Club Report: 26th November 2017

Xmas is coming and the goose is not the only thing getting fat as many Harriers seem to be preparing for winter hibernation.
Local parkruns were hit by the weather for the first time this winter with only Stormont, Queens and Victoria left unscathed.
Stormont parkrun:
Danny Donaldson 20:33, Nuala Muldoon 23:49, Sir Martin McCready 24:10, Joseph Eager 26:40, Stephen Semple 26:52, Tiffany Donaldson 32:34

Victoria parkrun:
Joe Mathers 20:28, Lisa Brown 23:04, Terry McIvor 24:25, David Esler 26:37, Aimee Fleck 36:34, Nikki Fleck 36:44, Lucy Fleck 43:16 (great family effort)

Queens parkrun:
Elaine “Iceland not Tesco” Kennedy 51:31

This week’s parkrun tourist was Kevin Donnelly who made it to the Hove parkrun in Brighton and came home in a very respectable 20:46.

Final parkrun mention goes to Jamie Campbell, who turned up for his first ever Junior parkrun only for it to be cancelled.
Fair play Jamie but that’s a life lesson right there son. Not everything comes to those who deserve it. It’s a cruel world out there and the sooner you grasp that, the better. Happy Xmas by way too, hope Santa is good to you. (It’s been a long hard week, okay!)

The Harriers finished off their Saturday at the ever popular Seeley 10k in Ormeau Park.
The club was well represented with 20 runners taking part. A few first timers at this distance and a few PBs so well done to all:
Mark Smith 35:10, Patrick “doesn’t look a day over 40” McGuckin 39:32, Paul “run like a girl” Skillen 48:46, Suzanne Brennan 48:47PB, Stephen Semple 49:03, Ian “closing the gap” Brennan 50:06PB, Tony McKeating 50:12PB, Nikki “faster without those pesky kids” Fleck 52:43, Maeve Kennedy 54:39, Roisin Brooks 55:49, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 58:20PB, Marie McFarland 1:00:53, Fiona Wylie 1:00:59, Fidelma McCoppin 1:01:07, Maureen Ward 1:08:10PB, Josi McKeating 1:08:10PB, Claire Skillen 1:21:54, Rosalind Stitt 1:22:27, Miriam Clarke 1:22:29, Patricia Kane 1:23:08

As many Harriers swap trainers for bar stools at this time of year (you know who you are Brennans) the coaches have asked me to point out that there are calories available from sources other than alcohol. Maybe, but why.
As I said, it’s been a long week, so just remember, people are like a slinky, twisted and annoying.
But you can’t help but smile as they fall down the stairs.
(I will hit any young people who had to google what a slinky was)

Here’s a jolly tune though:

Until next week, behave.