Club Race Report – 25 September 2022

Another busy week was had by all and the Cavillator must’ve got wind of this and took themselves off for a break, so Cavillator towers has been locked up and all being well will return soon.

The big event of the weekend took place today in Berlin and I’m not talking about the marathon yes that’s right its been rumored that a 5-a-side was talking place but more about that later.

Taking on the Parkruns this week:
David Graham 19:36, Elijah Cushley 22:07, Alex Davidson 25:43, Sinead O’Hare 25:44, Catherine Ryan 29:35, Neill McGlinchey 29:49, Rosalind Stitt 52:31
Kevin Donnelly 19:32, Ciaran Wright 21:12, James Hewitt 27:07, Susan Thompson 27:35
Marie McBrien 27:00, Shane McBrien 27:09
Lauren Penman 30:25
Maeve Kennedy 24:51, Joe Edgar 26:05, Carrie Murphy 34:05, Stephen Murphy 34:06
Johnny Carey 24:15
Riley Kerr 38:54, Lisa Kerr 39:03
The ever popular Annaghmore Festival took place on Saturday with Elaine Kennedy taking on the 10K in 59:53, Karen McKee taking on the 18 miles in 2:40.04 and Joanne ‘Lav’ Milne also doing the 18 miles in 3:18.19
Andrew McNevison took on the FEARmanagh long race which is a mixture of running and cycling over a distance of 74km, he did it in a time of 4:19.17
David Graham took part in the Glenmore 10 mile road race after warming up with his 2nd place finish at the Valley on Saturday in a time of 59:40.
Suzanne Brennan headed to Bristol just to get away from the Lord for weekend and while there did the Great Bristol Half Marathon in a time of 1:53.27, Rumour has it that the Lord hasn’t eaten in 2 days so please hurry home.

Lee & Mickey headed off to take part in the NIMRA Buzzards Roost race, Lee finished in 1:22.55 and Mickey in 1:27.52, before researching this race I googled Buzzards Roost and now need to delete my search engine, cheers fellas.
Anton Piatek took himself off south to tackle the Wicklow Ecotrail 30K, he finished in a time of 4:09.25.

And thankfully last but not least is our Berlin Marathoners, Anyone who has ever tackled a marathon training plan knows how difficult they are, and by the end we all hope that everything has gone to the plan and then you’re ready. All 4 of our runners have stuck to their plans and the results speak for themselves and you should be very proud of yourselves, Alan ‘The big lad at the back’ Erwin 2:59.51, Benny ‘Safe hands’ McGeown 3:29.10 PB, Sean ‘Thor the Norse God’ Doherty 3:29.10 PB, Patricia ‘Wee boots’ Curistan 3:31.35.

This weeks tune is for the Berliners
Work Experience Boy
Kraftwerk — Das Model Video HD