Club Report 8th October 2017

“You and me we are in this together now. None of them can stop us now. We will make it through somehow…” The Avengers have nothing on us. They don’t have a gazebo for a start. A very busy weekend for our club with International Parkrun Day, NI and Ulster Relay Championships, and various races. Everyone suited up (we even got Terry in a vest) and did Mallusk Harriers proud.

Parkruns – Saturday 7th October. The Best ideas are often the most simple ones. 13 years ago someone had this great idea: everyone meets in a park at 9.30 am on a Saturday morning and goes for a run. That’s it!!! And look where we are now!

Waterworks: Joseph Eager 25:38, Patrick Hamill 25:54, Maeve Kennedy 27:17, Roisin McLaughlin 29.19, Tiffany Donaldson 36:35, Danny Donaldson 36:37, Kelly Carlisle 43:42, Joanne Haddock 45:35.

Falls: Susan Thompson 24:14.

Portrush: On the beach Suzanne Brennan 27:58.

Antrim: Deborah Ewing 25:15, Marie McFarlane 29:03 PB, Elaine Kennedy 30:35, Maureen Ward 33:10 PB, Jackie McCreesh 33:11, Fidelma McCoppin 33:12, Freda Stubbs 33:14 PB, Deirdre McCann 35:37, Fiona Wylie 35:38, Margaret Craig 38:31.

Valley: Martin Michael McCready 27:26, Clare Teer 27:49, Frances Kane 29:54, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:55, Debbie Sterritt 32:48, Brendan McGeown 33:14, Patricia Kane 37:45, ErinTeer 41:36, Nikki Fleck 42:29, Aimee Fleck 42:30 PB, Lorraine Ann Forsythe 59:23.

Races Saturday 7th October

Orangegrove Relays -This Event was so Fantastic it has its own special report but here are the team times in summary just to remind you:
– Ladies Seniors Team A 48:20
– Ladies Masters Team A 53:05, Team B 46:24, Team C 50:00
– Mens Seniors Team A 50:27
– Mens Master Team A 47:18, Team B 56:21, Team C 1:06:00

East of Ireland Marathon Series Lusk 20 Miler: Three Amigos Matthew Allen, Anna-Marie Nolan and Catherine Boyd putting in some Marathon miles.

Races Sunday 8th October

Born2Run Cultra Charity Challenge: 10k: Patrick Hamill 57:52 and Duncan Baxter 1:12:15.  5k: Jo Haddock 00:46:57 and Kelly Carlisle 00:45:32.

10km Na Ceathrun Gaeltachta: Frances Kane 59:36

Running is ostensibly a solo act but really our strength is in numbers.

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