Club Run Report – Sunday 12th September 2021

Last week may have been quiet but you lot certainly made up for it this week! And the headers were out in force, all over the show.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:

Joe Mathers 24:37, Paul Skillen 26:27, Ciaran Wright 26:27, Karen “birthday girl” McKee 27:06, Clare Teer 28:21, Marie McBrien 29:44, Neill McGlinchey 30:20, Lord Ian Brennan 34:06, Joanne Milne 34:07

And well done to all those doing parkrun as part of their last long runs before London/Belfast/Berlin.

Waterworks parkrun: Dawn Blain 23:22, Emily Murphy 29:35PB, Claire McCann 29:42

Limavady parkrun: Jonny Carey 22:48PB

Sixmilewater parkrun:Tom Fleming 18:06 and 2nd finisher

Hillsborough Forest parkrun: Elaine Kennedy 34:50

And the Rt Hon ADav was back at the Valley this week.
He finished in 29:09, not a PB. Oh yeah, this was also his 300th parkrun.
Begrudging congratulations on reaching this milestone.

I think he is the first Harrier to do so. But please correct me if I am wrong. Please.
And 2 tourist trips this week! (Sorry Jonny but Limavady is not tourism; it’s a wrong turn)

Kevin Donnelly donned the running goggles in Letterkenny this weekend. He finished in 19:10 and was first finisher too!!

But this week’s winners are Maeve Kennedy and Stephen Semple who completed the Rising Sun parkrun in 26:18 and 26:19 respectively (brownie points for Stephen! Well played Sir).

This parkrun is not held in Japan. Although it should be.
It is actually, and less interestingly, held in The Rising Sun Country Park in Benton just north east of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

James Michael Aloysius Bradford was born in Benton. After standing on a six inch spike in work he was called Jimmy Nail, and the rest is history. Sort of.
Every day is a school day round here, kids.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Emily Murphy 9:27PB and first female finisher, Matthew Hawkins 10:04, Rhys Kerr 15:44

On Wednesday evening, the Harriers took up the kind invitation of Tafelta AC and took part in their Night of Friendly 5000s in Magherafelt:
Anita Piatek 26:50, Gemma Fowler 24:31, Sarah McCafferty 24:09, Aidy Hughes 25:40, Dawn Blain 23:14, Lord Ian Brennan 23:03, Suzanne Brennan 22:54, Jonny Carter 22:10, Pamela Mooney 21:38, Paul Skillen 21:08, Sean Doherty 21:05, Stephen Armour 20:55, Stephen Gallagher 19:57, Alan Irwin 19:14

Not aware if any of these were PBs but another great night’s racing and another excellent example of this really successful format. Thanks again to Tafelta AC for the invite.

The other racing this week included Matthew Cavill competing the Ards 5 mile race in 38:40.
Our vest in the West was back in action again, continuing his PB tour of Tyrone’s darkest hedgerows. Aidy Hughes completed the Washing Bay Green run on Saturday morning in 25:14. Not sure what he was up to that evening…

Today saw the return of the Great North Run, one of the most popular half marathons on the calendar. Impressing for the Harriers were:
Anton Piatek 1:40:43PB, Maeve Kennedy 1:59:43, Stephen Semple 1:59:43, Cathy Ryan 2:05:27
Finally, back to headers corner where Bernard McKeaveney and Angela Stevens were competing today in the 50k Lecale Way. This We Run Wild NI event takes place between Strangford and Newcastle.

Results are not available at the time of writing so I will update in next week’s report.
As if this wasn’t enough, Micky McAuley headed for the Welsh mountains to take part in the UTS 100k event. 100k and 22,000 ft of elevation within Snowdonia National Park. Micky finished in an amazing 23:54:54 and a Top 40 finish.

This week’s absolute tune is for ADav, as he hits the big 300. Ironically, a film he auditioned for. Unsuccessfully.
It could also apply to Micky and the rest of the headers. You frighten us a bit but we salute you all!

(This video was actually filmed at the Harriers 1971 Xmas party. True fact.)
Until next week, behave.
Jean Knight – Mr Big Stuff
Jean Knight – Mr Big Stuff