Club Race Report – 24th April 2023

With the Cavillator and Work Experience boy away on a team building weekend retreat. I was drafted in, to write and release the report.

I turned up at the Cavillator’s office…… It looked like something from 1970s film. Old manual typewriters, note pads, pens and vidiprinter (what on earth even is that….)

I was told under no circumstances to use the credit card for expenses. I thought to myself, I am not staying here it’s filthy and old, not a modern day gadget in sight.

So with that credit card, I booked flights and 5 star hotel, so as I sit drinking champagne in the Shard, I bring you, the weekly race report. 🥂🥂🥂

First up parkruns……..


Elijah Cushley 21.57, Elaine Kennedy 28.59


Stephen Semple 24.05, Maeve Kennedy 25.36


Neil McCready 23.14


Eoin Turley 26.18


Robbie Gould 18.22, Robert Gould 21.25, Mark Hay 23.57, Martin McCready 32.22, Lisa Kerr 35.37


Adam McCann 18.03 and 1st Finisher, David Graham 18.29 and second finisher, Coach Sinead O’Hare 26.03, Marie McBrien 28.33, Clare Teer 28.45, Terri Ganley 31.51, Roisin Brooks 31.51, Galina Stanevicius 34.37, John Teer 36.46, Emma Toner 37.39.


Anton Piatek 26.35, Stephen Curran 27.05

We had a few tourists this week at Clapham Common and Mile End parkruns in London

Mile End

Stevo Armour 19.48, Suzanne Brennan 25.08, Kobe McClelland 25.40, Kayden McClelland 27.42, Lord Ian ROTM Brennan 27.48, Joanne Milne 32.11, Sharon Dunn 32.12.

Clapham Common

Congratulations to Dermot Boyd who completed his 100th Parkrun with a time of 34.54.

And Adav went to Mile End, rumour has it he was on time and wearing shorts, he managed a course PB of 35mins.

Waterworks Junior Parkrun

Leo “Junior of the Month” McAuley 7.46 and 1st Finisher. Aaron Ladd 10.46, Caleb Ladd 13.31, Alice McAuley 14.08.

Jordanstown Junior parkrun

Coach Sinead O’Hare making it a double this week, finishing 2nd with a time of 8.54. Lois Usher 10.08, Noah Goodall 12.45, Jack Goodall 12.54, Naomi Usher 13.05, Rhys Kerr 16.24.

The Ultra King had the second helping of the Hill and Dale series, Lee O’Boyle finished 5th with a time of 33.18.

Our Elites were over at the track on Thursday for round two of the LVAC Fab 5.

Will post the results when I get back to the office and retrieve them from the Vidiprinter. Rumour has it Eloise McAuley made the podium with 3rd place n the long jump event.

Congratulations Eloise.

And now for the main event……. the reason for disobeying orders and using the Cavillator’s credit card. The London Marathon results.

Alan too many pints Erwin 3.08.29

Adav I remembered my shorts 3.19.32

Sean the babysitter Doherty 3.22.02

Patricia wee boots Curistan 3.25.53

Stevo Royal Avenue Armour 3.30.11

Jonny Uber Carey 3.46.01

Karen the boss McKee 3.57.48

Lord Ian ROTM Brennan 3.59.36

Ken stops to give hugs McAuley 4.12.41

Sharon the Pam Dunn 4.25.42

Joanne Captain Birdseye Milne 4.31.55

Congratulations to the Legends of London. So this week’s tune is for you, I have been forewarned not to pick any rubbish tunes. Like I am going to obey that order also.

Club Race Report – 16th April 2023

Easter’s over. It’s bucketing rain most of the time and blowing a gale. I think it’s marathon season folks. Time for maranoia to set in in households across Mallusk.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Adam McCann 18:10 and first finisher, Stevo Armour 19:55PB and third finisher, Ben Davidson 25:12, ADav 25:44, Paul Skillen 26:04, Anton Piatek 26:32, Alan Stewart 26:38, Sharon Dunn 28:11, Cathy Ryan 28:28, Clare Teer 28:46, Stephen Curran 28:48, Terri Ganley 31:58PB, Roisin Brooks 32:07, Bronagh Adjey 34:02, Martin McCready 34:42, Cathy McLoughlin 35:41PB, Shane McBrien 36:02, John Teer 36:50, Emma Toner 37:48, Clare Gallagher 39:11

Waterworks parkrun:

Kevin Donnelly 20:40, Ciaran Wright 23:18, Lord Ian Brennan 23:47, Joe Mathers 23:47, Dawn ROTM Blain 23:48, Jim Hewitt 25:14, Suzanne Brennan 26:00, Karen McKee 26:15PB, Joanne Milne 30:46

Victoria parkrun:

Mark Smith 17:00, Stephen Murphy 21:37, Carrie Murphy 31:10PB

Ormeau parkrun:

