Club Report: Sunday 11th February 2018

Another week, another blizzard. Well, it’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise. I consider it a challenge before the whole human race and I ain’t gonna lose.

Yes, we are and, yes, I know what you want to read about. This is what we top end reporters call “building the excitement” and so first you have to read all the parkrun results:

Valley parkrun:

Tom Fleming 20:52, Neil McCready 23:07, Ciaran Skillen 27:08, Clare Teer 27:12, Gabrielle McMillan 28:25, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:51, Paul Skillen 29:54, Neil Campbell 29:56, Deirdre McCann 40:24, Erin Teer 42:51

Waterworks parkrun:

Matthew Cromie 22:00, Patrick Hamill 25:41, Anna Seaward 30:10

Antrim parkrun:

Nikki Fleck 26:53, Heather Barker 31:50 PB, Wes “The Gentleman” Barker 31:50 PB, Elaine Kennedy 36:10

Victoria parkrun:

Lonely (but very fast) pint Mark Smith 16:56

PB and 2nd place – well done Mark!

Queens parkrun:

Stephen Semple 23:39, Maeve Kennedy 26:40

Stormont parkrun:

Fiona Wylie 34:08, Fidelma “Cover Girl” McCoppin 34:10, Duncan Baxter 35:36

A couple of parkrun tourists again this week. Anna-Marie Nolan thought she was being exotic by making it as far as Colin Glen (29:06) but this was outdone by our own Mr A Davidson who bought another one of those cheap 18-30 deals online and ended up in Harrogate (21:24).

Dune Half Marathon

5 intrepid Harriers braved the cross-border cold this morning (Braltic anyone?) for the Newry to Dundalk race that kicks off the Pure Running Half Marathon Series for 2018:

Brendan McIlhennon 1:39:02, Sarah Knowles 1:55:27, Brian McDonald 1:57:01, David Esler 2:07:48, Elaine Kennedy 2:12:04.

Also, Nuala Muldoon may have done the NICHS Red Dress Run 10k this weekend. She may have done it in 44:20. Then again, she may not.

No junior parkrun this morning at Waterworks as nobody would be crazy enough to run in weather like that. Oh, aye, right, forgot…so on to the main event.

Today saw one of the biggest dates on the Mallusk Harrier calendar. The second running of our XC event and the inaugural year of the Mathieson Shield and Cup.

Runners, marshals, spectators and artic conditions all headed to Mallusk playing fields this morning. The weather was specially flown in by Paul Skillen to ensure the runners knew they were at a XC event and to remind them constantly that they were in Mallusk. Think they got it Paul.

Full results are available both on the XC race Facebook page and on the NI Running website but Harrier results were:

Girls Under 11

Sinead O’Hare 4:43, Mali Skillen 4:55, Olivia McCready 5:10, Eloise McAuley 5:20

Boys Under 11

Finn Diver 2:44 (3rd place), Ryan McCready 3:38, Ryan Millar 3:42, Joseph Eager 3:54, Owen Millar 4:18, Peter McCann 4:30, Leo McAuley 4:43, Odhran Skillen 5:19

Boys Under 13

Adam McCann 8:17

Ladies Race

Nuala Muldoon 28:45, Suzanne Brennan 29:17, Gabrielle McMillan 32:15, Roseann “obviously tougher than my husband” McGeown 42:36

The MH ladies team placed 2nd overall in the Mathieson Shield team event.

Mens Race

Mark Smith 28:42, Alan Ladd 32:15, Joe Mathers 32:38, Wes Barker 32:40, Lee O’Boyle 32:49, Neil McCready 36:26, Terry McIvor 36:34, Eamon Donaghy 40:15

The Magnificent Eight won the men’s team event and are the first holders of the Mathieson Cup.

Well done gents, great effort.

A big word of congratulations should go out to Paul Skillen and his team who put the whole event together. From organising to publicising, race day logistics, marshalling, timekeeping and scoring, catering, clearing up and even the runners. And not forgetting Mags as well for adding her name and prestige to the event.

A well-deserved hot cocoa, electric blanket and early night all round.

So, let’s end with a tune as usual.

It’s obvious, its cheesy, I’ve even teased it already but I’m going to bloody do it anyway.

Here’s to us!

Until next week, behave.