Club of the Year 2019

Club Report – Sunday 17th November 2019

There’s me thinking I would have a quiet week this week, all done early and curled up in front of the Blackpool ballroom. But no. You lot were flippin’ running everywhere. From the Valley to Vegas. Literally.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Ben Davidson 23:41, Noel Bloomfield 25:03, Sharon Dunn 25:53, Frances Kane 30:19, Joanne Milne 30:38, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:06, Roisin Brooks 31:21, Lisa Kerr 32:08

Waterworks parkrun:

Ken McAuley 21:18, Paul Skillen 22:06PB, Susan Thompson 24:51, Jim Hewitt 26:07

Ormeau parkrun:

Anton Piatek 26:54

Antrim parkrun:

Neil McCready 21:42, Tina Steele 30:15

Carrickfergus parkrun:

Alan Kerr 25:14, Zoe O’Prey 43:40, Lorraine-Ann Forsythe 48:59

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Tom Fleming 20:12

A couple of tourists this week. Social boy pulled the trainers back on again and headed for the home of the parkrun, Bushy Park, finishing in 38:34. Just the 1,327 runners at this one. (Sammy’s voice would be wrecked!). 

Stephen Weir was at Leazes parkrun, finishing in 31:17. This one takes place in Leazes park in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. It has a lake and some fancy gates. That’s it. That’s all I’ve got.

And ADav was at the Valley 24:10

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Joseph Eager 9:38

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Ben Halliday 11:54, Riley Kerr 11:58, Matthew Hawkins 11:59, Rhys Kerr 12:59PB

And a big well done to Matthew on his 100th parkrun.

Wednesday (probably fairly late on) saw the Run in the Dark events:


Anton Piatek 51:29PB, Paddy Brooks 53:21, Jay Scott 54:23, Bernard McKeaveney 55:56, Victoria McCready 1:16:18

On Saturday, Prof Alan Ladd got his wizard hat back out again and organised the latest Club Handicap race. The race anyone can win. If they run. The full results are on Team App but suffice to say that the juniors continued their domination of this event. The podium places were taken by Riley Kerr in first place, followed by Owen Fulton and Andrew Kerr. A Kerr sandwich with a Fulton filling if you will.

The latest Born 2 Run event happened yesterday at Drum Manor:


Ramunas Stanevicius 39:53 (and 4th place finish), Dermot Boyd 1:06:46

Published results do not contain club names so I can only report those posted on Team App.

Unfortunately, I cannot find any published results for the 26Extreme events so if you want your result published please comment on this post.

Our international desk reports that the Harrier vest was once more on display down under as Sarah Ross completed the Queensland marathon in 4:15:02. 

Hot off the vidiprinter, I have just been informed that Lee O’Boyle has finished 3 rd in the Tweed
Valley Ultra in Scotland in a time of 5:50:10. This is a 65k (40 mile) multi-terrain event with over
5,000 ft of elevation. Or a Sunday run as Lee now calls it. Take a bow Sir. Carefully.

Finally, David Esler ended up where he was born to be, Vegas baby! He completed the Las Vegas Rock’n’Roll 5k in 30:00. No doubt he’s now away off for a bit of Siegfried & Roy.

So this week’s song is for Mr Esler. Let’s hope he’s got the gold lame suit on too!

Until next week, behave.


Club of the Year 2019

Club of the Year 2019 Winners

Club of the Year 2019




Mallusk Harriers has won the Club of the Year category at the Antrim and Newtownabbey Sports Awards. Neil Campbell and Paul Skillen accepted the prize on behalf of the club at a ceremony in The Theatre at the Mill on 14th November. This wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our club committee, coaches, members and supporters. Congratulations and thank you everyone!

