Club Race Report – 18th June 2023

Still sunny; still warm. Wee bit of rain. Blah blah blah. Move on. Too much running happening this week.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Ben Davidson 20:09 and first finisher, David Graham 22:30, Anton Piatek 25:10, Coach Sinead O’Hare 25:59, Paul Skillen 26:00, Stephen Curran 27:24PB, Neill McGlinchey 28:59, Joanne Milne 35:00, Sharon Dunn 35:00, Karen McKee 35:00, Martin McCready 35:12, Marie McBrien 37:13

And a special well done to Ben for overcoming genetics to claim his first ever first place finish at the Valley.

Waterworks parkrun:

Lord Ian Brennan 25:17, Maeve Kennedy 25:39, Lois Usher 27:56, Suzanne Brennan 31:25

Victoria parkrun:

Kobe McClelland 23:06PB

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Robbie Gould 21:29, Rory Mason 28:19, Lisa Kerr 33:17PB

And we even had a tourist this week as Owen Fulton headed east to Sale Water parkrun. Owen completed the course in 29:45. Sale Water Park has an artificial lake. Big O is the real deal though.

And don’t forget that next week is graduation day for our C25k heroes. So let’s get as many Harriers on the Valley parkrun course as possible. We all know we need a bit of a push to get up that hill. Twice.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Layla Robinson 8:17 and second finisher, Coach Sinead O’Hare 9:15, Noah Goodall 11:17, Naomi Usher 11:25, Jack Goodall 12:05

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Leo McAuley 10:10, Alice McAuley 14:07, Eloise McAuley 14:08

Portrush Junior parkrun:

Rory Mason 11:46

So the busy week started on Wednesday with the latest Tafelta Night of Friendly 5000s.

Stevo Armour 18:32, Joe Mathers 20:48, Suzanne Brennan 23:58

Great results on a warm night!

Then on Friday evening we had great representation at the popular Comber 10k:

Mark Smith 35:09, Prof Alan Ladd 35:27PB, David Graham 36:38, Martin O’Neill 36:47, Stevie Smyth 37:19, Stephen Gallagher 40:19, Craig Goodall 49:07, Suzanne Brennan 50:25, Aidy Hughes 53:22

And this morning we had a full squad of what now seems to be called Harrierettes (for legal and personal safety reasons, please note I did not come up with this) at the first Almac Women’s 10k:

Dawn Blain 45:45PB, Karen McKee 49:03, Sharon Dunn 53:04, Suzanne Brennan 54:49, Angela Smyth 55:01, Hannah McKee 57:05, Louise Ladd 58:11, Patrice McCann 58:11, Joanne Milne 58:41, Lauren McMillan 59:19, Marie McBrien 59:22, Helen Agnew 1:01:14, Carrie Murphy 1:06:47, Bronagh Adjey 1:14:57, Clare Gallagher 1:38:00, Calla Crossan 1:38:00

So, this week’s tune is totally ignoring those Harrierettes and is, instead, celebrating Father’s Day.

Possibly not the most positive lyrics on the subject but it has Papa in the title and is a crackin’ tune so I’ll take it.

Until next week, behave.