Robbie Gould 21:50, Rab Gould 26:28, Lauren Penman 32:39

Antrim parkrun:

Neil McCready 22:50, Stephen Semple 23:53, Maeve Kennedy 24:46, Elaine Kennedy 30:40, David Esler 42:16, Joseph Eager 47:36

Limavady parkrun:

David Graham 18:58 and third finisher

Knockbracken Reservoir parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 22:02

Limepark Playing Fields parkrun:

Coach Sinead O’Hare 25:36, Mairead O’Hare 40:42

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Rory Mason 9:17PB and third finisher, Andrea Bradley 15:19, Coach Sinead O’Hare 20:05

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Kobe McClelland 9:15, Kayden McClelland 9:24, Aaron Ladd 10:46, Caleb Ladd 14:30, Alice McAuley 14:45, Hollie Brennan 15:00

Easter Monday saw some Harriers try to burn off a few of the Easter eggs by taking on the Whitehead 5 mile race:

Stephen Gallagher 33:57PB, Ciaran Wright 36:19, Craig Goodall 39:08, Suzanne Brennan 39:36PB, Aidy Hughes 44:16PB and obviously Dermot Boyd 55:28

And big shout out to Eloise and Leo McAuley who finished as second girl and third boy respectively in the junior fun run.

On Wednesday evening we had a great turn out for the latest Tafelta Night of Friendly 5000s. Braving the weather conditions were:

Race 1

Dawn ROTM Blain 22:32 and first place, Sophie Magee 23:30, Aidy Hughes 26:03

Race 2

Stephen Murphy 21:10 and second place, Joe Mathers 21:45, Lord Ian Brennan 21:54, Suzanne Brennan 22:46

Race 3

Stevo Armour 19:07 and race winner

Race 4

David Graham 17:46 and third place, Mark Smith 17:48, Robbie Gould 18:07, Marty O’Neill 18:18, Kevin Donnelly 18:31

Then on Thursday, our mountain goats, Lee and Micky, took on the first Hill & Dale event in Castlewellan:

Lee O’Boyle 36:07, Micky McAuley 40:21

Lee had a top 10 finish out of over 300 runners

So, this week’s tune is for Prof Ladd as he takes on the Boston marathon tomorrow.

It’s from Boston’s finest musical export (other than Marky Mark obviously).

Best of legs Prof.

Until next week, behave.


Club Race Report – 9th April 2023

The wind is blowing; the rain is coming. It must be Easter in Mallusk.

Don’t know about you but I’m at the stage where I can hide my own Easter eggs and still not find them all.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Eoin Turley 25:40, Leo McAuley 28:58, Eloise McAuley 29:03, David Esler 42:57, Martin McCready 57:34

Waterworks parkrun:

Martin O’Neill 19:02, Michael Crossan 19:47, Neil McCready 21:24, Ramunas Stanevicius 22:31, Jim Hewitt 25:03, Cathy Ryan 28:52

Victoria parkrun:

Alan Erwin 18:44, Kobe McClelland 25:15PB, Kayden McClelland 26:19PB

Portrush parkrun:

David Smyth 26:41

Antrim parkrun:

Stephen Semple 24:10, Maeve Kennedy 24:54, Katherine Todd 52:14

Limavady parkrun:

Johnny Carey 27:26

Dunleath Playing Fields parkrun:

Adam McCann 18:01PB and first finisher

It being Easter and all, we had a few parkrun tourists on the go.

Eva Morgan stayed on the island and went to Donegal to the Falcarragh parkrun, finishing in 35:35.

Stevo Armour and Sharon Dunn continued their recent UK tour with a visit to Preston parkrun in Preston. Stevo finished in 20:15 and Sharon in 26:44. It is not known if Sharon brought cake for her 103rd parkrun. Preston is the birthplace of several sporting legends, Sir Tom Finney, Freddie Flintoff and Phil Jones to name but two.

Susan Thompson finished the Princes Park parkrun in Liverpool in 29:07. The park has a gravestone for Judy the donkey who gave rides to kids for 21 years in the park. It is not known how many games she got in the Liverpool midfield though.

Owen Fulton went to Wales to take on the Conwy parkrun. Big O finished in 30:45. The vowel has never been found.

