Club Race Report – 1st May 2023

So myself and the Cavillator had a little break away and we’ve returned to find that we need to take on a 3rd job to cover the bills for a slight overspend in London expenses, lets just say it was less painful running the marathon.

What a busy week the Harriers have had, London is over but Belfast Marathon was just round the corner, but more about that later. As always here are the parkrun results.


Calum Murphy 27.25, Carrie Murphy 30.37, Stephen Murphy 30.38, Elaine Kennedy 38.04


Ramunas Stanevicius 21.47

Colin Glen

Elijah Cushley 23.20


Johnny Carey 26.30


Dermot Boyd 33.56


Aaron Ladd 28.17, Alan Ladd 28.18, Lisa Kerr 35.44


Stephen Semple 23.43, Maeve Kennedy 28.23


Adam McCann 18.25 for a second week running, 1st Finisher, Stevo Armour 20.34, Joe Mathers 22.47, Ben Davidson 24.19, Nuala Muldoon 24.33 and 3rd female finisher, Coach Sinead O’Hare 27.44, Cathy Ryan 28.21, Marie McBrien 28.29, Owen Fulton 30.24 and a 200th Parkrun, Sharon Dunn 30.25, Roisin Brooks 31.37, Joanne Milne 31.41, John Teer 35.01, Emma Toner 37.39.


Neil McCready 23.49, Jim Hewitt 25.15, Hollie ‘dressed as a bee’ Brennan 42.22, Suzi Brennan 42.23.

Jordanstown Junior Parkrun

Leo ‘Junior of the Month’ McAuley 7.56 and 2nd finisher, Eloise McAuley 8.20, Noah Goodall 12.50, Coach Sinead O’Hare 13.46, Alice McAuley 16.34.

Late results from the 2nd instalment of the Lagan Valley Fab 5 event.

60m Under 11 girls – Eloise McAuley 10.04

600m Under 11 Boys – Rory Mason 2:20.53 Andrew Scott 2:30.97

1500m Under 13 Boys – Leo McAuley 5:36.07

Long Jump Under 11 girls – Eloise McAuley 3.28

Turbo Javelin Under 11 boys – Andrew Scott 8.58

Congratulations to Eloise McAuley who was 3rd in the long jump. Well done, you are a superstar.

On Wednesday, the Harrierettes were out in force at the Springwell purple ladies 5k in Ballymoney. This is a popular event and I promise it has nothing to do with the post race feed. First over the line was Suzanne Brennan 23.11, Coach Sinead O’Hare 23.26, Pamela McCafferty 26.55, Maeve Mullan 27.00, Patrice McCann 28.21, Bronagh Adjey 29.03, Helen Agnew 30.02, Terri Ganley 30.31, Louise Ladd 31.47, Mairead O’Hare 37.52 and Clare Gallagher 37.52.

Congratulation to Sinead O’Hare who was first Junior across the line. Well done Sinead, showing our Senior ladies how to do it right.

The miles for Belfast were done however the prep for the Mallusk mile had just begun, some say Karen McKee was locked in the container all week sorting through flags and banners, with DJ Stevo belting out the banging tunes and the roars and cheers of the Harriers along mile 18 at the Oldpark, could be heard echoing through Belfast. The feedback from other runners has been fantastic, so well done to everyone involved we showed Belfast how to do a cheer squad right. In the words of Suzanne Brennan we brought the noise!!!!!

Now the moment you have all been waiting for the results from the Best of Belfast

Stephen Smyth 2.53.13

Marty O’Neill 2.55.05

David Graham 2.58.37

Kevin Donnelly 2.58.57

Neil Campbell 2.59.11

Kyle Lucas 3.15.59

Stephen Gallagher 3.21.17

Robbie Gould 3.21.01

Ben Davidson 3.23.48

Anton Piatek 3.43.53

Dawn Blain 4.04.19

Rab Gould 4.13.55

Alan Stewart 4.13.51

Bernard McKeaveney 4.57.09

Angela Stephens 4.58.55

We had two Relay teams taking part also,

Mallusk Machin (Not sure what happened to the E but sure) – Maeve Kennedy, Stephen Semple, Kelly Carlisle, Neill McGlinchey and Aidy Hughes with a time of 4.16.33

Fonda Running (See what they did there)- Cathy McLoughlin, Louise Ladd, Terri Ganley, Calla Crossan and Clare Gallagher finished in 5.22.02. Well done girls, hope you enjoyed the experience of the marathon and maybe we will have one of our C25K graduates running a marathon is the future.

Enjoy the week ahead, I know the weekly report is a day late so please do post your complaints via Royal Mail they’ll make sure it never reaches me.

This week’s tune is for the Best of Belfast, in the words of Van Morrison………

Work Experience Boy.