Club Run Report – Sunday 19th September 2021

In the fine tradition of The Pixies, you have been quiet, loud, quiet over the last few weeks. This week was quiet with only the parkruns involved. Even Aidy couldn’t find a 5k somewhere in darkest Tyrone!
Must be marathon taper time?

A late result off the Vidiprinter as we can confirm the times for the Lecale Way 50k (or 53k if you believe Bernard). Bernard McKeaveney finished in 6:58:46 and Angela Stevens finished in 7:38:53.

Angela and Bernard, taking on the Lecale Way 50k

Well done to both. Great efforts, plus it also gains you official entry into the headers section.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 18:30PB and first finisher, Adam McCann 20:21PB, Ben Davidson 20:50, Karen McKee 25:12, Leo McAuley 25:34PB, David Esler 26:56, Clare Teer 27:58, Neill McGlinchey 30:35, Joanne Milne 31:22, Roisin Brooks 31:58

Waterworks parkrun:
Claire McCann 29:23

Victoria parkrun:
Alan “Bertie Bassett” Erwin 18:24PB (huge PB!), Emily Murphy 27:51PB

Wallace parkrun:
Andrew Nevison 21:40

Antrim parkrun:
Maeve Kennedy 24:55, Susan Thompson 27:09

Knockbracken Reservoir parkrun:
Elaine Kennedy 32:37

Just the one tourist this week as our own Obi Wan McCready made it as far as Inch Beach parkrun in Kerry. Marty completed the course in 34:47. Inch beach is actually almost 4 miles long so wee bit of inaccurate naming there if you ask me.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Matthew Hawkins 10:13

Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 8:16 and 2nd finisher, Eloise McAuley 8:53PB, Hollie Brennan 15:50

So this week’s tune is for all those Harriers currently tapering and working through the taper madness. Signs of “maranoia” include an unnatural fear of stairs, ladders and kerbs, an unhealthy addiction to hand gel, reluctance to meet anyone socially (except on a run for some reason), all pacing plans are questioned, redone, then questioned again and, of course, everything hurts.

Don’t worry, it’ll all be over soon. And it won’t hurt a bit……….
Until next week, behave.
Madness – Madness (One Step Beyond Track 14)
Madness – Madness (One Step Beyond)