First of all, thank you as ever for giving up your time to the club and its members.

Here are all the resources you need as a Mallusk Harriers coach. If you have any questions at all, please reach out to the head coach for assistance.


Please read the following public policy documents before taking any sessions:


Please also familiarise yourself with the risk assessment guides and incident/accident guidelines:


Before each session please carry out a risk assessment and a COVID safety brief. Please also have a session plan. Below is a checklist for the risk assessment, the safety brief in full and a template and example session plan:


Your session should include:

  1. A session briefing
  2. A RAMP style warm-up (15 mins)
  3. A main session component (up to 40 mins)
  4. A cool down (5 mins)
  5. 1 fitness goal (e.g. anaerobic fitness)
  6. 1 technical goal (e.g. upright posture)
  7. 1 coaching goal (e.g. good demonstration)


For possible technical goals consider:

  1. Upright posture with high hips
  2. Head high
  3. Relaxed shoulders
  4. Arm swing
  5. Foot lands under centre of gravity moving down and back


After the session, please fill out the online form to feedback want went well and what can be improved next time:

Feedback form


In case of an accident or incident please also fill out the relevant form and notify the head coach: