Club Race Report – 18th December 2022

Training cancelled, roads too icy to run on, even XC was cancelled.

I decided to switch my training up a bit because of it. Instead of a morning run I did some strength work. By strength work I mean that I watched Die Hard. Alone. All in one go. With no interruptions.

It is not a Xmas movie. It is THE Xmas movie. End of conversation.

Taking on the parkruns this week were:

Valley parkrun:

Elijah Cushley 22:23, Stephen Murphy 24:41, Coach Sinead O’Hare 25:39, Marie McBrien 28:51, Cathy Ryan 29:08, Joanne Milne 32:42, Sharon Dunn 32:43, Roisin Brooks 33:02

Waterworks parkrun:

Robbie Gould 20:17, Rab Gould 21:28, Lord Ian Brennan 23:44, Maeve Kennedy 24:28, Owen Fulton 32:18

Antrim parkrun:

Tom Fleming 16:57PB and first finisher, Elaine Kennedy 29:54

Carrick parkrun:

Alan Kerr 24:43, Lauren Penman 32:42

Jordanstown junior parkrun:

Coach Sinead O’Hare 9:10 and second finisher, Joseph Eager 11:27, Matthew Hawkins 11:27, Andrea Bradley 17:21

Given that we lost the latest XC league meeting to the weather, there was no other racing this cold and icy week.

So, given this is the last report before the holidays, can I wish both my readers a very merry Xmas.

Here’s a lovely Xmas tune for you. Yes, I have used it before and, yes, it’s from Die Hard. Ho Ho Ho.

Until next week, behave.