Club Race Report – 16th April 2023

Easter’s over. It’s bucketing rain most of the time and blowing a gale. I think it’s marathon season folks. Time for maranoia to set in in households across Mallusk.

Taking on the parkruns this week:

Valley parkrun:

Adam McCann 18:10 and first finisher, Stevo Armour 19:55PB and third finisher, Ben Davidson 25:12, ADav 25:44, Paul Skillen 26:04, Anton Piatek 26:32, Alan Stewart 26:38, Sharon Dunn 28:11, Cathy Ryan 28:28, Clare Teer 28:46, Stephen Curran 28:48, Terri Ganley 31:58PB, Roisin Brooks 32:07, Bronagh Adjey 34:02, Martin McCready 34:42, Cathy McLoughlin 35:41PB, Shane McBrien 36:02, John Teer 36:50, Emma Toner 37:48, Clare Gallagher 39:11

Waterworks parkrun:

Kevin Donnelly 20:40, Ciaran Wright 23:18, Lord Ian Brennan 23:47, Joe Mathers 23:47, Dawn ROTM Blain 23:48, Jim Hewitt 25:14, Suzanne Brennan 26:00, Karen McKee 26:15PB, Joanne Milne 30:46

Victoria parkrun:

Mark Smith 17:00, Stephen Murphy 21:37, Carrie Murphy 31:10PB

Ormeau parkrun:

Robbie Gould 21:50, Rab Gould 26:28, Lauren Penman 32:39

Antrim parkrun:

Neil McCready 22:50, Stephen Semple 23:53, Maeve Kennedy 24:46, Elaine Kennedy 30:40, David Esler 42:16, Joseph Eager 47:36

Limavady parkrun:

David Graham 18:58 and third finisher

Knockbracken Reservoir parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 22:02

Limepark Playing Fields parkrun:

Coach Sinead O’Hare 25:36, Mairead O’Hare 40:42

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Rory Mason 9:17PB and third finisher, Andrea Bradley 15:19, Coach Sinead O’Hare 20:05

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Kobe McClelland 9:15, Kayden McClelland 9:24, Aaron Ladd 10:46, Caleb Ladd 14:30, Alice McAuley 14:45, Hollie Brennan 15:00

Easter Monday saw some Harriers try to burn off a few of the Easter eggs by taking on the Whitehead 5 mile race:

Stephen Gallagher 33:57PB, Ciaran Wright 36:19, Craig Goodall 39:08, Suzanne Brennan 39:36PB, Aidy Hughes 44:16PB and obviously Dermot Boyd 55:28

And big shout out to Eloise and Leo McAuley who finished as second girl and third boy respectively in the junior fun run.

On Wednesday evening we had a great turn out for the latest Tafelta Night of Friendly 5000s. Braving the weather conditions were:

Race 1

Dawn ROTM Blain 22:32 and first place, Sophie Magee 23:30, Aidy Hughes 26:03

Race 2

Stephen Murphy 21:10 and second place, Joe Mathers 21:45, Lord Ian Brennan 21:54, Suzanne Brennan 22:46

Race 3

Stevo Armour 19:07 and race winner

Race 4

David Graham 17:46 and third place, Mark Smith 17:48, Robbie Gould 18:07, Marty O’Neill 18:18, Kevin Donnelly 18:31

Then on Thursday, our mountain goats, Lee and Micky, took on the first Hill & Dale event in Castlewellan:

Lee O’Boyle 36:07, Micky McAuley 40:21

Lee had a top 10 finish out of over 300 runners

So, this week’s tune is for Prof Ladd as he takes on the Boston marathon tomorrow.

It’s from Boston’s finest musical export (other than Marky Mark obviously).

Best of legs Prof.

Until next week, behave.