Run Race Report – 9th October 2022

The rain is back, the wind is back and its turning baltic again. Great to see Mallusk returning to its natural state, no longer pretending to be, in any way, warm or inviting. Must be almost XC season then…
Taking on the parkruns this week were:
Valley parkrun:
Tom Fleming 16:51PB and first finisher, Ramunas Stanevicius 21:14, David Graham 23:32, Coach Sinead O’Hare 25:21, Eloise McAuley 25:36, ADav 26:39, Marie McBrien 27:44, Cathy Ryan 28:34, Clare Teer 28:40, Neill McGlinchey 29:08, Bernard McKeaveney 34:50, John Teer 37:58
Waterworks parkrun:
Marty O’Neill 18:59PB and third finisher, Nuala Muldoon 24:32, Jim Hewitt 26:02, Lord Ian Brennan 26:15, Joe Mathers 26:16, Joseph Eager 27:43, Maeve Kennedy 27:47, Terri Ganley 34:06, Susan Thompson 37:15, Clare Gallagher 37:48
Antrim parkrun:
Robbie “the party” Gould 18:51PB, Stephen Murphy 22:37PB, Rory Mason 24:07, Elaine Kennedy 32:07, and obviously Dermot Boyd 32:42, Carrie Murphy 32:45PB
And congratulations Elaine on completing your 250th parkrun! I assume there was cake.
Limavady parkrun:
Johnny Carey 25:30
Knockbracken Reservoir parkrun:
Martin McCready 32:14
Jordanstown junior parkrun:
Emily Murphy 7:55PB and second finisher, Coach Sinead O’Hare 9:10, Calum Murphy 10:17, Ben Halliday 11:26, Riley Kerr 12:55, Matthew Hawkins 12:55, Joseph Eager 12:58, Andrea Bradley 14:00, Rhys Kerr 17:14
Waterworks junior parkrun:
Leo McAuley 7:46PB, Alice McAuley 18:06PB
A couple of late results off the vidiprinter from last Sunday’s Mary Peter’s Festival of Running:
5k race:
Emily Murphy 22:31, Aidy Hughes 26:19, Calum Murphy 27:12PB, Carrie Murphy 34:17
10k race:
Stephen Murphy 46:59PB (and obviously avoiding getting beaten by the kids!)
20 mile race:
David Graham 2:21:43, Stevo Armour 2:48:06, Bernard McKeaveney 3:34:47
Apologies to anyone missed at this event but the results did not include club names (post on Team App to get included folks!).
In international news, Lauren Penman took part in the Chicago 5k yesterday. This race is part of their marathon weekend. Lauren finished in 29:12 (and definitely not in 29:16).
This morning, our Vest in the West, Aidy Hughes, was at it again, this time at the Les Jones 5k. Aidy collected even more bling with a time of 26:15. Where was Dermot we ask?
I was going to pick a Belinda Carlisle classic this week just to annoy Lord Brennan. But there were too many to choose from.
So this week’s tune is for Robbie Gould. The boss of party central. Get the dry ice and lasers ready Robbie, we’re all on our way. Just don’t tell his Da.
Until next week, behave.