Club Report – Sunday 24th March 2019

A big thank you to my glamourous assistant for last week’s report. They are the Debbie McGee of the reporting world but have been spoken to about their taste in music. Again.

But this week is all about one place. The home of Keith Gillespie, Dave “Boy” McAuley, Jonathan Rea and James McIlroy. The only place I know to have a calcium silicate mineral named after it. Yes, we’re talking about Ca2SiO4 – Larnite. (Every day’s a school day in the Harrier reports folks.)

But before all that, taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 20:02 (and 3rd overall), Damien Cole 29:03, Yasmin Lynn 29:27, Jim Hewitt 29:28, Marga Casacuberta 35:18, Patricia Kane 49:18, Rosalind Stitt 49:18, Lorraine-Ann Forsythe 51:17, Noel Bloomfield 51:23

Waterworks parkrun:
Liam Magowan 23:18, Eamonn Donaghy 24:15, Claire McCann 30:12

Victoria parkrun:
Catherine Mullan 25:56

MUSA parkrun:
Aidy Hughes 23:42

Stormont parkrun:
Stephen Weir 32:39

Orangefield parkrun:
Ben Davidson 23:42

Fletcher Moss parkrun:
Sophie Magee 26:18, Orin Calder 26:18

Waterworks junior parkrun:
This week’s results not yet posted.
(Last week was Eloise McAuley 11:46 and Matthew Hawkins 11:49)

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Tom Fleming 7:54 and 1st place, Mathew Hawkins 12:01

So, yesterday the Harriers (eventually) got on the bingo bus to the Larne Half Marathon. Just the 60 Harriers took part and there were PBs and amazing performances all over the show:

Peter McGarry and 15th place overall 1:15:42PB, Lee O’Boyle 1:17:19PB, Alan Ladd 1:20:28PB, Neil Campbell 1:23:50PB, Martin O’Neill 1:24:46PB, Mark Smith 1:24:55, Chris Quinn 1:26:38, Ramunas Stanevicius 1:27:57PB, Stephen Gallagher 1:28:02PB, Kevin Donnelly 1:28:08, Joe Mathers 1:28:10, Laura Rose 1:37:53, Alan Erwin 1:38:41, Paddy Brooks 1:44:38, Sarah McCafferty 1:45:14PB, Stephen Semple 1:45:41, Pamela McCafferty 1:47:42PB, Lord Ian “revenge is mine” Brennan 1:51:56PB, Brendan McGeown 1:52:28, Maeve Kennedy 1:52:59, Maeve Dunseath 1:53:45, Scott Dowling 1:54:26 PB, Laura Forte 1:54:31, Alan Kerr 1:55:07, Deborah Ewing 1:55:12, Paul Skillen 1:56:13, Nikki Fleck 1:57:53PB, Janet Grew 1:57:54, Tina Steele 1:58:45, Roisin Brooks 2:02:23, Janine McNevison 2:03:12 PB, Gemma Fowler 2:03:58, Clare Teer 2:04:11, Sharon Dunn 2:08:26, Suzanne Brennan 2:08:29, EmilyDowling 2:08:34, Neill McGlinchey 2:08:35PB, Matt Allen 2:08:39, Danny Donaldson 2:11:06, Tiffany Donaldson 2:11:07PB, Elaine Kennedy 2:11:53, Louise Ladd 2:12:02PB,  Anita Piatek 2:13:30PB, Lisa Kerr 2:16:34, David Esler 2:19:10, Frances Kane 2:19:29PB, Angela Stevens 2:22:25, Leeanne Skillen 2:25:55, Joanne Milne 2:25:56, Lee-Anne Hutchinson 2:28:18, Andrew Kerr 2:29:40, David McMillan 2:29:40, Hilary Faith 2:31:14, Mairead O’Hare 2:33:56PB, Freda Stubbs 2:40:49PB, Marie McFarlane 2:40:49, Ian Simpson 3:08:14

Well done to everyone. Fun in the sun all round.
Not one result posted in Team App so I have only noted the PBs I heard about (and can still remember!).

I could have given you “Forty Shades of Green” as this week’s tune but, after last week’s horror show I think you need something better. So, here’s one from the best thing out of Larne since the Stranraer ferry, Therapy!
Sing along…….…

Until next week, behave.