Club Report 15th October 2017

Park runs

Waterworks: Danny Donaldson 19:39, Robert Gould 22:46, Stephen Semple 23:25, Sharon McCavana 26:05, Joseph Eager 26:07, Maeve Kennedy 26:24, Kelly Carlisle 30:38, Tiffany Donaldon 31:14, David McCavana 35:56.

Victoria: Alex Davidson 18:53, Ben Davidson 25:04.

Antrim: Matthew Allen 20:56, Neil Campbell 21:14, Alaistair Houldsworth 21:51, Brendan McGeown 21:55 PB, Kevin Donnelly 23:36, Tina Steele 23:56 PB, Susan Thompson 23:57, Alan Kerr 23:58, Ken AcAuley 24:17, Anthony McKeating 24:40, Ian Brennan 24:42, Nikki Fleck 24:48 PB, Debroah Ewing 25:02, Neil McGlinchey 27:13, Jack McCready 27:41 PB, Elaine Kennedy 29:15, Sharon Dunn 30:19, Jennifer McCoppin 31:24 PB, Fiona Wylie 31:26, Ethan Barrington 31:31 PB, Ryan McCready 31:32, Martin Michael McCready 31:33, Debbie Sterritt 31:35, Marie McFarlane 31:36, Michele Ker 31:36, Dermot Boyd 31:48, Freda Stubbs 32:18 PB, Fidelma McCoppin 32:43, Roslaind Stitt 34:51, Deirdre Mcacnn 35:31, Brenna McGeown 35:41, Cole Barrington 36:58 PB, Anna -Marie Nolan 36:59, Niamh McGeown 37:43, Roseann McGeown 37:44, Anne Boyd 40:17, Katherine Todd 55:32.

Milestone 100th Parkrun for Tina Steele and Deborah Ewing! A PB for Tina too!! Thanks everyone for turning up for the celebrations especially those who had races to get to afterwards. Always finish a parkrun with cake. Yum!

Carrickfergus: Owen Millar 28:50, Ryan Millar 37:45

Valley: Clare Teer 27.00, Lee-Anne Hitchinson 29:23 PB, Frances Kane 30:19, Alyson Taylor 31:20, Lisa Kerr 32:04, Patricia Kane 38:29, Erin Terr 39:45 PB.

Fergal’s 10 Miler Davagh Forest Cookstown (Saturday 14th)
Hosted by Acorns AC in memory of Fergal Mulgrew
Martin McCready 1:37:05

GR8 Dundrum Run 8 Mile (Saturday 14th)

One of the most scenic in Europe and a very tough race tackled by Harriers on Saturday. Running on road, beach and broadwalk through the windy Murlough nature reserve.
Strong all the way Brendan MclHennon 52:23, Patrick McGuikan 56:38, Joe Mathers 57:24, Ken AcAuley 57:57, Susan Thompson 1:04:46, Sarah McCafferty 1:12:39, Gabrielle McMillan 1:23:28 together with Louise Ladd 1:23:30, Anna Seaward 1:25:13 PB followed closely by Roisin McLaughlin 1:25:20 PB
Great support, music along the way, a nice medal and a great spread enjoyed afterwards. One to put in your calender for next year.

Comber Cup (Saturday 14th)

This weekend saw the first race of the cross country league in Comber. A proud day for Ladies Club Captain Nuala Muldoon. The first year Mallusk has had a fullCross Country Team for the league. Well done to all those who stepped up, especially those on their debut cross country race. A very hilly and muddy course.
First to go and cut up the ground for the men was the Ladies 6k race. Captain Nuala Muldoon was first in 31.20.6, loving every minute Suzanne Brennan close behind in 32:56:6, sailing in third Jackie McCreesh 37:40:00, Yasmin Lynn with suspiciously clean legs in 41:00:1. Finally Margaret Craig and Anne-Marie Craig also getting their feet wet and muddy.
The Men’s 8k race was the last of the day and an extra lap. First for the Harriers was Mark Smith in a super fast 31:36:8, Lee O’Boyle was next in an amazing 37:31:7, followed closely by Kevin Donnelly looking like he was enjoying it far too much in 38:10:4, Neil McCready biathlon man cycled to Comber in an hour ran the course in 41:03:5 and then cycled home, Terry McIvor powered through despite a swollen foot in 45:36:5.
Special thanks to Ian Simpson Facilities Manager and Photographer, McIvor and Lynn Catering, Mark Smith’s Creche, Ian Brennan Head Cheerleader, and of course the brains of the entire operation Nuala Muldoon.
The next xc race will be Kilbroney on Saturday 28th October. The XC league is a team sport where points are awarded for performance and participation. Join us!

Till the next run.
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