Club Race Report – 6th March 2022

As I keep telling you lot, every day is a school day. So here is today’s hard earned lesson. Don’t fart on a treadmill. Turns out it’s not like being outside and you can’t run away. (note, this is not official club advice).

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Kevin Donnelly 24:11, Paul Skillen 25:10, Sarah Ross 25:14, ADav 27:20, Sinead O’Hare 30:29, Galina Stanevicius 30:33, Ramunas Stanevicius 30:34, Neill McGlinchey 30:44, Sophie Davidson 32:38, Joanne Milne 32:48

Waterworks parkrun:

Joseph Eager 23:49, Suzanne Brennan 26:23, Maeve Kennedy 26:34, Claire McCann 31:50

Victoria parkrun:

Owen Fulton 32:27

Antrim parkrun

David Esler 26:16, Karen McKee 27:06, Elaine Kennedy 31:35

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Tom Fleming 17:18PB (again) and first finisher (again again), Elijah Cushley 20:35PB, Emily Murphy 23:15PB, Maeve Dunseath 25:12PB, Bernie McAllister 25:25PB, Andrew McNevison 30:32PB, Dermot Boyd 32:16

6 PBs from 7 runs! Something in the water there folks?

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 7:57PB and first finisher again (again), Joseph Eager 9:29, Sinead O’Hare 10:05

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Leo McAuley 8:47, Eloise McAuley 8:48, Jessie Smith 12:05

Musgrave junior parkrun:

Kayden McClelland 9:01PB, Kobe McClelland 9:30

Before we get to this week’s other racing, we need to catch up on the Elite results from last week’s East Coast Junior XC meeting in Sandy Bay:

Minor Boys 1600m Race:

Kayden McClelland 7:29, Kobe McClelland 7:59

Minor Girls 1600m Race:

Amelia Fleming 7:23

Junior Girls 2000m Race:

Emily Murphy 9:01, Sinead O’Hare 10:49

Senior Boys 2000m Race:

Tom Fleming  6:59 and first place!

In the overall series, Eloise McAuley came second in the Minor Girls category and Tom Fleming won the Senior Boys category. Well done to both and to all the juniors who took part and represented the club so well.

This week saw the latest Shane’s Castle Atlas series of races. Elaine Kennedy took on the half marathon, finishing in 2:21:01 whilst Angela Stevens went the full distance in 5:04:12.

At the same time, Patricia Curistan was in Carlingford for the well established half marathon there. Patricia finished in 1:38:23.

But performance of the week has to go to our header-in-chief, Lee O’Boyle. (I think the O stands for Off his Rocker). Lee took part in the Transgrancanaria Classic, a race across the island of Gran Canaria. Just the 126km and 22,000 ft of elevation. And in the rain.

Lee finished in an amazing 20:18:08.

So this week’s tune is for Lee and his Spanish adventure. Felicidades Lee!

Until next week, behave.


Pixies – Isla de Encanta (live 1990 RARE)


Pixies – Isla de Encanta (live 1990 RARE)