Club Report 10th September 2017

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Brilliant efforts this week at parkruns, 10k races, a pint and pie challenge and the biggest half-marathon The Great North Run.


• Newcastle (Across the Water): Maeve Kennedy 31:25 and Stephen Semple 31:25 warming up for the Great North Run.

• Waterworks: Joe Mathers 19:26 PB, Patrick McGuckin 20:08, Eamonn Donaghy 23:06, Suzanne Brennan 25:49, Patrick Hamill 25:54, Kelly Carlisle 34:22, Maureen Ward 34:49, Miriam Clarke 41:50, Ian Brennan 59:55.

• Belfast Victoria: Mark Smith 17:01 PB, Alex Davidson 21:20

• Ormeau : Susan Thompson 22:51, Ken McAuley 22:52.

• Antrim: Neil Campbell 19:53, Elaine Kennedy 29:34, Anna-Marie Nolan 29:35

• Larne: Just warming up for the ensuing Larne10k race Danny Donaldson 20:22 and Tiffany Donaldson 36:28.

• Carrickfergus: Owen Millar 28:52 PB, Jackie McCreesh 32:02, Alyson Taylor 32:05, Jennifer McChoppin 33:27 PB, Freda Stubbs 33:55, Fidelma McChoppin 33:56, Rosalind Stitt 35:50 PB.

• Valley: Alastair Houldsworth 21:37, Nuala Muldoon 24:05, Ciaran Skillen 25:04, Clare Teer 27:27, Stephen Weir 29:59, Lisa Kerr 30:42 PB, Debbie Sterritt 32:19, Patricia Jane 41:44, Erin Teer 44:06, Katherine Todd 56:05.

Saturday 9th September Races

• Larne 10k 
Out in the rain on Saturday morning were Danny Donaldson 41:27, Michael McAuley 43:17, Lee O’Boyle on his 10k debut with 44:54, Paul Skillen 46:35 PB, Neil McCready 48:33 joined at the hip with Terry McIvor 48:34, Alan Kerr 49:21, Sarah McCafferty 52:59, Yasmin Lynn dodging a land-rover doing a u-turn in 55:06, Hannah Hope on her 10k debut 01:04:53, Tiffany Donaldson on her second run of the morning 01:07:31, and Mairead O’Hare 01:13:40.

• Tannaghmore 10/5k 
In sunny Antrim Sharon McCavana completed the 10k in 54:00 and David McCavana completed the 5k in 36:29.

• Whitehead Pint and Pieathlon
“Who ate all the Pies”? A. Matthew Allen. B. Anna Marie Nolan C. Hilary Faith

Sunday 10th September Races

• Great North Run
Honorary Mallusk Harrier Mo Farrah won the race in a spectacular 1:00:06 Followed closely across the Tyne Bridge by Maeve Kennedy 2:00:49, Stephen Semple 2:00:49, Brian McDonald 2:16:42, Angela Stevens 2:29:05, Ian Simpson 2:39:23, Joanne Haddock 3:24:46.

‘Stop Saying “Just a half”. A half marathon is 13.1 miles, 23.056 Yards, 26.200 steps, 68.168 Feet, 830.016 Inches. Amazing!!!!’

• Run Her Titanic (Sorry Guys Strictly Ladies Only)
10K Race: Around the docks and Victoria Park ran Suzanne Brennan 54.01, Anna Seaward 1:01:31 and Rosin McLaughlin 1:01:33.
5k Race: Zoe O’Prey 40:11.

Fantastic Achievements Everyone
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