So much for the Summer…

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So much for the weekend…

There may be a limited number of races over the holiday period, but no matter ‘have race, will travel’.

Parkruns for Saturday 9th July 2016:
Waterworks parkrun – Danny Donaldson 18:31, Patrick J Hamill 25:12, Tiffany McAllister 30:03, Anne Marie Craig 36:00, Elizabeth Peeples 38:53
Belfast Victoria – Susan Thompson 21:06, Matthew Lavery 22:15, Brian ’the prodigal runner’ McDonald 23:35, Sean Lavery 28:34, Gordon Ward 29:52, Jennifer McCoppin 36:40, Rosalind Stitt 36:45
Up at the Antrim parkrun –Catherine Boyd completed her first run at Antrim in 25:07, although more concerning was, she brought her parents to take on the Castle grounds, only to run off and leave them. However Dermot Boyd returned in 32:39 and Anne Boyd 36:12, very well done to Dermot and Anne, as for Cat she will be on bread and water for the next few weeks, tut tut… Ben Davidson (27:49) was ushered over the line by Martin McCready 27:52, although Ben told us, he couldn’t understand Marty’s joke so just pushed on to the finish. Chloe Davidson returned in 31:48 & Dawn Dubois 41:20
Valley – Patrick McGuckin 20:52, Neil Campbell 21:57, first lady over the line Nuala Muldoon 24:36, Paul Skillen 27:20, Noel Bloomfield 27:25, Jackie McCreesh 27:38, Laura Rose 27:42, Jennifer Butler 27:46, Sarah McAuley 27:55 with a new PB, Lisa Hamilton 29:15 with a new PB, Lauren Whitehouse 31:42 with a new PB, Maeve McGinley 33:20 with a new PB, Marianna McBride 33:23 with a new PB and tail running was Lorraine Forsythe 54:20.
The last of our members taking on the Queens parkrun was Elaine Kennedy who returned home in 26:08.
Very well done to all taking on the parkruns over the weekend, more importantly though a shoutout to those who took on the volunteering roles. Without the volunteers none of us can take part in these events, please try and volunteer at least 3 times per year…

On Wednesday the club had just the one member take on the North coast 10k, Louise Keenan came across the finish line in a highly respectable 62nd place in a time of 51:58 , very well done Louise…

On to Sunday, where the Skillen clan packed up and travelled to Sligo ‘Ponsa’ for a short break, not before spying a run in Ardboe… well it was kind of on the way (luckily Lee-anne’s geography isn’t great…). A great event and something for everyone, the Great Rossa Run offered a charity walk, a 5km, a 10km and a half marathon. Paul Skillen took on the 10k race, accompanied by Michael McAuley and Martin McCready who both took on the half marathon. Paul crossed the line in 54:10 and felt he didn’t do the course justice, so will just have to come back next year for the challenge. Both Michael & Martin ran a great race in the half. With just over a mile left to race, Martin spied Michael in his sights and pushed on up the hill to the finish encouraged by a fellow athlete from Co. Antrim Harriers Stephen Semple. The exuberance on Martin’s face at the finish could have been bottled and sold; the lad was delighted to notch up a new personal best for the half marathon in a time of 1:39:42 in 40th place. Michael, probably found the course far too flat for his liking, certainly after his Hill and Dale & Spelga mountain runs, however Michael wasn’t too far behind and crossed the line in 1:40:13 in 46th place.

Also on holiday in Blackpool, Duncan Baxter and Kelly Carlisle took on the summer 10k. Duncan traded in his ever present red baseball cap for a kiss me quick hat and returned in 58:46, Kelly collected a stick of Blackpool rock and ran right to the line in a time of 66:40… very well done, enjoy the rest of your hols’…!!!

Again apologies if any of our runners have been missed out in this week’s report, as I am sure someone may have been overlooked…
Safe running to you all, ‘pay it forward…’ and remember ‘Right to the Line…’

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