Club Report – Sunday 26th August

Seems as if the heavens have opened today but that hasn’t stopped us hardy Harriers. We usually prefer hard liquor with our water but needs must….

I said I’d start this week by catching up on the Connswater results from last week. Unfortunately their results page requires a name search and cannot be searched by club. Therefore I only have the results posted on Team App:

Lord Ian Brennan 48:32 and Louise Ladd 30:48.

Special mention should go to our new female head of the Harrier Header Department.

Hilary Faith took on the full Ironman Challenge in Copenhagen, finishing in 13:57:44.

Not bad for swimming over 2 miles in open water, then cycling over 100 miles then just doing a full marathon. I’m tired even typing that. Club salute.

Back in the real world, on Friday, ADav and all his mates went to the Portrush 5 Mile Race:

ADav 32:31

Saturday saw the latest running of the popular and scenic Rathlin Run, a 10 mile run around the hills of the island:

Elaine NY Kennedy 1:49:50, Frances Kane 1:51:05

Patricia Kane competed in the 5k race, coming home in 36:10PB.

The same day saw our regular header rep Neil McCready take on the Mourne Sprint Triathlon, finishing in 1:27:28.

To make things easy, y’all only went to 11 different parkruns this weekend:

Valley parkrun:

Alastair CHO Houldsworth 20:21, Owen Fulton 24:11, Nuala Muldoon 25:25, Brendan McGeown 27:26, Philip Fleck 27:48PB, Clare Teer 28:48, David Esler 28:55, Sharon Dunn 30:05, Oran McKee 32:41, Karen McKee 32:42, John Teer 34:16, Mairead O’Hare 34:20PB, Louise Ladd 34:31, Brenna McGeown 38:27, Niamh McGeown 39:00, Kate Todd 49:59

Waterworks parkrun:

Eamon Donaghy 24:37, Maeve Kennedy 25:33PB, Jim Hewitt 26:44, Catherine Mullan 29:21

Antrim parkrun:

Alan Kerr 23:52, Anita Piatek 28:33, Tina Steele 29:35

Victoria parkrun:

Jo Smyth 45:02

Wallace parkrun:

Jim Guinn 26:23

Ormeau parkrun

Ken “takin’ it easy like the Eagles” McAuley 20:16PB, Susan Thompson 23:41

Carrickfergus parkrun:

Lorraine-Ann Forsythe 47:29

Comber parkrun:

Danny Donaldson 19:31, Tiffany Donaldson 30:50, Suzanne Brennan 42:58, Lord Ian Brennan 42:59

(all first timers at the course)

Dungannon parkrun:

Aidy Hughes 24:06

And this week’s parkrun tourists were at Portrush:

Ben Davidson 25:22PB, Deborah Ewing 25:55, Sophie Davidson 31:52PB

And ADav was there too 31:54PB (good Daddy!)

And at Castlewellan:

Ryan McCready 26:59PB, Odhran Skillen 37:51, Paul HOTM Skillen 37:52

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Joseph Eager 9:36, Leo McAuley 10:19, Eloise McAuley 11:45

Hopefully we’ve now picked up all the new members in the parkrun results. If anyone is missing, please ask them to add Mallusk Harriers as their club in their parkrun profile. Thanks.

Then today the big event was the club’s wettest ever 10@10.

Actually, no, it was Seapark AC’s Storming the Castle race in Carrickfergus.

Only the 36 Harriers were swimming the castle today:

Mark Smith 35:32 (and 5th place), Lee O’Boyle 37:36PB, Joe Mathers 38:02PB, Danny Donaldson 38:04, Alan Ladd 38:40PB, Keith Waring 42:27, Stephen Semple 46:06, Sharon Dunn 47:52, Suzanne Brennan 49:21, Gabrielle McMillan 49:20PB, Sarah McCafferty 49:53PB, Tracey Whittley 50:16, Lord Ian Brennan 50:17, Tony McKeating 50:27PB, Maeve Kennedy 51:02, Yasmin Lynn 52:09PB, Andrew Kerr 55:29PB, David McMillan 55:50PB, Leeanne Skillen 56:17PB, Lisa Kerr 57:20PB, David Esler 57:37, Neil McGlinchey 58:08, Tiffany Donaldson 58:52, Fiona Wylie 1:00:11, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 1:01:32, Marie McFarlane 1:01:36, Debbie Sterritt 1:02:29, Michael Whittley, 1:04:03, Alyson Taylor 1:04:34, Maeve McGinley 1:04:59, Heather Barker 1:06:41, Freda Stubbs 1:08:06, Josi McKeating 1:09:10PB, Mairead O’Hare 1:09:32, Dermot Boyd 1:09:50, Sharon Thompson 1:10:58, Jackie McCreesh 1:19:07, Miriam Clarke 1:19:07, Dawn Dubois 1:19:16PB

This week’s tune needs no explanation for anyone who ran today.

Until next week, behave.