Snow joke

Snow joke being snowed under without a flake in sight…Well it has been a few weeks, totally slaughtered with work and on all other fronts and indeed getting ready for good old St Nick…

Starting back a few weeks, a race that we can revisit, is the Born2Run 10k forest trail event at Loughgall, although the course was a little short we did have some cracking results from Patsy, Lorraine and David at the Harriers. First home was Patsy Hamill in overall 15th place with a time of 35:05. David returned in a time of 48:21 and Lorraine in 75:37.

Saturday 5th December saw 4 parkrun events visited by the Harriers, results as follows:
Waterworks: Danny Donaldson 19:04 with a new 5K PB, smashing Danny…!!! Patrick J Hamill 25:54, Tiffany McAllister 30:13.
Victoria: Robert Gould 21:25
Antrim: Alan Ladd 26:53, Martin McCready 29:40.
Valley: Alex Davidson 22:57, Patrick McGuckin 24:36, Siobhan Dempsey 26:51, Elaine Kennedy 28:57, Clare Teer 29:32, Fidelma McCoppin 31:38, Robert Jackson 32:36, Jennifer McCoppin 34:55.

It was with great honour and privilege that Mallusk Harriers had been asked to help with the Action on Hearing Loss 5 mile run on the 6th December at Hazelbank, for an extremely worthy charity. A lot of our members helped out in a host of volunteering roles, with several other members to take on the challenge to earn a bit of bling for the run.
A total of 26 Mallusk Harriers took on the course on what was described, a perfect day for running. Unlike the previous 24 hours at Loughgall with storm Desy doing the rounds. It would be unfair to pinpoint any of our runners for exceptional performances, for my own personal view on any run for any charity is exceptional regardless of time or position, although Susan Thompson recording her first podium with female third place finish rewrites that, great running Susan…

Danny Donaldson 33:13, Alan Ladd 33:21, Susan Thompson 36:44, Gowain McKenna 37:39, Deborah Ewing 39:01, Micky McAuley 39:24, Dave Gibson 40:21, Siobhan Dempsey 42:16, Jolene O’Donnell 42:48, Tina Steele 43:38, Gillian Bainbridge 43:51, Jennifer Butler 44:11, Steven Boyd 45:40, Clare Teer 45:41, Ian Simpson 45:45, Jim Hewitt 46:09, Anna-Marie Barrington 48:06, Alex Davidson 48:07, Patrick Hamill 51:27, Louise Ladd 52:20, Tiffany McAllister 53:42, Jennifer McCoppin 55:44, Rosalind Stitt 64:37, Marion Harrison 64:39, Joanne Haddock 64:44 and our very own tail runner Martin ‘The Bear’ McCready.

Saturday 12th December parkruns:
Waterworks: Danny Donaldson 19:35, Patrick McGuckin 21:06, Noel Bloomfield 24:35, Patrick J Hamill 24:59, Tiffany McAllister 30:04.
Victoria: Robert Gould 20:45 with a new 5K PB, well done Rab…!!!
Queens: Martin McCready 29:28.
Antrim: Deborah Ewing 24:39, Elaine Kennedy 26:13, Tina Steele 27:14.
Valley: Alan Ladd 21:29, Brendan McGeown 26:38, Ben Davidson 27:29, Alex Davidson 27:29, Fidelma McCoppin 30:59, Robert Jackson 33:08.
Stormont: Duncan Baxter 30:13.

Saturday the 19th December allowed for a split of allegiances for our runners between the regular parkrun events, the Born2Run 10K at Tollymore forest and Campbell College 5K in aid of the Alzheimer’s Society.
Waterworks: Brendan McGeown 22:50, Alan Ladd 24:37, Patrick J Hamill 25:28, Jolene O’Donnell 25:45,
Antrim: Deborah Ewing 24:55, Elaine Kennedy 26:50, Tina Steele 26:59.
Valley: Alex Davidson 23:16, Chloe Davidson 30:04, Ben Davidson 32:17, Noel Bloomfield 32:23, Robert Jackson 35:23.
Tollymore 10K results: Patsy Hamill 42:56, Danny Donaldson 43:25, David Mullan 57:42, Catherine Boyd 60:08, Duncan Baxter 63:18, Ian Simpson 65:22, Kelly Nelson 77:28, Tiffany McAllister 77:53, Joanne Haddock 86:46, Lorraine Forsythe 91:31

Campbell College 5K results: Tom Wylie 25:57, Dave Gibson 26:47, Paul Skillen 28:08, Gillian Bainbridge 29:57, Hannah McCoppin 32:14, Fidelma McCoppin 33:02, Karen Marsden 42:24.

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’