A mars a day…

Burning the candle at both ends is certainly something that comes to mind or even all work, rest and play without a Mars bar in sight, perhaps maybe all work and no, rest or play. Again apologies for the delay in delivering the club reports over the last few weeks… well here it goes, brief and hopefully to the point…

Parkruns for Saturday 14th May 2016:
Waterworks parkrun: Danny Donaldson 18:36, Patrick J Hamill 24:12, James Hewitt 25:36, Tiffany McAllister 30:02.
Belfast Victoria: Jennifer McCoppin 34:42, Rosalind Stitt 38:22, Kelly Bell 39:10
Ormeau: Martin McCready 23:18
Antrim: Robert Gould 21:39, Susan Thompson 22:09, Deborah Ewing 24:04, Tina Steele 25:39, Elaine Kennedy 25:39.
Carrickfergus: Catherine Boyd 24:37.
Valley: Neil Campbell 20:22, Alex Davidson 20:26. First lady Patricia Curistan 23:19, Brendan McGeown 23:37, Nuala Muldoon 24:06, Tom Wylie 24:40, Anna-Marie Barrington 27:01, Noel Bloomfield 27:01, Ben Davidson 28:24, Chloe Davidson 28:24, Darren Linton 32:58, Lorraine Forsythe 45:03
Colin Glen: Alan Ladd 20:54

On Thursday 19th May crazy mountain goat Michael McAuley took part in the H & D Loughshannagh (Race 6) and recorded an impressive time of 56:44.

Whilst on Friday 20th May, 15 of our folk travelled the short distance to Belfast Docks to take on the Albertville 4 mile road race: – Danny Donaldson 23:55, Alex Davidson 25:42, Robert Gould 28:15, Martin McCready 28:30, Sarah Dinsmore 32:06, Laura Rose 33:06, Elaine Kennedy 33:11, Jennifer Butler 33:26, Duncan Baxter 33:43, Ian Simpson & Clare Teer 37:14, Leeanne & Paul Skillen 38:29, Tiffany McAllister 38:54, Kelly Carlisle 40:04.

Also on Friday evening was the Runher 10k coastal event with Deborah Ewing leading the charge home in a time of 48:47, Catherine Boyd 50:26, Gillian Bainbridge 57:42, Fidelma McCoppin 66:39, Lauren Whitehouse 66:44, apologies for anyone I may have missed, a little difficult to decipher from the results page.
Parkruns for Saturday 21st May 2016:
Falls: Susan Thompson 22:34.
Antrim: Robbie Gould 21:24, Robert Gould 21:44, Elaine Kennedy 26:36
Armagh: Martin McCready 23:31
Valley: Alex Davidson 21:10, First Lady, Nuala Muldoon 24:11, Louise Keenan 26:54, Laura Rose 27:24, Paul Skillen 27:44, Chloe Davidson 28:20, Ben Davidson 28:45, Tom Wylie 29:09, Fidelma McCoppin 31:41, Ian Simpson 34:29, Jennifer McCoppin 34:50, Erin Teer 44:16, Clare Teer 44:17, Lorraine Forsythe 45:38.
Waterworks: Danny Donaldson 18:48, Patrick McGuckin 19:43, Patrick J Hamill 24:52, James Hewitt 25:10, Tiffany McAllister 31:06.

The second of the East Antrim Harriers Forest Trail Series took place in Tardree Forest on Tuesday with 11 of the Mallusk Harriers taking to the trail with club juniors leading the charge home with, Jason McCone 23:01, Robbie Gould 23:04, Susan Thompson 24:30, Deborah Ewing 26:25, Alan Kerr 28:00, Elaine Kennedy 28:21, Tina Steele 29:35, Dean Finlay 30:18, Gillian Bainbridge 31:04, Janet Grew 31:33, Carol Leckie 31:34.

Mid-week running on Wednesday 25th, allowed for 4 Harriers to travel to Banbridge for the Bann 10k with the old hand Jim Hewitt leading the way home with a time of 52:59, closely followed by Jennifer Butler 53:02, Elaine Kennedy 53:04 and Joanne Haddock 84:54.

Saturday the 28th May threw up a division in the Mallusk Harriers with some happy to take on the local parkruns, the Pure Running Belfast Hill 8.8k hosted by North Belfast Harriers and the Mayfair 10k hosted by Co. Antrim Harriers.

Valley park saw Alex Davidson return in overall third place and clock up a new PB for the course in a time of 20:10. Next over the line for the Harriers were Alex’s 2 youngsters, Ben returned 28:01 and Chloe in 28:12. The fourth Harrier home Tom Wylie, was providing a supporting role, for the first of the Run Newtownabbey graduates, Nikki Fleck 28:19. Smashing achievement Nikki very well done…!!

Up at the Antrim parkrun some PBs for the course were notched up by Robbie Gould 20:24, Robert Gould 21:05, Mark Hay 25:53, Julie Tully 29:25 & Dawn Dubois 39:24.
Whilst over at the Waterworks: Patrick Hamill 24:22, Bethany Finlay 26:15. New club member Neil McCready 27:28 and Gillian Bainbridge 28:18.

Meanwhile just up that wee hill from the waterworks, the Harriers had 3 mountain goats and Nuala taking part in the Belfast hills 8.8k mountain trail run and with some notable runs to boot. First over the line for the Harriers was Paddy ‘McGinty’s Goat’ McGuckin in a great 17th place finish in a time of 38:17. Patrick was closely followed home by Neil ‘The highlander’ Campbell also in an impressive 21st place and time of 39:43. Next over the line was the youngest of the 3 gents, Alan ‘The Kid’ Ladd in 25th place in 40:42. The final Harrier to cross the line was Nuala Muldoon in a smashing time of 45 mins and 4th lady overall. Smashing running by all…!!!

Up the road in Ballyclare we had 15 Harriers take part in the 10k race and 4 runners take part in the 5k road race hosted by Co. Antrim Harriers. I must start by commending the outstanding hospitality from the Co. Antrim Harriers, absolutely first class from start to finish. Personally I for one am in great favour in participating in club hosted races, the support today during the race was totally exceptional, shown in abundance today by CAH by all their members and the local community. A great course, a great tee-shirt, a great goodie bag, a medal, a fantastic spread (always a favourite of mine) and I haven’t even mentioned the marshals and support around the course. We would all have to travel a good distance to meet with great hospitality provided today, however I am sure we would like to live up to the expectation and to have your runners attend our very own club race on the 12th August. Top marks Co. Antrim Harriers…!!

So on to the running… First home in the 5 k run was Jennifer McCoppin in a new PB of 32:02, followed by Darcia Turner in 32:02, Rosalind Stitt 41:46 and Marion Harrison 42:09, smashing running ladies, keep ‘er lit… The first Harrier to break the tape in the 10k was Deborah Ewing in a great time 49:25, Noel Bloomfield 50:47, Louise Keenan 51:45, Catherine Boyd 51:43, Paul Skillen 51:44, Michael McFarlane 53:14, Elaine Kennedy 53:23, Janet Grew 53:38, Tina Steele 54:22, Jennifer Butler 54:42, Ian Simpson 59:37, Clare Teer 59:48, Leeanne Skillen 66:37, Kelly Carlisle 67:08, Duncan Baxter 67:08.

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’