Club Report – Sunday 24th February 2019

Well, the XC season has drawn to a close and most of the mud huggers have already stuck their spikes in a bag without cleaning them, not to be looked at or smelled again until October. Others abandoned most of their clothing at season end. But more later, parkruns first.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 20:06, Adam McCann 20:55PB, Joe Mathers 22:43, Damien Cole 23:24, Noel Bloomfield 24:04, Jim Hewitt 26:06, Ryan McCready 28:43PB, Neil “good Daddy” McCready 28:47, Anita Piatek 29:50, Emily Dowling 30:14, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 31:40, Anne Boyd 43:42, Lorraine Forsythe 51:45, Jennifer Maguire 52:13, Owen Fulton 52:14

Waterworks parkrun:
Danny Donaldson 23:05, Ken McAuley 24:58, Susan Thompson 25:21, Tiffany Donaldson 34:51

Antrim parkrun:
Michael McFarlane 23:38PB, Deborah Ewing 28:44, Tina Steele 28:45, Angela Stevens 38:17, Elaine Kennedy 54:02

Portrush parkrun:
Neil Campbell 20:12 (and 3rd place), Laura Campbell 31:40, Fidelma McCoppin 33:46, Jackie McCreesh 33:59, Marie McFarlane 34:00, Freda Stubbs 38:27, Josi McKeating 38:55, Sharon Thompson 38:59, Patricia Kane 40:09, Deirdre McCann 45:22

Stormont parkrun:
Leo McAuley 28:41, Micky McAuley 28:44

Orangefield parkrun:
Ben Davidson 22:34PB

And ADav was at Orangefield too 26:19

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Joseph Eager 9:56, Eloise McAuley 11:52, Leo McAuley 14:22

Portrush junior parkrun:
Christopher Campbell 18:08

The last event in the Born 2 Run series took place yesterday at Castlewellan.
Published results do not include club name but I know about the following Harriers taking part:
Dermot HOTM Boyd 32:43, Jo Smyth 41:26
Catherine Mullan 1:02:03
Another gentle reminder folks to always post your non-parkrun results in Team App. I only have a small army of underpaid servants working for me and sometimes they don’t pick up on every result. And to be honest they’re not very good. Thanks.

One of our chief headers, Nuala Muldoon, celebrated her birthday as only she could. With a marathon. She completed the run4time Ballina event in 4:15:40. Happy birthday Nuala. Hope the celebrations are continuing.

Three Harriers decided running was just not difficult enough in itself and so took part in the Setanta Duathlon (2 mile run; 10 mile bike; 2 mile run):
Neil McCready 60:13, David Esler 78:56, Frances Kane 85:17

The beautiful and historic town of Lurgan was the location for the XC season closer, the NI & Ulster Senior XC Championship. A great crowd of Harriers boarded the party bus and, despite the rain, enjoyed (almost) every minute of the event.
Ladies 6k:
Laura Rose 25:49, Karen McKee 27:34, Sarah McCafferty 28:45, Suzanne Brennan 29:49, Pamela McCafferty 29:55, Sharon Dunn 30:01, Janine McNevison 31:35, Emily Dowling 32:26, Galina Stanevicius 34:11, Leah Burns 35:24, Louise Ladd 35:34, Leeanne Skillen 36:56, Roisin Brooks 36:56, Angela Stevens 37:06, Tiffany Donaldson 39:00, Mairead O’Hare 43:42
And 13th place overall in the ladies’ team event on the day.

Men’s 12k (yes, 12k!)
Lee O’Boyle 47:55, Prof Alan ROTM Ladd 49:50, Joe Mathers 52:13, Ramunas Stanevicius 52:48, Stephen Gallagher 54:42, Michael McAuley 57:34, Christiaan Spies 57:34, Danny Donaldson 57:35, Paddy Brooks 1:01:16, Alan Erwin 1:03:15, Brendan McGeown 1:06:11, Scott Dowling 1:06:52, Lord Ian Brennan 1:06:59, Paul Skillen 1:12:31
And 9th place overall in the team event on the day
More importantly the coveted 12th place went to newcomer, Scott Dowling. Benny and Lord Ian are not happy.

A big thank you is due to the team captains, Lee and Suzanne, who encouraged, bribed and downright abused most of us into doing XC this season. The numbers participating this year vs previous seasons is a reflection of their efforts. Hopefully next year will be even bigger and better.
And more thanks to Ian and Kevin for all their efforts making sure the gazebo was present and appropriately stocked! Final thanks to all those (and their mums) who provided post-race nourishment at every event.

Until next week, behave.