The club officially started in 2010 but it wasn’t until late 2013 the club had a sudden but welcome influx of members. After our Spring Couch to 5K programmes in 2015 and 2016 our numbers have increased significantly again and we currently have over 180 members throughout our Senior and Junior section.

Did you know athletes such as Steve Ovett, Paula Radcliffe, Roger Hackney and Catherina McKeirnan have all won International Cross Country races in Mallusk!

Club committee

Chairman – Alan Kerr
Vice Chair  – Clare Teer
Head Coach – Catherine Boyd
Secretary – Lee-Anne Skillen
Membership – Laura Campbell
Treasurer – Tina Steele
Welfare – Sarah Dinsmore/Gillian Bainbridge
Media and PR – Alex Davidson
Clubmark – Margaret Craig
Junior Development – Neil McCready
Social Secretary – Ian Simpson

Club Captains – Neil Campbell and Nuala Muldoon

Club Vice Captains – Danny Donaldson and Elaine Kennedy