Keep safe when running at night

As the evenings are getting dark quickly, now is time to get out your night running gear. Even if you are heading out and its still bright, it could get dark as you are out on your run, so be prepared.

Wear bright coloured clothes, but this alone is not enough. Have some reflective material on also, while you think the bright clothes may be easily seen by oncoming cars, this will only be the case when the car is already close, reflective gear will allow the car to see you from a further distsnce away.Have your head torch/chest light or any other light up wearables ready and on.

The head/chest light will help you see where you are going, and help keep you visible. Don’t run with earphones on, or at least use bone conducting headphones, as these help you hear oncoming traffic. Run with someone if you can, and always tell someone where you are running and when you expect to be home or you could take your phone and share your location with someone.

Keep the evening runs enjoyable, but also be safe.