This year more than ever, at Mallusk Harriers we want to make a difference and help those around us negotiate through these difficult times. One thing is for sure, COVID-19 has impacted on us all. Some in more ways that others but there is no doubt that this pandemic will leave many people vulnerable to mental health problems and suicidal behaviour. These are extraordinary times and it is so important not only that we do everything we can for our own mental health and wellbeing but we do as much as we can to help those who are vulnerable in our society.


Now more than ever charities need our help, Charities such as Lighthouse,  a local charity delivering a beacon of hope for people affected by suicide and self-harm. As our charity partner for this year, we want to support the positive work that they do across our community and try to raise funds to help to be able to deliver their services where they are so desperately needed.


That’s why we have created this inspirational event that gives us all something positive to focus on for the remainder of this devastating year. We want you to move with us from the dark miserable days of 2020 into the brighter days of 2021, most of us want to put 2020 safely behind us and move towards better times. We want to try and raise as much fund as possible for Lighthouse, can you help?




The event is simple and anyone can take part. All you have to do is register through our just giving page at…/mallusk-harriers-lighthouse with a donation of £10 (of course you can donate more if you are able ) You can then pledge a distance that you will run, walk, hop, skip or jump during the month of December. You can even purchase a cool event T-shirt at with the proceeds also going to Lighthouse. It is entirely up to you how you cover the distance, but the main part is that you get active. You can sign up as many of your family members and friends as you can and spread your support to those around you who need it.


Stay safe everyone, have fun along the path and keep smiling, moving forward. Brighter days are ahead.


#runinto21 #IRunForMyHeadAndYourHead #RunForLighthouse #RunForMentalHealth



You can register here:…/mallusk-harriers-lighthouse