Club Race Report – 11th June 2023

They say heat makes things expand, which may explain my waistline at the minute. But you’ve got to love Summer in Mallusk. At least the rain is warmer.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Marie McBrien 30:22, Joanne Milne 32:56, Martin McCready 35:41, John Teer 37:50, ADav 49:57

Waterworks parkrun:

Neil McCready 25:30

Victoria parkrun:

Kobe McClelland 26:01, Kayden McClelland 27:36

Antrim parkrun:

Maeve Kennedy 25:54, Elaine Kennedy 32:53

Stormont parkrun:

Lois Usher 26:42

Garvagh Forest parkrun:

Johnny Carey 22:54PB

But the big event in parkrun this weekend was the latest Harriers tourism event, this time at Falls parkrun. Like we don’t have enough hills in our own parkrun…

But some great results with two Harriers in the first three finishers and the first female finisher also being a Harrier:

Ben Davidson 19:43, Sean Doherty 20:43, Rab Gould 21:58, Dawn Blain 22:41, Joe Mathers 24:06, Lord Ian Brennan 24:37, Anthony McKinley 25:20, Paul Skillen 25:57, Karen McKee 26:40, Robbie Gould 26:40, Stephen Curran 27:16, Aaron Ladd 28:38, Suzanne Brennan 28:49, Louise Ladd 29:34, Neill McGlinchey 29:38, Matthew Gallagher 30:06, Stephen Gallagher 30:09, Terri Ganley 30:25, Hollie Brennan 40:55, Clare Gallagher 44:14

19 of the 20 runners were first timers at this parkrun so it just shows the benefit or organising these days away.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Layla Robinson 8:20 and first finisher, Coach Sinead O’Hare 9:21, Rory Mason 9:40, Noah Goodall 11:07, Jack Goodall 11:34

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Kayden McClelland 8:47, Kobe McClelland 8:52PB, Alice McAuley 14:17, Leo JOTM McAuley 14:18, Eloise McAuley 14:18, Hollie Brennan 15:16


congratulations to Hollie on completing her 50th junior parkrun!

Victoria Junior parkrun:

Nathaniel Cooke 8:58

In other racing this week, our vest in the west was at it again, this time at Washing Green Bay. Aidy Hughes took on the 10k distance this time round in a time of 58:09. That vest must have been photographed more often than the Eiffel Tower by this stage.

But the vest has competition! This morning David Graham slapped on the suncream, downed half a dozen gels and took on the catchily titled Strabane Lifford Half Marathon (or the SLHM to absolutely no-one). Davy finished in the top 20 in a field of over 800 runners in a highly respectable 1:22:50.

Lifford is home to Donegal’s only greyhound track. It is possible Davy has entered a few races there.

I looked for something nice to say about Strabane. Then I found out Hugo Duncan is from Strabane. So I stopped.

So, this week’s tune is for everyone who has to get back in their car after a training session. Seats hotter than the sun and seatbelt shaped burns all around.

Until next week, behave.