Club Report – Sunday 24th June 2018

Obviously, the big news of the Harrier week is that the McCaffertys missed a 10@10. The appropriate authorities have been informed. But, as we await news of their fate, onto the running….

Midweek racing this week focused on Lisburn as many Harriers took on either the 10k or Half Marathon distance:
Martin O’Neill 42:41, Patricia Curistan 46:56, Orin Calder 49:16, Suzanne Brennan 49:48, Tony McKeating 50:37PB, Pamela McCafferty 50:50PB, Gabrielle McMillan 50:53, Sarah McCafferty 50:58, Angela Stevens 54:48, Hannah Hope 55:43PB, Roseann McGeown 1:04:58, Dermot Boyd 1:04:58
Half Marathon:
Mark ROTM Smith 1:16:28 (and 6th overall), Lee O’Boyle 1:28:04PB, Joe Mathers 1:31:26PB, Danny Donaldson 1:33:06, Karen McKee 1:43:27PB, Sharon Dunn 1:52:43, Brian McDonald 1:53:19, Joanne Milne 1:58:11, Elaine Kennedy 2:08:39, Emily McKeown 2:09:03, Tiffany Donaldson 2:16:40

On the same evening, our vest in the west, Aidy Hughes, took on the An Creagan 5k Trail Run in 23:50.
The vest was donned a second time this week as Aidy also completed the St Mary’s Carland 5k today in 23:58.

Then on Thursday evening Matt Allen took part in the Grant Thornton Airport 5k, finishing in 21:17 and Joe Mathers took 5th place in the St Benedict’s College 5k in Randalstown in 20:14.

Not finding the Valley hill enough of a challenge, our female header-in-chief, Nuala “thought I’d only entered the half” Muldoon took on the South Armagh Twin Peaks marathon. As the name may subtly suggest, it is not flat. Nuala completed it in 5:26:03.

Valley parkrun:
Big 100 for Paul Skillen this week at the Valley. Also 150 for Frances Kane. Well done to both.
Damien Cole 21:17PB, Laura Rose 22:31PB, Sarah Ross 22:58PB, Danny Donaldson 24:18, Neil Campbell 24:18, Paul Skillen 24:19, Noel Bloomfield 24:20, Jasper Brooks 27:49PB, Owen Fulton 28:08, Oran McKee 28:46, Emily McKeown 28:54, Roisin Brooks 29:00PB, Lisa Kerr 31:33, Jennifer Maguire 32:51, Frances Kane 33:12, Lorna Esler 34:12, David Esler 34:13, Joanne Milne 35:30, Tiffany Donaldson 37:33, Patricia Kane 37:36, Rosalind Stitt 37:36, Rory Brooks 38:21, Lorraine-Ann Forsythe 49:12
A mention is also due to Lorna Esler above who completed her first ever parkrun after being part of our recent Couch to 5k course. An inspiration to everyone else for July 7th.

Waterworks parkrun (their 400th)
Patrick McGuckin 20:25, Robert Gould 23:40, Tony McKeating 24:32, Maeve Kennedy 26:03, Nikki Fleck 26:47, Roseann McGeown 29:35PB, Brendan McGeown 29:36, Janet Grew 31:00, Debbie Sterritt 31:11PB, Freda Stubbs 33:01, Sharon Thompson 34:40PB, Josi McKeating 35:23, Mairead O’Hare 35:36, Deirdre McCann 40:43

Victoria parkrun:
Stephen Weir 31:25

Queen’s parkrun:
Elaine NY Kennedy 1:00:28

Falls parkrun:
Ken McAuley 22:45, Susan Thompson 24:12

Stormont parkrun:
Heather Barker 31:38

MUSA Cookstown parkrun:
Aidy Hughes 23:16

And ADav went to the valley 20:00

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:49

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Riley Kerr 11:18PB

Our triathlon brethren were also out in the sun today, with Paul “the ton up” Skillen completing the Carrick Castle Sprint Triathlon in 1:30:47, Damien Cole in 1:31:08 and Frances Kane 1:43:14.

So last week it was Father’s Day but this week has been about brothers. Whether its Brooks, Skillen or Chemical. This one’s for you all.

Until next week, behave.