Club Report – Sunday 10th November 2019

Thanks to the new media officer for covering for me last week. Apologies for my absence, I was away selling a kidney so I could afford to enter a couple of races that I may do in a year or so. Happy times.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Neil Campbell (and 1st place finish), Owen Fulton 27:29, Jay Scott 27:47, Neill McGlinchey 28:45, Patrick Hughes 37:40, Zoe O’Prey 44:33

Waterworks parkrun:

Anita “lonely pint” Piatek 27:55

Antrim parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 28:43

Our resident Kiwi, Sarah Ross, completed the NZ Dunedin parkrun in 27:20

And our only tourist this week was Stephen Gallagher. He added his name to the illustrious MH Clermont Hall of Fame completing the Florida parkrun in 20:00.

And ADav was at Antrim 23:10

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Joseph Eager 9:26

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Matthew “ice-cream with a flake” Hawkins 11:20, Riley Kerr 12:12, Rhys Kerr 13:44

3 Harriers were at the Ballynahinch Remembrance 5k yesterday:

Hannah Hope 33:07 Dermot Boyd 33:08, Anne Boyd 46:30

But the main event of the weekend was the Mudsuckers second visit to Billy Neill Playing Fields in Comber for the latest XC league meeting, the Bobby Rea event.

The team were not sure whether to wear spikes or flippers as the bad weather of the week continued and only got worse. I think there was a spot at the back of the course borrowed from the upside down in Stranger Things. Several runners are still unaccounted for.

Speaking of strange things, I can only report the results as they are published. This means several of the ladies have no times and most results bear no resemblance to GPS watch times. The only result that can be reported with any confidence is that Lord Brennan won the battle for 12th. Maybe it was mud getting in there making Benny’s eyes water in the gazebo afterwards.

Ladies 5k swim:

Sharon Dunn 29:22, Angela Stevens 30:24, Suzanne Brennan “no time”, Galina Stanevicius “no time”, Laura Campbell “no time”, Leeanne Skillen “no time”, Roseann “better put my ticket on” McGeown “no time”

Men’s 8k swim:

Lee O’Boyle 37:30, Ramunas Stanevicius 38:25, Prof Alan Ladd 41:13 maybe, Neil McCready 43:30, Joe Mathers 46:10, Paul Skillen 46:30, Sean “newbie and luvin’ it” Doherty 46:48, Owen “ringer” Fulton 49:48, Lord Ian “victory is mine” Brennan 52:00, Brendan McGeown 53:00

Big thanks to social boy for the Gazebo and refreshments and thanks to those who helped put it up and dismantle it in those conditions.

So this week’s song is for the mudsuckers who braved the Comber conditions yesterday. It was obviously too cold for timing chips but not for us. For those who ran/swam round those fields, we salute you.

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 3rd November 2019


Waterworks: Ian Brennan 23:59, Joseph Eager 24:59, James Hewitt 25:04, Mave Kennedy 25:36

Antrim: Elaine Kennedy 29:33

Carrick: Alan Kerr 24:25, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 51:34

Bangor: Alex Davidson 21:26, Ben Davidson 23:54

Victoria: Patrick McGuckin 20:56, Susan Thompson 27:55

Valley: Paul Skillen 23:25,  Owen Fulton 24:26, Neil McGlinchey 29:16, Joanne Milne 31:34, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:46, Frances Kane 32:52, Galina Stanevicius 33:23, Fidelma McCoppin 33:27, Rosalind Stitt 55:30.

Orangefield: Neil McCready 20:32, David Esler 27:41

Portrush: Maeve Dunseath 31:01

Jordanstown Junior: Matthew Hawkins 16:26

Cross Country

85th McConnell Shield Cross Country U14’s: Tom Fleming 06:05 (3rd place) and Peter Fleming

Road  Races 

Born2Run Minnowburn 10k (Chiptimes) : Dermot Boyd 1:06:04

Decathlon 10k (Chiptimes):  Alan Ladd 37:25 PB , Neil Campbell   37:43 PB, Ramunas Stanevicius 38:51,  Paddy Brooks 47:14, Yasmin Lynn 50:19 PB,     Maeve Kennedy 51:54, A.K. 53:46 PB, Michael McFarlane 59:28, Marie McFarlane 59:28 PB,  Galina Stanevicius 59:58.

