Club Report – Sunday 12th August

Well, we all know what the big event on the local running calendar was this week. Yup, the Brennan 5k crown moved back to the female side of the house. And we had the club race too.

But earlier in the week, on Wednesday evening, a couple of Harriers took on the Edwin May Coleraine 5 mile Road Race. First Harrier home (in 7th place overall) was Mark Smith 27:42, then Anita Piatek in 46:49 both earning 5 mile PBs.

Friday night saw the latest, biggest and best running of the now legendary Mallusk Harriers 5 Mile Road Race. Now in it’s 5th year, it continues to gain in reputation, mostly due to the Harrier hospitality and despite that hill. Representing the club on the road were:
Joe Mathers 32:20, Eamonn Donaghy 36:45, Laura Rose 36:53, Orin Calder 37:07, Robbie Gould 39:07, Sophie Magee 39:19, Sarah ROTM Ross 39:37, Aidy Hughes 40:33, Brian McDonald 41:47, David Esler 47:50, Sarah Knowles 50:35, Dermot Boyd 56:38

Those involved, both those on the race committee and those who helped in the build-up and on the day/night, should take a very large bow. Again, we salute you.

It seems quite a few of us celebrated ourselves well into the night (3am drive thru??) and so there was a lot of sweating out to do at the Saturday parkruns the next morning:

Valley Backwards 4th Birthday parkrun:
It seems the results were backwards this week as well as the route. I’ll post next week if they are updated.
Let’s just say everyone was sub 20 and move on.

Waterworks parkrun:
Suzanne Brennan 22:48PB, Robbie Gould 23:29, Jim Hewitt 24:57, Maeve Kennedy 26:18, Michael McFarlane 30:42

A brave move from Mrs B there. As we all know, Newton’s Third Law states that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. We await the Lord’s response.

Antrim parkrun:
Elaine NY Kennedy 30:49, Sarah Knowles 30:53, Tina Steele 32:13, Dawn Dubois 35:29PB, Jo Smyth 43:35

This week’s parkrun tourist is Deborah Ewing who was lucky enough to be on Inch Beach in Co Kerry, 26:40.

And ADav was at the Valley.

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 10:42PB, Eloise McAuley 11:10PB
(What are you feeding those kids Micky?)

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 7:35 and 1st place (again!). Well done again Tom! (again).

Saturday saw the latest running of the aptly named Lurig Challenge Mountain Race.
First Harrier home was Lee O’Boyle in 36:16 then Micky “what hill?” McAuley 40:13 and Karen McKee in 44:12.

Also on Saturday, Aidy Hughes took part in the BHF Charity 5 mile run/walk, completing in 40:46

Then on Sunday, Alan Kerr took on the Isle of Man Half Marathon completing a hot and hilly course in 1:57:49.

Talking of hilly, the latest Dublin Rock’n’Roll Half Marathon also took place on Sunday with an amended course adding in a few extra hills for the laugh.
Results are not yet available so I will update the details in next week’s report

Same goes for the Subway 5k.

This is another request for you to post your results on Team App. It makes sure you are included in the reports, let’s everyone know about your PB, and saves me having to trawl half the world’s websites. And not the good ones.

Finally, Kevin Donnelly wins this week’s “going furthest away and still managing to fit in a race” award. He completed a 10k in Cartagena in Colombia in 52:27. 6am start and 28C temp. Just like Mallusk this morning!

This week’s tune is a tribute to our local Valley parkrun. And to Denis, King of the Zumba warm up! Happy 4th birthday folks.

Until next week, behave.