Harrier of the Month for February 2019

Thank you all for your nominations for Harrier of the month, we have had some worthy mentions for the first award of 2019.
“Janet Grew” was nominated for organising the annual Cherryburn 10 mile fundraiser.  A great event, hospitality and fantastic sum raised for a very worthy cause.  Well done Janet!

Several members received nominations for the motivation and support given to their fellow Harriers:
“Ken McAuley” for helping new members through initial training sessions and sharing his “knowledge and wisdom” with them.
“Emily Dowling” for taking the initiative to set up a morning group to help members stay motivated for early morning training runs.
“Suzanne and Lee” for their work and support in putting together the XC teams for a successful season finale in the league.
“Paul and Leeanne” for the incredible amount of work they put in behind the scenes, organising the club’s XC event and giving up so much free time to coach junior and senior sessions.

A special mention this month and multiple nominations for our social guru “Ian Simpson”.
Many Harriers commented upon the success of the final XC race in Lurgan and how much work Ian put in
“..arranging a fantastic day out for the Harriers to end our XC season. It was a great day and wouldn’t have been possible without Ian organising the bus and refreshments!”

And now on to the winner!
Yes they can be a nuisance…
Yes they can be demanding…
Sometimes it is hard to find logic with what they are doing on a day to day basis, but none the less we love them, and our lives would not be the same without them…
No, I’m not talking about Benny and Ian and their season long race for 12th place, I am of course talking about the Harrier kids!

“Karen O’Boyle” received many nominations this month for “Karen’s Creche” at Harrier races and events throughout the year.
“Karen had dedicated a lot of time to looking after many Harrier children at races over the last few months. This is a massive help and allows all involved to get sufficient warm ups and cool downs for races, particularly on XC events.  We are a club with a lot of young families and I know if it hugely appreciated, this is what being a HOTM is all about.”
“During XC Karen has given up her own time to look after all the mini harriers, don’t know what we would have done without Karen’s creche”
“Karen has been very generous in looking after various kids at recent running events so that others could run and support their team members. She never complains, and it is very much appreciated!”
Well done Karen, thoroughly deserved and true HOTM spirit!