Club Report: Sunday 2nd April 2017

April 1st: Let us be thankful for fools, but for them, the rest of us could not succeed.

As the long road of marathon training continues, the marathon runner can sometimes begin to doubt oneself. Sometimes the body does not want to do this. As you run it can tell you to stop.
But the mind must be strong. You always go too far for your body. You must adapt to the pain and you must concentrate on your strategy, but what will get you through most of all, is the sheer determination and will to succeed.

Longer evenings brings plenty of more opportunities to run, and the Queens 3K, 5K around the river is traditionally the curtain raiser for night races. Once more Mallusk Harriers rallied themselves, and on a school night!

Wednesday 29th March 2017:

Queens 3 K
Jack McCready pushed on for Mallusk in 12:44 and Mairead O’Hare with an impressive 20:26.

First Harrier home for Mallusk was Mark Smith with an excellent 17:47 and Danny Donaldson 18:13, being pushed by Alex Davidson 18:27. Matthew Cromie 19:23, Matt Allen 20:39. Ciaran Skillen 20:48, with Andrew Diver 21:32 splitting the two brothers as the more mature Paul Skillen arrived in 22:36. David Mullan 23:02, Neil McCready 24:17, Catherine Mullan 24:27, Patrick Hamil 24:48, Lisa Marie White 26:56, Tiffany Donaldson PB 27:36, Duncan Baxter 28:08, Dermot Boyd 31:34, Anne Boyd 33:59, Katherine McCloskey 35:03, Joanne Haddock 39:05, Kelly Carlisle 39:06.

As the calendar turned to welcome the new month, the showers as so accustomed to April arrived…..

Saturday 1st April 2017:


Mallusk’s Ken McCauley raced around the Loughshore at Antrim with a PB in 20:25, followed by Elaine Kennedy 27:41

The second lady home overall was Mallusk’s own leading lady Susan Thompson in 23:10.

Kelly Carlisle and Joanne Haddock 42:09, were our sitting MLAs (Mallusk’s Leading Athletes).

With a PB at the Valley was Mallusk’s Gareth McLoughlin 23:43, Owen Fulton next 24:00, Ciaran Skillen 24:32 our 3rd Harrier. Laura Rose 24:41 impressed again as 3rd lady in her category. Paul Skillen 25:22, Sarah McCafferty with a PB in 25:23. Clare Teer 26:23. Our first Junior home was Ben Davidson 27:09 followed by young Christopher Campbell 27:25. Noel Bloomfield 27:26, who split another youngster Ryan McCready with his own PB 29:25. Neil McCready 29:26, just ahead of Junior Chloe Davidson 30:18 with Dad Alex 30:19. Martin McCready 30:26. Lorraine Forsythe 50:48. Carol Leckie 50:50.

A big parkrun thankyou to Mallusk’s volunteers Neil Campbell, Sophie Davidson, Carol Leckie.

Harrier Neil McGlinchey continued his impressive form with a PB in 25:53.

Matthew Cromie led Mallusk’s charge in 22:19, Patrick Hamill 25:16, Sharon McCavana 25:29, Maeve Kennedy 25:57, Maeve McGinley and Fidelma McCoppin 30:02, Alyson Taylor 30:35, Fiona Wylie 33:11, David McCavana 33:38, Rosalind Stitt another PB in 33:59. In his first parkrun young Cole Barrington 35:44, Anna Marie Nolan 35:46, Catherine Boyd 35:46, Deirdre McCann 37:57.

Omagh Half Marathon:
Avoiding the showers in County Tyrone saw Mallusk’s Mark Smith with an astonishing 1.20:54. Danny Donaldson 1.31:55, Catherine Mullan 1.56:49, David Mullan 1.58:31. Tiffany Donaldson with a PB in 2.14:12.

Sunday 2nd April 2017:

Subway Half Marathon:
In his second half marathon of the weekend saw a rematch of the Don-Cromie battle, as Danny Donaldson 1.31:15, pipped Matthew Cromie 1.31:21. Nuala Muldoon 1.48:33. Anna Marie Nolan and Catherine Boyd 2.07:55, Tiffany Donaldson’s second half in 24 hours saw her home in 2.16:56, Kelly Carlisle 2.48:08, Duncan Baxter 2.48:10.

Running with discipline, anything is possible….

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