Our club training sessions are deliberately structured to support individual training plans and improvement.

These sessions represent typically what is happening within the racing calendar and structured accordingly.



Club Training for seniors and juniors will be typically as follows, although there might be changes to these occasionally. All members are given a weekly updated on what each week’s schedule with any changes are notifications that are relevant to each particular week.

All members must book into Club Training Sessions through the events page in the Club App.


Monday Evening – Coach led Strength and Conditioning Class

Tuesday Evening – Coach Led Juniors Training Session

Tuesday Evening – Coach Led Seniors Training Sessions

Thursday Evening – Coach Led Road Session (multiple distances)

Sunday Morning - Seniors Long Run Session



* Training sessions are subject to change at short due to issues such as COVID-19, below details are typical training schedule.


Training sessions and locations

Sunday Rundays….


Many of the “long runs” use either the Academy Hub or Belfast Playing Fields as a meeting point for the Sunday run. Groups can be heading out on the roads or make use of the excellent trail runs around Cavehill and Divis Mountain.

These runs usually leave between 9:00am and 10:00am. Please verify times beforehand. These long runs are usually coordinated to support training plans for both half marathon and marathon distances.

Supplementary Training


The club will often host specific supplementary training classes throughout the year such as strength and conditioning, injury prevention, running drills and yoga.


These classes are organised on a regular basis or seasonal and are communicated to the members ahead of time via the club’s Team App(see communication section).

Training Plans


The coaching team will align be aligned to members who would like one on one coaching and support, this includes plans and support, particularly if you are training for a specific even or goal.

If you have any queries regarding training please contact our head coach.

Safety While Training

During training all members are expected to behave responsibly during training. These are included within The Code of Conduct. If a member fails to act responsibly, they will be asked to leave the sessions. In addition, members are required to follow training etiquette. Participants must follow the Club’s Code of Conduct.

Mallusk Harriers is committed to a safe environment for all athletes, coaches, officials and volunteers. We promote high standards of health, safety and welfare across the club, ensuring compliance with the relevant statutory requirements, and follow guidelines by Athletics NI

Risk assessments for training sessions are completed by the session coach, as a club member it is your duty is to take reasonable care of your own health and safety and any others who may be affected by what you do or don’t do. Cooperate fully with the club on health and safety issues at all times.

Listen carefully to instructions from your coach during each session and do only what you are instructed to do. Use equipment provided by the club correctly and as instructed by the coaching team. Make sure your emergency contact and medical information is always up to date.


Wear appropriate High Visibility clothing during Winter Training sessions, particularity during road training sessions.