Club Report – Sunday 28th October 2018

A quiet week this week, until the weekend, as most of you were gearing up for the two big events – the latest XC league event and the Dublin marathon.

The headers had their second outing of the XC season on Saturday (Suzanne HOTM Brennan could be heard gurning the whole way from Florida). Taking on the Bobby Rea races at Greenmount Campus were:

Men’s Race

Mark Smith 29:03, Peter McGarry 29:44, Joe Mathers 31:33, Danny Donaldson 32:17, Lee O’Boyle 32:20 (slacker!), Stephen Gallagher 34:18, Robert Gould 35:49

Ladies Race

Sarah McCafferty 29:35, Pamela McCafferty 29:40, Joanne Milne 32:59, Jackie McCreesh 33:14, Claire McCann 34:10, Louise Ladd 35:08, Fidelma McCoppin 36:18, Marie McFarlane 36:48, Mairead O’Hare 41:55, Tiffany Donaldson 41:56

Special mention to Lee O’Boyle who ran the XC after winning the EAMS Marathon that very morning in 2:55:15. Great run Lee!

Tom Fleming represented the club in the junior Even Age Group XC race coming 7th in the Boys U12 race in 7:24.

Doing the rounds of the parkruns were:

Valley parkrun:

Nuala Muldoon 23:57 (and 1st female finisher), Yasmin Lynn 28:13, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 29:26, Yvonne Thompson 35:36, Frances Kane 45:39, Rosalind Stitt 51:05, Patricia Kane 51:05, Galina Stanevicius 51:16

Waterworks parkrun:

Kevin Donnelly 27:49

Queens parkrun:

Stephen Semple 23:23, Maeve Kennedy 25:14

Antrim parkrun:

Dawn Dubois 37:35, Jo Smyth 39:40

Ormeau parkrun:

Debbie Sterritt 34:18, Marie McFarlane 34:20, Fidelma McCoppin 34:21

Colin Glen parkrun:

Danny Donaldson 21:26, Tiffany Donaldson 38:25

MUSA parkrun:

Adrian Hughes 24:05

This week’s tourists have done it properly – Florida – with the Micky and Minnie Mouse of Mallusk Harriers taking part in the Clermont Waterfront parkrun:

Suzanne “really would rather be at the XC” Brennan 22:30 (and 2nd female finisher), Lord Ian Brennan 23:24

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Joseph Eager 9:48, Leo McAuley 10:18, Matthew Hawkins 10:42, Eloise McAuley 11:44

Jordanstown Junior parkrun:

Riley Kerr 13:25, Rhys Kerr 14:31

Sunday saw 29 Harriers don their woolly hats and head for Dublin for this year’s marathon. Rightly regarded as one of the best supported and organised on the calendar, the Harriers had a ball, both on and off the roads.

Dublin marathon:

Neil Campbell 2:58:10PB, Alan Ladd 2:58:46PB, Chris Quinn 3:08:36PB, Martin O’Neill 3:14:01PB, Kevin Donnelly 3:18:41PB, , Laura Rose 3:26:00PB, Alan Erwin 3:37:20PB, Brendan McGeown 3:38:02PB, Patricia Curistan 3:38:04PB, Karen McKee 3:41:53PB, Sarah Ross 3:41:57PB, Danny “barefoot” Donaldson 3:42:18, Susan Thompson 3:49:29, Jonny Smith 3:55:26, Damien Cole 4:07:25, Alan “big 50” Kerr 4:10:20PB, Christiaan Spies 4:11:51,Deborah Ewing 4:15:04, Tina Steele 4:15:12PB, Janet Grew 4:29:56, Ken “win one for the Gipper” McAuley 4:41:31, Tiffany Donaldson 4:48:05PB, Leeanne Skillen 4:51:27PB, Alex “long run” Davidson 4:51:28, Frances Kane 4:58:33 (1st marathon), Roseann “virgin from Belfast” McGeown 5:04:25 (1st timer), Laura Campbell 5:24:48, Neil “lovin’ it” McGlinchey 5:58:51PB, David “biggest cheer of the day” Esler 6:16:41

From the number of PBs and the general feedback from the runners, I think a big thank you is due to the coaches, run leaders and those who created the training plans. The runners obviously put the effort in but couldn’t reach these levels without the knowledge, encouragement and commitment of the coaching team. We salute you.

Also need to thank those Harriers who came down to support on the day even though they weren’t running. It was much appreciated by those struggling around the course.

I also hear the owners of a certain pub in Dublin have been able to close up and head to Spain for a fortnight based on Sunday’s takings.

So this week’s tune is for Lee and the Dubliners.

At mile 20 I thought I was dead.

At mile 22 I wished I was dead.

At mile 24 I knew I was dead.

At mile 26.2 I realized I had become too tough to kill

Until next week, behave.