But the main parkrunning this week was at Carrickfergus, with the latest Harriers parkrun on tour event:

David Graham 19:35, Robbie Gould 21:32, Stephen Murphy 22:03, Dawn ROTM Blain 22:44 (and first female finisher), Sean “the cuppa” Doherty 23:32, Ciaran Wright 24:35, Ben Davidson 24:36PB, Joe Mathers 24:40, Sophie Magee 25:01, Paul Skillen 26:13, Aidy Hughes 26:49, Marie McBrien 27:19, Karen McKee 27:19, Calum Murphy 27:39, Neill McGlinchey 27:40, ADav 28:43, Shane McBrien 28:53, Roisin Brooks 30:32, Carrie Murphy 30:48, Joanne Milne 32:19, Terri Ganley 32:37, Louise Ladd 32:38PB, Stephen Curran 34:59, Lord Ian Brennan 36:22, Clare Gallagher 38:10, Emma Toner 38:25, Hollie Brennan 43:42, Suzanne Brennan 43:43

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Sinead O’Hare 8:54 and second finisher , Andrea Bradley 14:04, Riley Kerr 14:24, Rhys Kerr 14:56, Joseph Eager 19:35

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Eloise McAuley 15:20, Hollie Brennan 15:40, Leo McAuley 16:53, Alice McAuley 16:55

Portrush junior parkrun:

Rory Mason 11:15

Our elite squad were in action again on Thursday night, this time in the Lagan Valley Fab 5 event:

U11 Boys 60m

Kayden McClelland 10:14, Kobe McClelland 10:23, Conor Ryan 10:35, Rory Mason 10:62, Andrew Scott 10:78

U13 Girls 100m

Hollie Brennan 22:46

U11 Girls 600m

Eloise McAuley 2:10:69

U13 Boys 800m

Leo McAuley 2:48:22

U13 Boys Long Jump

Leo McAuley 3.48

U11 Girls Javelin

Eloise McAuley 10.14

U11 Boys Long Jump

Kayden McClelland 3.22, Kobe McClelland 3.21, Rory Mason 3.00, Connor Ryan 2.67, Andrew Scott 2.28

U13 Shot Putt

Hollie Brennan 3.77

In other racing, Coach Sinead O’Hare was at the latest Born to Run event.

Sinead completed the 5k distance in 24:57.

So, this week’s tune is a wee Easter one.

It is. They have Bunny in their name.


Until next week, behave.


Club Race Report – 3rd April 2023

Bright nights and back to the pitches. It’s Springtime in Mallusk!

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Martin O’Neil 20:48, David Graham 20:49, Leo McAuley 23:07, Eloise McAuley 24:10, Coach Sinead O’Hare 24:14PB, Stevo Armour 26:25, Ciaran Wright 26:26, Brendan McGeown 26:51, Johnny Carey 27:06, Owen Fulton 28:41, Joe Mathers 28:43, Neill McGlinchey 28:56, Sharon Dunn 28:57, Cathy Ryan 29:19, Marie McBrien 30:25, Shane McBrien 30:27, Ben Davidson 30:41, ADav 30:42, Joanne Milne 32:58, Carrie Murphy 32:58PB, Stephen Murphy 33:12, Terri Ganley 34:16, Roseann McGeown 34:45, John Teer 37:43, Clare Gallagher 41:37


congratulations to Marie on completing her 250th parkrun. And Joanne completing her 150th.


congrats on the excellent cakeage all round.

Waterworks parkrun:

Kevin Donnelly 20:08, Lord Ian Brennan 27:29, Michael Crossan 35:11

Wallace Park parkrun:

And Obviously Dermot Boyd 34:12

Ormeau parkrun:

Robbie Gould 22:13

Antrim parkrun:

Maeve Kennedy 25:20, Susan Thompson 29:06

Stormont parkrun:

Paul Skillen 24:36PB

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 20:26PB

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:

Coach Sinead O’Hare 8:47 and second finisher, Riley Kerr 14:27, Rhys Kerr 14:27

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Leo McAuley 7:29PB and third finisher, Alice McAuley 20:56

2 of our Harriers headed east to the big smoke to take part in the London Landmarks Half Marathon. Patrice McCann finished in 2:09:11 and Kelly Carlisle in 3:17:00.

This morning saw the latest Titanic 10k. Another event on the club championship calendar and so hotly contested by many (you know who you are Stephen!):

Mark Smith 35:35, David Graham 36:21, Stevo Armour 39:14PB, Stephen Gallagher 40:14PB, Alan Erwin 41:22, Stephen Murphy 46:03, Joe Mathers 47:18, Dawn ROTM Blain 47:31PB, Suzanne Brennan 47:42PB, Craig Goodall 48:53, Cathy Ryan 55:10, Aidy Hughes 55:18, Stephen Curran 57:45PB, Marie McBrien 57:46PB, Roisin Brooks 1:02:03

And our elite squad were competing in the junior 1k race:

Joseph Eager 4:07, Rory Mason 4:10, Conall Freehill 5:20, Zaria Warren 6:05PB, Hollie Brennan 6:08, Ziggy Warren (and Mum!) 7:31

So, this week’s tune is for all those who ran somewhere near the Titanic Quarter today.

And, to be cruel, the video contains shots of water. I apologise.

Until next week, behave.