Adam McCann – Antrim and Newtownabbey – Joan Christie Bursary Award 2022

Since our formation, Mallusk Harriers, have been involved in work in our community. We supply volunteers for a range of running events, including the Belfast Marathon, parkrun and junior parkrun. We have held many donations to North Belfast and Newtownabbey Foodbanks as well as Newtownabbey Babybank, Our members have also made clothing and food donations to the homeless in Belfast. In addition tens of thousands of pounds have been raised fundraising for 100s of charities.

Volunteering and trying to give back is an important part of who we are.

Thats why last night was such a special night for the club, when one of our Junior athletes, Adam McCann was awarded the Joan Christie Bursary for young People volunteering in the community.

Some of you will know that in 2019, Adam was involved in a very serious accident at school which nearly resulted in tragic consequences. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic Adam was not able to get the help he needed and the Club was able to help in a small way. Adam has since made a miraculous recovery. (As anyone who attends training on Tuesday night will attest to) Its been brilliant to see.

During Adam’s recovery, we invited him to stay involved at the club and help Paul out at Junior training. Adam was able to pass on his own knowledge and experience to his peers. On top of this Adam has volunteered and attended every other event we have held as a volunteer, including our Couch to 5k and Road Race. In addition Adam will shortly complete his ANI Athletics Coach qualification.

Running wise, Adam has gone on to represent the Club at the NI Road Relays, Cross Country and our 5000k track nights. He has also represented his school at Ulster School level.

As part of the award process, Adam had to attend an interview panel and explain why helping out at the club was important to him and the Judges were very impressed with him. Like many of our Juniors, Adam is an amazing unassuming and humble person. We are lucky to have him at the club.

Last nights awards saw 100’s of nomination, celebrating a range of good people in our community helping each other out for free. I feel that Adam stood rightfully beside all the other winners and nominees.

In addition to Adam’s individual award Mallusk Harriers were awarded £1000. Thank you to Adam’s mum Patrice McCann for the nomination. This money will be used to ensure the club continues to help our local community and our junior athletes.

I have opened up a chatroom if you wish to pass on your congratulations to Adam.

Once again congratulations Adam