Club Report 3rd September 2017

It has been a week of transitions. We are moving into autumn with the darker evenings, many of our Harriers are tackling their first 10k races and The Insider has retired passing the most coveted job on the running scene to someone else. So here we go…

Larne AC InterClub Race, Feystown Road, Glenarm (Tues 29)

Brilliant running from the Harriers undeterred by the torrential rain and a steep incline (not as steep as Sealstown I’m told).
Men’s 5 Mile: Powering up the hill was Joe Mathers 34.27, followed by Micky McAuley 35.20, no one was stopping Kevin Donnelly 35.29 even after running a marathon at the weekend, closely followed by Ken McAuley 35.40, Matt Allen 35.57, Terry McIvor 36.54, and Paul Skillen 36.57.
Women’s 4 Mile: First for the girls was Nuala Muldoon 31.33, followed by Yasmin Lynn 35.34, then Lisa Kerr 38.14 and Lee-Anne Hutchinson hot on her heels 38.15.

Waterside Half Marathon, Derry (Sun 3rd)

Lone Wolf David Esler had the course “done and dusted” in 2:23:51. Fantastic effort.

Laganside 10k (Sun 3rd)

Mallusk Harriers were out in full force this Sunday for the Laganside 10k. For some it was their first 10k!!!!! Thankfully they didn’t have to run in a heatwave like last year and the rain stayed away too.

First came the male speedsters Mark Smith 35:27, Danny Donaldson 39:22, Alex Davidson 40:04, Joe Mathers 41.05, Patrick McGuckin 41:08, Matthew Allen 43:31 PB, Terry McIvor 45:49? PB, Neil McCready 49:16 FT; then light on the feet came Anna-Marie Nolan 49:22, Sophie Magee 49:59, Michael McFarlane 52:14, Brian McDonald 53:06, Nikki Fleck 53:25, Ethan Hutchinson 53:00 FT, Clare Teer 54:38, Gabrielle McMillan going from strength to strength with a time of 54:05 FT, Yasmin Lynn 54:57? PB right alongside James Hewitt 54:57, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 59:36, Louise Ladd 59:50, Roisin McLaughlin 59:56 FT, Bronach McAuley 1:00:46, Frances Kane 01:01:31 FT, Roseann McGeown 01:04:23, Tiffany Donaldson 01:05:41, Dermot Boyd 01:06:49, Mairead O’Hare 01:12:58.

I think I say this for everyone racing, especially those running their first 10k. Thanks to the coaches for the training, advice and encouragement. Special thanks have been given to Jim Hewitt for pacing. The distance doesn’t seem so far and the feet don’t ache so much when someone is there pushing you to succeed.

(Pure Running have made me aware that a number of chipped times were not recorded so they have had to rely on very flattering camera shots. Hopefully everyone is accounted for if not shout about it)


Waterworks: Kevin Donnelly 19.54 PB, Matthew Cromie 21.24, Patrick Hamill 26.15, Jackie McCreesh, 28.02, Rosin McLaughlin, 28.08 PB, Fiona Wylie 31.52, Jennifer McChoppin 33.46, Freda Stubbs 35.45, Rosalind Stitt 36.10, Sharon Thompson 37.36, Margaret Craig 41.06, Miriam Clarke 41.23, Cole Barrington 41.23, Joanne Haddock 41.46, Anne Marie Nolan 41.47.

Victoria: Robbie Gould 21.40, Terry McIvor 22.10 PB, Ben Davidson 23.48, Robert Gould 24.14, Yasmin Lynn 25.53 PB, Sophie Davidson 32.15, Alex Davidson 32.16.

Valley: Lee O’Boyle 22.12 PB, Laura Rose 23.24, Nuala Muldoon 24.01, Ciaran Skillen 22.30, Nikki Fleck 26:43 PB, Clare Teer 27:14, Stephen Weir 30.37, Debbie Sterrit 32.11, Frances Kane 33.57, Katherine McCloskey 38.42, Patricia Kane 40.10, Erin Teer 43.53.

Antrim: Ken McAuley 19.33 PB, Neil Campbell 20.06, Paul Skillen 21.27; Stephen Semple 23.47, Deborah Ewing 25.51, Tina Steele 25.55, Joseph Eager 27.06, Maeve Kennedy 27.06, Ian Simpson 31.03, Laura Campbell 31.09, Leanne Skillen 31.09.

Unfortunately, a runner sustained a head injury at the Valley Parkrun on Saturday Morning. Just a reminder to be careful and to look out for others. The most important thing is that everyone gets over the line safely.

“Whether the weather is fine, or whether the weather is not; whether the weather is cold, or whether the weather is hot; we’ll weather the weather, whatever the weather, whether we like it or not!”

Well done everyone.
P.S. Does anyone know who the Insider was?
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