EAMS Halloween Frightener: Bernard McKeaveney Marathon (Unofficial) 4:54:4 and Jay Scott Half Marathon (Unofficial) 2:04:04 PB

New York Marathon (Unofficial Tracker Finish Times): Lee O’Boyle 2:53:00 and Karen McKee 4:20:53

I’ll leave the wit to our usual report writer but I do like my rock so this is for Lee and Karen

Club Report – Sunday 27th October 2019


A quieter week this week as the hill headers and mudsuckers both took a week off. Unless you’re a junior. They don’t feel the cold like the rest of us. I know its cold when my teeth start chattering. And they’re still in the glass beside the bed.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Patrick Hughes 23:54PB, Yasmin Lynn 28:43, Neill McGlinchey 29:04, Stephen Weir 32:14, Frances Kane 32:46, Roseann McGeown 33:18

Waterworks parkrun:

Ramunas Stanevicius 18:38PB (and 3rd place overall), Claire McCann 27:32, Galina Stanevicius 27:42, Nikki Fleck 28:34, Philip Fleck 30:19

Antrim parkrun:

Joseph Eager 25:16, Maeve Kennedy 25:24

Wallace parkrun:

Dermot Boyd 30:06PB

Ormeau parkrun:

David Esler 25:55, Anita Piatek 46:54

Carrickfergus parkrun:

Alan Kerr 24:49

Stranmillis parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 42:39

Our resident Kiwi, Sarah Ross, completed the NZ Dunedin parkrun in 26:18.

And ADav was at the Valley 23:58

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Joseph Eager 9:23, Hollie Brennan 14:10PB

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Riley Kerr 11:11, Rhys Kerr 14:25

Our juniors were once again showing up the oldies this week. This time it was at the NI & Ulster XC Championships:

Girls 10

Hannah Chestnutt 5:52

Girls 12

Jill Chestnutt 6:38

Boys 10

Peter Fleming 4:43 (and 4th place), Oran McKee 5:44, Joe Eager 5:47

Boys 14

Tom Fleming 10:16

Newbie Jay Scott competed in the EAMS Dublin B2B half marathon yesterday, finishing in 2:10:08PB.

The big running event of the week was, of course, the Dublin marathon. The Harriers had 8 brave souls taking on the half decent Autumnal conditions:

Joe Mathers 3:04:54, Stephen Gallagher 3:11:04, Alan Erwin 3:27:06PB, Patricia Curistan 3:39:42, Jonny Smith 4:03:17, Angela Stevens 4:28:48, Danny Donaldson 5:07:27, Tiffany Donaldson 6:14:05

So, this week’s song/singer is for our very own Dub runners. It’d from the best band out of Dublin since Power of Dreams. Sorry Bono.

Until next week, behave.


