Club Report: Sunday 4th February 2018

The sun was out this morning, but so was the black ice, so well done to those skaters who managed to safely complete their long runs today. It’s been a busy weekend for all you Harriers so let’s get on with it.

Valley parkrun:
Brendan McGeown 23:23, Yasmin Lynn 26:59 PB, Terry McIvor 27:00 (well played Sir)

Waterworks parkrun:
Ken McAuley 21:47, Neil McCready 22:09, Matthew Cromie 24:14, Susan Thompson (plus husband) 25:19, Patrick Hamill 25:44, Lord Ian Brennan (pre-pub) 28:19, Anna Seaward 28:54, Sharon McCavana 29:10

Antrim parkrun:
Neil Campbell 19:09 PB, Matthew Allen 21:47, Tina Steele 26:43, Ethan Barrington 28:50, Elaine Kennedy 29:02, Heather Barker 32:43 PB, Wes Barker 32:43 PB, Cole Barrington 38:30, Anna-Marie “being a mummy” Nolan 38:31

Victoria parkrun:
Ben “The Man” Davidson 23:42, Alex “Not the Man” Davidson 24:49, Tony McKeating 25:56, Maeve Kennedy 26:50, Stephen Semple 26:50, Jennifer McCoppin 29:33 PB, Marie McFarlane 31:32, Debbie Sterritt 32:01, Stephen Weir 32:12, Fiona Wylie 32:53, Maureen Ward 32:59, Josi McKeating 33:06, Rosalind Stitt 35:37, Deirdre McCann 39:22, Miriam Clarke 41:53, Fidelma McCoppin 41:54

Comber parkrun:
Kelly Carlisle 34:39, Duncan “Gentleman” Baxter 34:40

Ormeau parkrun:
Clare Teer 35:40

This week’s parkrun tourists were Frances and Patricia Kane at Letterkenny in 32:35 and 38:23 respectively and Owen Fulton at Stretford, the home of football, in 24:19.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 10:04, Ryan McCready 10:15, Leo McAuley 11:19, Olivia McCready 16:59, Eloise McAuley 19:49

Some Harriers went beyond parkrun this weekend at the latest Born 2 Run event at Antrim Castle. Organisers are now considering changing the name to the MHPB 10k after seeing the Harrier results.
Mark Smith 34:36 and another podium finish with 2nd place overall. Well done Mark, great to see the Harrier vest up there. Joe Mathers 40:17 PB, Gabrielle McMillan 50:29 PB, Pamela McCafferty 51:44 PB, Sharon Dunn 52:31, Angela Stevens 55:20 PB, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 58:18 PB, Hannah Hope 59:59 PB, Lisa Kerr 1:00:27, Dermot Boyd 1:05:53
Nikki Fleck 27:13

Mark passed the XC baton back to the usual bunch of suspects for the popular Stormont XC event. In the Men’s event our Young Guns (Go for it!) were Alex Davidson 33:01 (a good recovery from his morning Parkrun Drubbing) and Kevin Donnelly 33:21. In the ladies’ event were Suzanne Brennan 26:53 and Nuala Muldoon 27:35. Flying the junior flag loud and proud were Ryan McCready 4:35 and Joseph Eager 4:38

Running furthest afield this week was our Chairman Alan R Kerr who took part in the Torremolinos Half Marathon, finishing in 1:52. Well done sir, enjoy the rest of your training camp. Ian recommends hydration training.

Speaking of hydration issues. Ian Brennan. The End.

Until next week, behave.