Club Report – Sunday 12th January 2020

Apologies for the delay this week but I didn’t think it was right to issue the report without including the junior results from yesterday. Just as important as the seniors. And better in many cases!

Back to just one parkrun a week. Thankfully. But we had bigger and better things to think about this week anyway…..

First, a couple of late results off the vidiprinter.

Jay Scott finished the EAMS new year’s day half marathon in 2:34:14 and Elaine Kennedy completed the full marathon distance on the same day in 5:05:24.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Ramunas Stanevicius ROTM 20:26, Neil Campbell 20:40, Martin O’Neill 20:44, Neil McCready 23:02, Andrew Kerr 24:45PB, Paul Skillen 24:56, Owen Fulton 26:10, Stephen Semple 27:35, Galina Stanevicius 31:36, Stephen Weir 31:41

Waterworks parkrun:

Susan Thompson 25:19, Lord Ian Brennan 29:02, Claire McCann 30:45, Tiffany Donaldson 37:13, Danny Donaldson 37:17, Angela Stevens 37:33

Wallace parkrun:

Jim Guinn 30:10

Ormeau parkrun:

David Esler 29:47

Antrim parkrun:

Elaine Kennedy 28:48

Carrick parkrun:

Alan Kerr 28:51, Lorraine-Ann Forsythe 43:50PB

Stormont parkrun:

Kevin Donnelly 23:59

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Tom Fleming 19:47, Peter Fleming 23:23, Anton Piatek 34:34

On the tourist front, just Sarah Ross this week. Back at Dunedin, finishing in 28:00.

And the lovely ADav was at Antrim 22:34

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Mathew Hawkins 12:22, Ben Halliday 13:59

But, parkruns aside, the schedules were cleared this week for the main event of the week, if not the year. Yes, let the heavens open and the thunder gods roar, it’s the Mallusk XC!

Paul Skillen and his accomplices must have prayed to the right gods though as Saturday’s weather receded, the sun shone and the rain stayed off. Still baltic though.

Now an established XC league event, the Mathieson Cup and Shield attracted over 600 runners to its 6 races. Never has Mallusk been so popular. Never.

Paul (or is it really all Leeanne??) also remembered to bring the mud and put the hills in. Thanks.

The event has grown hugely in a few short years and is now considered to be one of the best events on the circuit. So a big well done, and collective downing of pints, to all those involved. Paul said it much better in his Team App post but I have to agree it would not be possible without either the main organisers or those who came along on the day and did their bit. Almost enough to make me like you all. Almost.

Primary 800m

Leo McAuley 2:55, Jasper Brooks 3:13, Joe Eager 3:14, Oran McKee 3:20, Peter McCann 3:22, Ben Halliday 3:33, Rory Brooks 3:38, Owen Millar 3:39, Matthew Hawkins 3:49, Riley Kerr 3:49

Eloise McAuley 3:25, Erin Dunseath 3:40, Rachel Simpson 3:46, Hollie Brennan 4:21, Jessie Smith 4:59, Lexi Smith 5:01

U14 2km

Jacob Simpson 8:09

Ladies 6km

Nuala Muldoon 30:09, Suzanne Brennan 31:03, Janine Nevison 32:17, Maeve Dunseath 32:52, Maeve Kennedy 32:52 (battle of the Maeve’s anyone? better than that battle for 12th disaster!), Sarah McCafferty 33:13, Pamela McCafferty 33:14, Angela Stevens 33:55, Bernie McAllister 34:51, Gemma Fowler 36:28, Clare Teer 36:44, Galina Stanevicius 36:55, Leah Burns 37:55, Joanne Milne 38:54, Sharon Dunn 38:54 (battle of the sisters then?), Roseann McGeown 43:00

The ladies team finished 8th overall in the Mathieson Shield team event.

Mens 8km

Lee O’Boyle 30:24, Andrew McNevison 32:10, Mark Smith 32:27, Ramunas Stanevicius 32:31, Prof Alan Ladd 32:45, Stephen Gallagher 34:24, Mike Halliday 37:40, Paddy Brooks 39:46, Jonny Smith 40:57, Owen “4%” Fulton 41:52, Lord Ian Brennan 42:30, Brendan McGeown 42:30, Bernard McKeaveney 44:47

The men’s team finished 8th in the Mathieson Cup team event.

Full results are available on the Mallusk XC Facebook page, at all good bookshops and at some rubbish ones as well.

So, this week’s tune is for Paul/Leeanne and the team. I really wanted to use “Skillin’ in the Name Of” by Rage Against the Machine but the lyric police wouldn’t let me. So here’s one by a popular 60s beat combo I found on the internet instead.

Until next week, behave.