Runner of the Month – September 2019

As the cold dark training nights begin to set it, September seems like a distance memory already.
September saw many Harriers taking on some of the biggest local (and not so local) races in the running calendar,
Laganside 10k, Belfast Half Marathon, The Great North Run and Berlin Marathon… to name a few!
Ramunas Stanevicius again earned himself a nomination, becoming a bit of a habit now, but to be expected with his consistent progress month after month!
“Outstanding participation in races but particularly his PBs at Laganside, Belfast Half and more recently at Valley Parkrun.”
Club newcomer Bernard McKeaveney earns his first ROTM nomination, some say it is because of his great progress since joining the club, others say it is because he has been bribing people with cake, I’ll let you decide!
“Has only just joined the club but has been out smashing race after race. Always with a smile and is getting lots of PBs. He is a great asset to the team. Plus, if he wins he might make cake”
Alan Erwin – great to see Alan back to full strength following a lengthy period of setback due to injury. This month saw him continue to grow from strength to strength with an amazing PB in Belfast Half marathon.
“For me the standout performance this month has been Alan Erwin. He is looking so strong in training and it paid off with a 1:30 half marathon that I’m not sure he could believe himself.
Fantastic especially considering his setback with injury at the start of the year.”
Lee O’Boyle. Yep, the men’s cappy himself earned a few nominations for his club representation at Berlin marathon, running a PB in the process.
“Lee has had an incredible few months and his performance at the Berlin marathon was outstanding. He’s always encouraging others and gives so much to the club”.
“Outstanding performance at Berlin Marathon. Lee is always so committed to his training and also finds time to give so much back to the club in his role as male captain.”
But there can only be one winner… and what a winner…
This lady has been the ROTM bridesmaid so many times recently, but it’s time to put a stop to that! Consistent training has just seen PB after PB in all distances over the last few months and she has represented the club in race after race all across the country. A fantastic performance at the Great North Run did not go unnoticed and has earned her a long overdue ROTM award. Well done
“Anita from the beginning of her training for the GNR she was determined, and this showed in all her runs leading up to the GNR with numerous PB’s. She did amazing in the GNR and deserves to be ROTM”
“Anita has been deserving of ROTM for the last few months and always seems to get pipped to the post. Another outstanding month for her with PBs and a great run at GNR. Consistent training paying off”
Well done to all of the nominees and thank you for your votes!

Club Report – Sunday 13th October 2019

What else can be said about the Kipchoge run.
History made. A genuine lump in the throat, tear in the eye moment, even for a miserable git like me.
Just over 8 parkruns in a row at 14:10 pace.
But how many times has he volunteered?

Late result off the vidiprinter, Dune Half Marathon from last Sunday:
Jonathan Carter 1:35:22, Bernard McKeaveney 2:06:21, Angela HOTM Stevens 2:06:24, David Esler 2:20:37

Taking on the “slower than Kipchoge” parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:
Patrick Hughes 24:34, Noel Bloomfield 25:13, Frances Kane 1:00:46

Waterworks parkrun:
Alan Erwin 20:02PB, Paul ROTM Skillen 22:16PB, Ben Davidson 22:31PB, Neil Campbell 23:13, Matt Allen 23:29, Lord Ian Brennan 24:27, Maeve Kennedy 25:18, Joseph Eager 25:36, Jim Hewitt 25:41, David Esler 27:02PB, Sarah McCafferty 27:18, Pamela McCafferty 27:19, Nikki Fleck 27:48, Owen Fulton 28:57, Neill McGlinchey 29:03, Philip Fleck 29:18, Suzanne Brennan 29:24, Sharon Dunn 29:25PB, Joe Mathers 29:26, Roisin Brooks 29:34, Oran McKee 30:56, Karen McKee 31:00, Zoe Neill 32:49, Joanne Milne 35:40
Obviously a lot of you inspired by Mr Kipchoge given the 5 PBs today. Well done to all.
And congratulations to Suzanne on her 50th parkrun.
And congratulations to Sharon on her 50th parkrun.
And congratulations to Joe on his 50th parkrun.


























Victoria parkrun:
Ken McAuley 21:59, Susan Thompson 24:48

Queens parkrun:
Stephen Smyth 21:23

MUSA parkrun:
Aidy Hughes 25:56

Antrim parkrun:
Dermot Boyd 30:27, Tina Steele 30:38

Carrickfergus parkrun:
Lorraine Forsythe 50:00

Not sure if Ali Young ran this week but let’s all agree that the world is a better place for her being in it.
And ADav was at the Waterworks 20:38.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 10:45PB, Rhys Kerr 15:10, Matthew Hawkins 15:47

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 08:40 PB, Eloise McAuley 09:56

3 Harriers were at the Kells & Connor events yesterday:
Half Marathon:
Jonathan Carter 1:34:14

5 mile:
Marie McFarlane 49:57PB, Fidelma McCoppin 51:09PB

























Today were the Saintfield races:
Peter McGarry 34:18 (and 3rd place), Paddy Brooks 48:25

Dermot Boyd 30:42





































Today saw the latest Leg-It event with the annual Running Scared 5 mile run/splash:

Michael Reid 38:10, Noel Bloomfield 40:49, Angela Stevens 43:29PB, Anita Piatek 43:47, Andrew Kerr 44:57PB.
And big congratulations to Keeley McGarry who kept up the family podium tradition coming second in the junior mile race. (That’s 2nd Peter, not 3rd, okay?!)






















