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Q1. When and why did you first take up running?

When I retired in March 2016 my daughter Catherine told me “Right pops no laying around you need to keep active” and she entered Anne and me into the Newtownabbey C25k. I thought at the time it was mad to go out running and sometimes still do……..

Q2. What running-related achievement are you most proud of and why?

Has to be the Born 2 Run Run Forest Run trail series. They are all quite challenging (hills) but I love going through the forests with all the different scenery, leaves, mucky tracks (and hills). It always gives me a great feeling of achievement at the finish.

Q.3 What is your favourite race and why?

Bodrum 10k in Turkey last year, 22c and sunny at 8am start, lovely coastal route and a big crowd of spectators. Also had a weeks holiday thrown in, what’s not to like?

Q4. After we get through these uncertain times, what is your next big running goal?

When we start to come out of the lockdown, as a Type 1 diabetic I will have to be extra careful as the virus is still going to be around. Looking to the future my goal is to get back to races whenever it is safe for me to do so.

Q5. What is your favourite workout and why?

As I suffer from back pain I just undertake training that I’m comfortable with ie. solo runs and Parkrun and just go at the pace that suits me.

Q6. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you while running?

I was later than usual getting to the start of a race and arrived as the organisers were calling out the final race instructions. I fell in at the back of around 300 runners and was checking my watch when I noticed everyone was turning around and realised instead of being at the back I was at the head of the pack on the start line. Needless to say when the starters horn blew I soon moved back a couple of hundred places!!

Q7. When and why did you join Mallusk Harriers?

After graduating at C25k in June 2016 I thought the best thing to do if I wanted to make progress in my running was to join a club. Having been impressed with our training coach and friends that were made in the process, it was decided to join the organising club. (I think the main reason I joined was because after working in my father’s firm Mallusk Quarries for so long I liked the name of the club – Mallusk Harriers.)

Q8. What have you learned most about yourself since you started running?

I’ve always been very determined and competitive. In years past I took part in motorsport events, which yes need skills but the power and set up of the car features quite a lot in your overall performance. In running I’ve found that it’s mostly down to myself to produce results. For me to be able to run 10k in 62mins has taught me that most things are possible if you try hard, dig deep and put your mind to it.

Q9. Outside of running, what is your favourite activity or hobby?

Driving, being a dog daddy and of course photography.

Q10. Name one club member that inspires you and why?

One person springs to mind: Mairead O’Hare who is kind, supportive and puts everything into her running and never gives up.

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