Club Report – Sunday 23rd September 2018

Firstly, apologies for the late posting. I couldn’t get a full list of half marathon results until today.

I think you all had a quiet week of racing just so you could all turn up for the Half yesterday. And why not! But more of that later.

2 members who shirked the Half were Lee ROTM O’Boyle and Alan Kerr. I suppose they had a good excuse as they both took on the Causeway Coast Marathon on Saturday instead.

Alan finished in 5:21:06. Lee finished in an amazing 2nd place overall in a time of 3:28:14. Some time for a course with over 2,600ft elevation.

Still squeezing in a parkrun were:

Valley parkrun:

Neil Campbell 22:33, Alan Erwin 25:37, John Teer 33:40, Rosalind Stitt 44:03, Patricia Kane 44:03, Katherine McCloskey 57:32

Waterworks parkrun:

Susan Thompson 24:36, Robert Gould 24:36, Ken McAuley 24:37, Jim Hewitt 24:54, Maeve Kennedy 25:36, Stephen Semple 25:37, Danny Donaldson 25:44, Tiffany Donaldson 35:12

And big congratulations to Maeve on completing her 100th parkrun (and for beating Stephen!)

Victoria parkrun:

Ben Davidson 22:38, Joanne Milne 27:42

Queens parkrun:

Jim Guinn 26:55

Antrim parkrun:

Tina Steele 29:13, Freda Stubbs 33:21, Josi McKeating 33:30, Fidelma McCoppin 33:31, Sharon Thompson 34:02

And ADav went to Victoria 19:52

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Leo McAuley 9:45PB, Eloise McAuley 11:56, Olivia McCready 14:38

The weather was kind to us yesterday as over 40 Harriers took on the Belfast Half Marathon, one of the largest club representations on show. Many PBs, plenty of stories and definitely no alcohol contributed to a great day.

Mark Smith 1:17:03, Alan Ladd 1:24:14PB, Joe Mathers 1:25:01PB, Neil Campbell 1:25:05, Martin O’Neill 1:26:47, Danny Donaldson 1:28:44, Alastair “toe model” Houldsworth 1:32:48, Kevin HOTM Donnelly 1:33:24PB, Laura Rose 1:35:07PB, Keith Waring 1:38:21, Karen McKee 1:39:07PB, Ken McAuley 1:38:32PB, Alan Erwin 1:38:46PB, Brendan McGeown 1:41:00PB, Patricia Curistan 1:41:01PB, Damien Cole 1:43:23PB, Sarah Ross 1:43:02, Sharon Dunn 1:45:41PB, Suzanne Brennan 1:45:41PB, Brian McDonald 1:46:16, Stephen Semple 1:46:26, Sarah McCafferty 1:50:21PB, Gabrielle McMillan 1:49:01PB, Pamela McCafferty 1:51:09PB, James Guinn 1:49:59, Lord Ian Brennan 1:53:12PB, Maeve Kennedy 1:55:13, Tony McKeating 1:56:26PB, Tina Steele 1:54:04PB, Deborah Ewing 1:54:05, Joanne Milne 2:00:39, Emily McKeown 2:05:08, Owen Fulton 2:05:11, Leeanne Skillen 2:11:57, David Esler 2:12:13, Lisa Kerr 2:14:51, Neill McGlinchey 2:14:47, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 2:18:30PB, Anita Piatek 2:19:22PB, Tiffany Donaldson 2:24:09, Laura Campbell 2:24:10, Zoe O’Prey 3:18:28PB

To see so many PBs is a tribute to the hard work everyone has been putting in lately. But it’s also due to all the efforts of the coaches for putting on such good sessions and for putting together all the training plans. Take a big purple collective bow.

Also big thanks to those who put up and took down the gazebo and provided the refreshments (and bottle opener) on the day.

I was going to post “Keep on Running” as this week’s song but you probably heard enough of it yesterday. And you deserve better for completing a Half. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Until next week, behave.