Finally, our international correspondent spotted Elaine Kennedy sneaking round Chicago this weekend. The woman who, it should be noted, has completed many more parkruns than Kipchoge, completed yet another marathon major in 4:58:42.
























So, this week’s song can only be for Mr Kipchoge.
An amazing man; an amazing achievement. It’s unbelievable Jeff!

Until next week, behave.


Club Report – Sunday 6th October 2019

Bit tired today. I was up late watching Scullion in the marathon last night and was busy being very impressed by Calum Hawkins. And hadn’t really recovered from Mageean’s PB earlier. All great stuff. It would almost inspire you to stick the trainers on and get out there. Almost.

Late result off the vidiprinter, the Divis 10k from last Sunday:
Jonathan Carter 47:58, Maeve Kennedy 1:02:08

Taking on the 15th anniversary parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Ramunas Stanevicius 19:23 (PB and 2nd place overall), Tom Fleming 20:02, Alastair Houldsworth 21:16, Ben Davidson 23:25, Patrick Hughes 24:56, Owen Fulton 25:25, Sharon Dunn 28:27, Neill McGlinchey 30:00, Marie McFarlane 32:47, Fidelma McCoppin 32:52, Karen O’Boyle 34:09, Sophie Davidson 36:38, Joanne Milne 36:45, Jay Scott 56:43

Waterworks parkrun:
Neil McCready 20:16, Ken McAuley 21:51, Matt Allen 23:38, Anton Piatek 24:23PB, Jim Hewitt 25:49, Lord Ian Brennan 26:06, Susan Thompson 28:56, Tiffany Donaldson 33:34, Danny Donaldson 33:35, Angela Stevens 44:16

And big congrats to Neil on his 100th parkrun!



Victoria parkrun:
Joseph Eager 25:28, Maeve Kennedy 25:49

Antrim parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 29:56, Tina Steele 30:01

Carrickfergus parkrun:
Noel Bloomfield 24:31, Riley Kerr 31:36, Andrew Kerr 31:36, Jennifer Maguire 33:30

This week’s tourists were Stephen Weir back at Newcastle upon Tyne, finishing in a new PB of 28:16 and Sarah Ross back at Dunedin finishing in yet another PB time of 26:13.

And ADav was at the Valley, 21:32.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley “doing the double” Kerr 11:57, Matthew Hawkins 13:06, Rhys Kerr 15:47




Our international correspondent has sent in a report stating that Dermot Boyd is at it again.

Dermot completed the 10k event in Bodrum, Turkey in 1:06:31. Anne ran the much more sensible 5k distance in 46:51.













Main event of the week was the Orangegrove NI & Ulster Relays at Victoria Park.
The Harriers had both male and female teams in both the senior and masters races, although our elite talent was reserved for the junior races. Our primary school squad were so fast they could not be timed.

The Men’s Senior team finished in 24th place in 48:48.
Ladies Senior team finished in 28th place in 49:36
Men’s Masters team finished in 35th place in 52:55
Ladies Masters team 1 finished in 38th place in 50:41
Ladies Masters team 2 finished in 41st place in 51:00

















































































































































































There were at least 4 Harriers taking part in the Dune Half Marathon today but results are not available at the time of writing. It’s a cross border event so it’s probably Boris’ fault.

There may have been Harriers at the Craigavon ¾ Marathon event too but there are no results available there yet either. Probably not Boris’ fault; it’s just Craigavon. The results are probably still circling a roundabout somewhere.

So, this week’s song is for those who represented the club at the relays. I could have used the Van Morrison song, Orangefield. But this is better. And is still orange.

Until next week, behave.