Club Race Report – 19th April 2022

Officially, the report is a few days later than usual to allow me to include results from Boston and Whitehead. Unofficially, its late as I’ve just re-emerged from a chocolate coma.

Taking on just the 10 different parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 22:26, Eloise McAuley 23:53PB, Sinead O’Hare 27:28, Clare Teer 28:15, Neill McGlinchey 31:31, Martin McCready 32:17, Sophie Davidson 32:38, Joanne Milne 33:58, John Teer 37:47

Waterworks parkrun:

Joe Mathers 21:42, Neil McCready 22:33, ADav 23:23, Lord Ian Brennan 25:05, Suzanne Brennan 26:41, Susan Thompson 26:48, Jim Hewitt 26:50, Cathy Ryan 27:04

Dungannon parkrun:

Aidy Hughes 26:17

Sixmilewater parkrun:

Tom Fleming 17:30 and first finisher (again)

Victoria parkrun:

Alan Irwin 18:29

Ormeau parkrun:

Robbie Gould 22:07, Robert Gould 22:33, David Esler 23:32PB

Antrim parkrun:

Brendan McGeown 22:06, Paul Skillen 22:56, Stephen Semple 23:57, Maeve Kennedy 24:39, Karen McKee 26:48, Marie McBrien 29:51, Roseann McGeown 32:13PB

Dunleath Playing Fields parkrun:

Adam McCann 19:15

This is a new parkrun (4th event this week) near Downpatrick. Yes, I had to look it up.

And, it being Easter weekend, there were a few parkrun tourists this week (sorry Aidy, but Dungannon doesn’t count).

The Piateks were at Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun. Anton finished in 24:29 and Anita in 29:33. Hogmoor Inclosure parkrun is in Bordon. Yeah, me neither. Turns out it is in East Hampshire in the south of England (which is near France). Hogmoor Inclosure was often used for army manoeuvres. Luckily neither Anton nor Anita tanked on their runs, boom boom!

Nicky Fleck was at Clevedon Salthouse Fields parkrun (yes, I think someone is making these names up too) finishing in 31:09. This parkrun is in Clevedon near Bristol which I have heard of. This location has something to do with salt but, to be honest, I got bored and so have no further details.

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 7:55 and first finisher, Emily Murphy 8:48, Sinead O’Hare 9:14, Matthew Hawkins 11:40, Joseph Eager 11:40

Waterworks junior parkrun:

Leo McAuley 8:25, Eloise McAuley 13:24

Bangor junior parkrun:

Hollie Brennan 14:27PB

The above may disagree, but there is also life outside of parkrun and several Harriers were burning off the Easter eggs in the sunshine at the Whitehead 5 mile race:

Micky McAuley 31:59, Stephen Gallagher 34:28, Neil McCready 34:35, Ciaran Wright 36:47, Bernard McKeaveney 42:04, Dermot Boyd 52:07

Last result of the week has to go to our own speedy specs as Kevin Donnelly proudly brought the club vest to the Boston Marathon. Kevin finished the toughest of the majors in an amazing 3:13:46.

So this week’s tune is for Kevin. I wanted to pick a band from Boston for him. It could have been Aerosmith, or the Pixies (sorry Lee), The Cars, The Lemonheads, even the mighty New Kids on the Block (a close 2nd choice – not). But I’ll take any chance to play this classic and its aptly describes how Kevin took on Heartbreak Hill. Mr Donnelly, we salute you.

Until next week, behave.