Applicants who submit an application to join the Mallusk Harriers are asked to adhere to the club code of conduct and provide consent with regard GDPR regulations. 

The submission of an application to join or renew a membership with Mallusk Harriers, provides the Club with confirmation that applicants have read and given consent to the following which are detailed on the application form.  Applicants who do not provide consent will be unable to complete the application process. 


I agree that I have read and will uphold the Constitution, Code of Conduct and clubs policies and procedures.

I will support all club officials and coaches at all times with respect, loyalty, effort and enthusiasm.

I will help and encourage all fellow athletes and ensure that everyone is afforded the opportunity to enjoy their sport in a safe and friendly environment.

I will protect club property and equipment.

I will conduct myself in a courteous sporting manner, either when representing the club at races or wearing club merchandise at any time, and will not do or say anything that could bring the club into disrepute.

* CONSENT: Publicity Statement

I give permission for myself / son / daughter / child I am legal guardian to, to be photographed or video recorded by/or on behalf of the Club for legitimate reasons relating the the club and the sport. I accept that my photograph, name and race times can be published on the club social media platforms and on the club website, including club promotional material, and that when participating in any sporting event my results, name an photograph may be published on the organisers site.

* CONSENT: Communication

I consent to Mallusk Harriers contacting me using any of the contact details I have provided on this application form for legitimate reasons relating to the club and sport.

* CONSENT: Data Sharing

I consent to Mallusk Harriers sharing my data with Athletics Northern Ireland for the purpose of registration and understand that ANI may contact me in the future. 

I accept that my data will be retained by the online membership portal membermojo for the purposes of my club membership. 

I consent to Mallusk Harriers sharing my data with third parties for legitimate reasons relating to the club and sport. 

I consent to the information I have supplied on this form being shared with the Mallusk Harriers coaching staff for legitimate reasons relating my health and wellbeing as a member of the club and participation in the sport.

I accept that my data will be available to the club committee at times for legitimate reasons relating to the club and sport.

I accept that my data may be held on personal devices by club members and officers for legitimate reasons relating to the club and sport.

* Membership Fees

I accept that I will pay an annual subscription fee at the commencement of the club year (April 1st). 

I accept that membership fees will be agreed at the Annual General Meeting each February.

I accept that fees must be paid before I can use my Athletics Northern Ireland registration number.

I accept that if I choose to leave the club during the membership year, no monies that I have paid to the club will be returned.

Please find below the Club Constitution:-