31, Susan Thompson 25:07, Maeve Kennedy 25:37, Joseph Eager 26:33

Queens parkrun:

Stephen Smyth 28:19

Antrim parkrun:
Tina Steele 29:19

Orangefield parkrun:
Ben Davidson 23:34

Stranmillis parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 44:05

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:57, Eloise McAuley 10:50, Leo McAuley 14:24

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 11:34, Riley Kerr 12:10, Rhys Kerr 14:49

And ADav was at Orangefield, 20:41 (and second place overall)

No racing during the week this week for anyone as you all prepped for the Belfast Half. Such dedication!

Belfast Half Marathon Results:
Peter McGarry 1:13:40 (and 11th place overall), Prof Alan Ladd 1:23:40, Ramunas Stanevicius 1:26:29PB, Stephen Gallagher 1:29:16, Alan Erwin 1:30:55PB, Neil McCready 1:33:22, Stephen Smyth 1:35:54, Ken McAuley 1:38:52, Patricia Curistan 1:40:35, ADav 1:39:43, Andrew Kerr 1:42:34, Brendan McElroy 1:45:34, Paddy Brooks 1:48:48, Paul Skillen 1:50:47, Pamela McCafferty 1:52:40, Sean McQuade 1:54:36, Lord Ian “bokey” Brennan 1:57:53, Anton Piatek 1:59:02, Darren Taggart 1:59:13, Owen Fulton 2:02:05, Angela Stevens 2:03:19PB, Bernard McKeaveney 2:03:30, David Esler 2:05:10, Joanne Milne 2:09:45, Gemma Fowler 2:09:35, Roisin Brooks 2:11:24, Clare Teer 2:11:57, Lisa Kerr 2:13:56, Michael McFarlane 2:16:35, Galina Stanevicius 2:14:34, Neill McGlinchey 2:22:01, Leeanne Skillen 2:22:17, Anita Piatek 2:21:26, Stephen Weir 2:29:42
Well done everyone.
And a big thank you to the volunteers and non-running club members who took a soaking to add their support.

So, this week’s tune is for everyone who ran the Belfast Half, for those who supported and those who organised the Shebeen. Half a World Away was too obvious.
It has to be Half Man Half Biscuit. Not only do they use the word half twice in their name, they also gave us the only song I know of that is dedicated to Lurgan’s most famous snooker referee (The Len Ganley Stance). Honestly.

Until next week, behave.